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Rolling Hills, CA, United States Review updated:

I purchased a shirt, t-shirt, skin care and an ipod earpiece. The young, white, male clerk that rang up my purchases was Nick. I observed that he was clean cut and had 2 big "diamond" earrings (approximately 2 carats each) in both ears.

I asked if he would be able to open the earpiece as I do not have an ipod as stated on the product but had the new Droid. I wasn't sure if this would fit into my new phone.

I asked several times and each time he kept advising that "it probably would fit" but I still wanted to be certain as I did not want to make a trip back just to return the item. He then asked an older Asian clerk who then advised him that he could open the earpiece.

As I checked with my Droid, it seemed to fit but was not as snug as my current earpiece that I already had on it. Nick then asked if I wanted them and I said that I would take them. He handed them back to me with the earpiece and plastic box all disorganized. He did not bag the item; he just handed them and the box it came in to me.

I then advised him that I wanted a bag for it along with my other purchases. There was a pause thereafter. There was no motion or action from Nick to ring up my purchases. I then advised Nick that I wanted to purchase all of the other items on the counter.

I then observed him throwing the items that I was purchasing in the bag. I have always observed the store clerks at any retain store fold up any clothing purchased and then placing them in the bag(s).

It appeared to me that he was annoyed that he had to open the earpiece for me at my request.

After he threw the items in the bag, I then stated that he didn't have to be mad. He then said that he was not mad, that he was just bagging the items but the complexion on his face immediately turned red.

I then proceeded to get the cash from my bag and advised Nick that he will find other things in life that will get him mad.

At the conclusion of the sales transaction, I said "thank you Nick".

Perhaps one day Nick will understand what customer service means.

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      6th of Feb, 2010

    Right On!

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  • Pr
      28th of Feb, 2011

    Person: For one thing your remodeling was done 15 YEARS AGO. Come on, does your car dealship give you a 15 yr warranty or if you purchased a modem for your computer does it give a 15 warranty? NO. I seem to think that you are definitely in denial of what a contract with a warranty is. Apart from that, I personally know the contractors that work with Portland Building. They have constructed a 1500 sq ft addition to my house in 2005. They were very considerate of the fact that we were living in our home at the time of the demo and construction of my kitchen, master bath and master bedroom. They were timely, neat and very respectful. The materials: foundation, lumber, siding. electrical, heating, insulation, drywall and painting were purchased from Reputable vendors in our area. In fact, I still purchase items from 3 of them. They also warranty their products. Some with lifetime and some not. But they are always willing to help with THEIR product. Time, weather and just plain wear and tear are part of the process when owning a home. Seriously, does your car dealership warranty chips from gravel trucks hitting your car????????

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  • Il
      3rd of Mar, 2011

    What was the point of bringing the race of these two clerks into this?

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