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Broken watch - fossil
I was given a fossil watch purchased from truworths in july 2015. It was leather, after a few weeks the leather turned black. I returned the watch and it was sent away to be replaced by a metal strap instead. This took about 2 months. And I had to pay r500 to replace the strap. Once I got it back, and after 1 day the watch fell off my arm, the screw came loose. I took it back. They sent it away, again, supposedly to cape town, but it was sent to another city in error. So this delayed by another month. I got it back this week. Infront of the manager, I shook the watch juggled it around to ensure that the strap was on tight enough. All seemed well. Not even 3 hours later, I was driving home, changing gears and the watch popped off my arm. The screw came loose again. This watch was given to me in july 2015. It is now april 2016 and I have not been able to wear it. For for my trouble of being without a watch for almost a year, I would like ta replacement fossil watch of my choice without having to pay in any additional money.
Please contact me to arrange. Cindy: [protected]

Apr 06, 2016

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