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Magnolia Dr., Tallahassee, FL, United States Review updated:

I have used Walgreen's website for the past few years and can log into it with no problem. However, the information states that my doctor must be contacted...etc; which is simply not true. My prescriptions are called in. I did not receive an email that they were ready as before (of which I have previously called concerning the very same complaint of Walgreens neglect and site errors). Calling the Walgreens on Magnolia Dr. in Tallahassee, Florida where I shop, they advise me they are not responsible for website. They must input my information, so this is obviously a falsehood, and the same "excuse" I received from them with my previous call of their neglect from that same pharmacy. I have called the Home Office on the prior complaint for the same problem, and they advised me that the pharmacist must input the information. So I am being referred back and forth. I find Walgreen's website completely useless, as it is never up to date, fails to notify me by email as it used to in the past, as well as failing to take responsibility for "dropping the ball" in that which should be a "seamless" operation. It renders the Walgreen's website totally useless and the staff untrustworthy. After this being the second time I have had to file a complaint with Walgreens and them failing to accept their mistakes and correcting them, as well as rendering the website useless for customer information and sevice, I am trying to find another pharmacist to handle my needs. I am retired now, and use to be a Quality Control Specialist for Dupont, and there is simply no excuse for such nonsense.

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  • Mi
      Apr 11, 2009

    hi Richard: I have big issues with walgreens also. Have you tried Costco or k mart, they are awesome and a whole lot cheaper. Check out their prices. I am content now. NEVER GO TO WALGREENS.

    sINCERELY, Minus

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  • Id
      Apr 23, 2009

    You sound like an idiot. Whether you have a valid complaint or not is impossible to tell because you try to sound intelligent by putting a bunch of big words together and instead come off as completely confusing.

    Believe me I am no defender of Walgreens but the pharmacist does NOT have anything to do with their website and we aren't given any information on how the website works. How about calling in your refills if you find the internet too difficult to use?? Or are you too busy writing overly wordy accounts of a really stupid complaint?

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  • Aa
      Apr 28, 2009

    The stores generally have nothing to do with the website. Not sure who told you otherwise, but you should know that people at the corporate level rarely have any information about how things actually work day to day at a store level. Their knowledge is all theoretical.

    But all that is academic in the face of your mindless idioacy. Neglect? What? When did you suffer neglect? How were you wronged? Because there was a system glitch and the website didn't send your information to the pharmacy like it was supposed to? What do you think you are entitled to here? I hope that if I am able to retire someday that I'll have better things to do than submit baseless complaints in an effort to denigrate a company that hasn't done anything to me.

    I'll bet the people at the store you frequent will be glad to see you leave forthe last time.

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2009

    dear iodiothater: Did you read the right complaint? Mine has nothing to do with the pharmacist or their website. Sincerely, Minus

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2009

    dear Aaron: Did you read the right complaint? It has nothing to do with neglect or a system glitch, or their website. You are confused.

    Sincerely, Minus

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  • Gr
      Jun 05, 2009

    Dear Minus: nobody was talking to you in the first place. They're referring to the original post.

    As for the original post, the pharmacist has absolutely nothing to do with the website, and the way you worded everything probably confused the hell out of the corporate office, too. The pharmacist DOES input your info for the store records, but that has absolutely no connection to the website.

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  • Ki
      Feb 26, 2010

    Walgreens puts your information in the computer, phone number, address, email address ect. As long as all that is correct, you should be getting emails and phone calls with no problems. We DO NOT have any sort of control on the website at store level at all. You are wrong in assuming we do.

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