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I have been (and am) an employee of TJ Maxx for many years and I am presenting my little complaints on how my store is run. As I love and fear my company let's just say I am in Maryland somewhere.

We are allowing people who commit fraud to keep committing fraud because we fear them complaining to corporate. 90% of our customers are honest good people, why do we care if we lose the business of those that return more than they buy? Why do I have to get screamed at by crooks when my manager will come and say "just take it back". We have to return stolen items with no receipts and signs of the security tags being ripped off. Why? We can't accuse "innocent" people. I know all the crooks at least by face and many by name. I think the company should be more firm on returning merchandise that's not ours, even if it is just $5. $5 adds up a few million times... We take back so much old junk, worn, and thrift-store items... Books published in 1962 obviously ain't ours. It makes the store look more trashy and gives other crooks something to point to and say, "well you sell this".

Loss Prevention
Loss prevention should be present at all times when the store is open not just when they suspect an employee is stealing. Why are they always gone on the weekends? How many years does it take to get rid of crooks? Same ones are there as there were 4 years ago, thanks LP. A real security guard would be nice.
Teen age kids. Why do we let them act up? Employees who start taking things personally and mouthing off about petty things should be put in their place or gotten rid of. I am tired of lazy kids standing there scratching their ### getting paid only $1 less than me.
Note to Customers:
1. Asking us to call another store is stupid... They most likely do not have it or they will put us on hold for 20 min and say the don't have it. They are just as understaffed and busy as us.
2. I am not an expert at anything besides what I learned my self, TJ Maxx employees are not trained to give you information about anything in the store. I do not no know about expensive colognes, I'm broke.
3. Our rules do change weekly, we're as bipolar as you. That's corporate not a personal vendetta against you.
4. There is no magical machine that gives the cheapest price on everything. But since you get mad when markdown cycles are explained to you, I have to lie.
5. Don't throw things behind you as you're checking out, give em to the cashier. It's easier.
6. No stories with returns please, We don't care about it being too small for your sister.
7. Leave your xenophobic racist BS at home thnx... And don't yell at me in broken english calling me an illegal immigrant
8. TJ Maxx is not a Bazaar or Market items are priced as marked. 10% off is maximum.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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I went to Evansville Indianas TJMaxx April 16, 2022.

I found a nice leather purse (forest green) marked $39 instead of $99. I spend quite a bit of time matching a bracelet and cover up to it for my mother in law for Mother’s Day.

When I got to the register a female employee needed a price check because the purse was “too nice” to be sold at that clearance price. Later she told me it didn’t have a tag. I shared with the girl it had a tag on it and if it had been lost I could go retrace my steps. Later she said the tag was inside the purse. It didn’t add up…(it was too cheap for that type of purse, it didn’t have a tag, the tag was in the purse). She was working with another employee who had me wait to find out if it was on sale. Later they told me the purse would be $99 not the clearance price. They have taken the purse off with the tag and didn’t show me on the computer that the code or number didn’t add up.

I didn’t purchase it or the items to match it.

I did purchase other items and I’ve purchased purses and other items on clearance before and never had an issue at TJMaxx. This was different. I shared with my husband about this when I came home. We waited a few hours and went back to the same TJMaxx to see if they had put the purse back on the floor. It wasn’t there. I think the employee wanted to buy the purse for that price because it was “too cheap on clearance for such a nice purse.” as she had stated.

TJMaxx has a problem in Evansville, Indiana if this is going on. I wonder if the employees are buying everything for resale? Maybe others will stop forward in my area with stories If they are experiencing this to?


Evansville, Indiana

(April 16, 2022)

May 28, 2017 2:07 pm

Large conglomerates (Multi-billion dollar in the case of TJX NASDAQ trading at around $78 per share) have loss prevention peeps who don't chase down shoplifters to arrest them; that's not their role. I understand they're watching everything on security cameras. When items are lifted, the cameras follow the perp outside (cameras there, too). They get the lic. plate number of the vehicle and send it to law enforcement. They no longer detain people. Then the legal system takes over. As for the recovery of stolen property -- I can't address that on the legal side. BUT, on the corporate side, the company writes off losses - so it's a monetary gain, of sorts, at least on accounting and tax document paper.
I think it's hilarious when people call citing the description of an item (of hundreds) with maybe the style number -- like I'm going to sift through ceramic dish stock all day. I think perhaps the callers think we've a computerized inventory system - which we do for mark downs and returns, no doubt, for the items on a stock truck trailer -- but we don't for all intents and corporate purposes (which means, I don't know why we don't - we should, like Target and WalMart).
I'm a low man on the TJX pyramid - part time, front end, hurling cardboard in the back, unloading trucks, sweeping up, generally, happy to be there and to be of service as best I can. Why? I'm a shareholder. I DO invest my paltry income into the company rather than buying consumer items at a small discount (e-trade). Now, that's employee savvy - despite all of the challenging extrinsics. Think about it.

Oct 22, 2013 5:33 pm

I work in an Oregon tj Maxx store and completely agree with everything you all have said! Especially the huge rant about filthy dirty people letting their kids destroy everything! We once had a mom in our store let their kid carry around an chew on a 10 pound 30 dollar Hershey's bar and then hand it to us slobered on! And for you idiot customers who come to a register a half hour after we are closed with a cart full of stuff and only buy a few things and then say "ohhh sorry i didn't known you closed at 9:30! I really thought you closed at 10!" You are a liar and rude as hell! We make 2 announcements saying we are about to close and 1 saying we are closed! We have lives people and it shouldn't involve all of us standing around waiting for you to finish shopping after the store is closed! I HATE customers that stay after we are closed!

May 05, 2013 2:26 pm
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I'm a customer and I go to the Tj Maxx in Conyers, Georgia. I understand the return policy. I took an item back without a receipt, it was a purse to be exact. I no longer wanted it and I never carried it so it still had the sales tag on it. I knew that they could take it back without the receipt and issue store credit. I expected this to be done. When I have the cashier the purse, she calls for assistance from a senior cashier or supervisor maybe. That lady came over and asked me when and where I bought it and I told her that it had been a while but I purchased it there and I didn't have the original receipt. Well come to find out the tag that was on the purse was from another purse.I was looked at like I'm a criminal. What can I do? Nothing I guess. I was told to go and find the receipt and then bring it back. From where though? I didn't have it. But I shopped there 3 times each week faithfully. Not anymore though because all I got that day was side stares from the cashiers and even a few giggles. There are dishonest people out here but I'm a paying customer with a tj maxx rewards card. Bottom line, I feel like its up to the company how they handle situations.. I expected policy to rectify my situation but all I received was their perception that I was lying. I understand that most of that stuff is secondhand and offered at discounted prices but no one wants secondhand service.. That is what I received at the Conyers Tj Maxx.

Apr 29, 2013 12:51 am

I work at a TJ Maxx Maxx store in California and I have to agree with the TJX associates. The customers of TJ Maxx are very rude and ungrateful people. Most customers are very messy and steal. There are those who are very nice but we associates mainly deal with pompous ###s who demand having it their way. What I mean by "their way" is the fact that these idiots want a discount for practically everything! 10% is the highest we go until the next mark down and even if we try to explain it nicely to the customers, we still end up receiving a bad attitude. Also I find the security "LP" absolutely useless and pathetic! People steal from TJ Maxx all the time and I believe that they have found ways to make it easier. Disgustingly enough people will change out of their undergarments and switch their used nasty clothing for our TJ Maxx merchandise. I literally have found used bras and panties at my job. Not to mention ###, yes human feces. For Christs sakes people really?! Also the managers at my store are Jerks. We hardly get any appreciation for all the hard work we do. We put up with customer ### everyday, you would think that we would at least get a "good job", no! The managers are greedy and selfish. Especially my store manager! She is a complete ###! You can't even ask a simple question without getting a stank face from her. Also when our TJ Maxx changes any rule, we are expected to know it even if the manager doesn't explain it to us. Also the whole "customer service will decrease shop lifting" is a joke. People who intend to shop lift will continue to shop lift even if we provide good customer service. The only way they might stop stealing is if we actually get a good security system.

Mar 21, 2013 10:31 am

I work for TJMAXX in Texas and I am a key carrier now . I was a CEC for 2 years and I stuck to the return policy and I trained the CEC who took my place along with the FEC's . I also trained each and everyone of our cashiers.. no ticket no reciept no return. My mangagers stand behind me. Also, after 30 days its store credit no if and or butts about it. We all know who our thieves are and we don't take their merchandise back.. we make them take it back to where they stole it from. My rude customers who say they are gonna call corporate on me I say fine here is the number here is my name.. have them call me when you are through talking to them. My manager nor I recieve a call from corporate cause the customer knew I was right and they were wrong. I don't play customers games. Yes, I believe customers are right to a fault... . But I always prove them wrong when I get a chance and i love it. No, we don't have LP in our building but we customer service everyone of our customers and we know most of them by name or face cause we are a small community.

I was a coordinator for Marshalls and was repeatedly harassed by management for 2 year before quitting. I was discriminated against, verbally, sexually, and emotionally abused. It has taken a good 8 months to get over the 2 years of abuse. The thing that still haunts me is I was written up for things I didn't do and they never asked my side of the story. Tried to go to HR and found out...HR IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Don't waist your time with this company if you have a good work ethic because you will end up doing the job of 3 people while management and there favorite walk around doing nothing.

I just asked for a transfer because of school, its been three weeks since I made this move, and I asked to start work at this new store a week after I got there. Everything is fine, my former manager put in the transfer, but now it seems like this new store will not put me on the schedule, I am a college student, and my expenses are building up, everytime I call to speak to the manager that makes the schedule she is never available. I am thinking about calling the corporate office, because I need to get back to work, I can not go on to a fourth week without going to work. Someone please, any advice?

May 25, 2012 7:03 am
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I'm a employ of Tj Maxx in Oceanside Ca. I'm on medical leave because i had a surgey . I had insurance through my company. Right when i went on medical leave i contacted my HR and they reassured me that i wasent going to have any problems with mu insurance because my DR had filled out all the necessary paper work. Now from one day to another i find out that my HEALTH INSURANCE is cancelled. I never receI'ved a notice from my health insurance telling me that it was going to be cancelled because HR sent all my paper work to my work TJ MAXX! One of the managers their sent all my HEALTH INSURANCE papers to the wrong address. I never receI'ved the papers of course because in dont lI've their no more. I gave my new address to one odf the managers like a year ago that is not my fault if managers are not doing their job correctly. I have talked to my HR many many times talked to corporate talk to my district manager and talked to my store manager. No one is willing to take the blame for their mistake! Every I've talked to tell me it was my responsibility to get my health insurance papers. First of all i was in hospital for a week and second its not my fault that the manager send all my paper work to wrong address. All i want is to get my health insurance back and for some one to be responsible for this. Its causing me allot of stress and headaches and money. Something i dont need right now because in recovering from my surgery. This is just making it allot more difficult for my health and recovery.

Jan 10, 2012 6:04 am

oh my goodness and to the employee who posted a few above me, CUSTOMERS ### ON OUR WALLS TOO! THEY ### EVERYWHERE! I dont understand hahahaha

Jan 10, 2012 6:02 am

i work at tjmaxx also. i completely agree with you. i am a csc, and let me tell you, i will refuse a return if i see fit, and i will tell my cashiers to do the same. UNLESS a manager is up front at the registers with me, i will not ask them to confirm the return. if a customer asks to speak with a manager about their return, i PRETEND to ask them in my headset, and then tell the customer that my manager agrees with me. if a customer does not have their receipt and does not have tags on the item, i will not return it. if it is washed or worn i will not return it. i am not trying to get one by my customers, i am just following the words posted behind my back on the board explaining out policies.

Jun 12, 2011 4:03 pm
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AMEN SISTERS! Why are we even complaining here? Because we CARE. We want to be proud of our store when our customers enter. I am convinced that this attitude towards the employees starts at the very top. T J Maxx is so focused on employee theft. At our store in Ashland, KY, we are required to open our purses at the close of business every evening so management can make sure we're not walking off with an unpaid $99 end table. Employees who leave earlier in the day are not required to open their handbags in front of management as they leave the store. Why is that? Is it because management do not want the customers to see how poorly they treat their employees? How is that the men employees don't have to open their pockets? Are they not able to fit a lamp in there? RARELY do our management encourage us to reach out to the customers. The overriding focus is always on THEFT. Employee and customer. It's insulting. And everything that has been said on this blog regarding understaffed, underpaid, uncleanliness is absolutely true for my store. We've been open only a year and not once has our fitting rooms been mopped. They've been swept because an employee that is often stuck working there has bought not one...but two brooms and two dust pans so far so she can sweep it. Management is too cheap to pay for cleaning supplies.

As an employee of TJ Maxx, I truely love and agree with the following comments left by the original poster:

"1. Asking us to call another store is stupid... They most likely do not have it or they will put us on hold for 20 min and say the don't have it. They are just as understaffed and busy as us. "

Why customers think that us calling will result in an increased likelihood of the other store finding the item that they are requesting is beyond me. What truely infuriates me is that they will ask you to do this when there is 10 ppl in line at customer service and you are the only person ringing there. These ppl simply don't care and get upset when you offer to give them the PH# so that THEY can call instead.

"4. There is no magical machine that gives the cheapest price on everything. But since you get mad when markdown cycles are explained to you, I have to lie. "

I've tried explaining until I'm blue in the face and no customer in the world ever seems to understand markdown cycles. So I too have simply resorted to fake scanning the item into the scanner and then turning around and telling the customer the item is not marked down.

"5. Don't throw things behind you as you're checking out, give em to the cashier. It's easier."

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I usually tell the customer that I will gladly take the item off their hands. Why they think dumping the unwanted merchandise into a big pile on the fixture behind them is better than simply handing it to us so we can put it away into the multitude of bins and racks immediately behind us is baffling.

May 24, 2011 5:28 am

i am also a tj maxx employee. my store is located in santa clara california. i so agree with all of the fellow tj employees who have posted here. i would just like to say:"if you dont want a hassle getting your money back for a return, KEEP YOUR DAMN RECEIPT IDIOT!" and now, i would like to use the rest of my posting to address the customers at the santa clara tj maxx: you are, without a doubt, the grossest, most inconsiderate, disgusting people i have ever had the misfortune to be around. you were very obviously raised wrong. how dare you treat merchandise that DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU like trash. you are pigs. you allow your children to run around the store unsupervised. opening, playing with and destroying toys and books. like they are there just for your childs enjoyment, while you are shopping. you allow them to deface, scratch, chip, draw on, kick, drop, throw and destroy merchandise, so that when a decent customer sees a chair they would like to buy, they dont, because you have ruined it. you come out of the fitting room and hand the fitting room person a wadded up pile of clothes that you have tried on. pants that are inside out. PANTS THAT ARE INSIDE OUT. why would anyone want to stick their arm down a pant leg, right where your crotch just was, to pull that pant leg back out? are you ###ed? you fill up a shopping cart with every little thing that catches your eye, with no intention of buying everything, and then when you're ready, you pull out the $9.99 pair of flip flops you want to buy and go get in line. leaving a shopping cart filled to the brim with merchandise that you were "thinking" about buying. what, is this your way of "playing" like your a real shopper? you hang bras that you dont want on a dress rack. that wouldnt be so bad, except that 6 other customers have placed the crap they dont want on that same rack. it makes the store impossible to keep up. it makes the store look like a flea market. you drop clothes on the floor and dont pick them up. you set frying pans on the floor next to the purses. you use our bathroom and leave ### all over the toilet seat. literally leave ###. take a ### at your own house or clean up after your self or your child. you are spreading diseases. you make our store look like crap. you make it impossible for us to maintain a store that we can be proud of. that "some" of our customers deserve to shop in. you are disgusting and vile. you make me ashamed to be a customer at tj maxx. my advice to anyone who is thinking about going to a tj maxx for the first time, is: dont. lest you be mistaken for the filthy pigs that frequent the santa clara store. i would not have these people in my home. i would not want to socialize with these people. i would not want my children playing with their children. i dont want them voting. hell, i dont want them breeding. i would not work around them if i didnt have to. what i would like to do, and what you should do, is run. run fast and far. away from a group of people with no manners, no consideration, no proper education or upbringing, no understanding of the mess they leave behind them and no idea how loathsome they are. go and shop at target. they have a much better class of people shopping there. and i can pretty much guarantee that the nice end table you are looking at wont have been pissed on by a little chihuahua, that a fellow shopper set down on the floor, so she could look at a big mirror. because at tj maxx, they dont care if you waltz around the entire store, with your little dog on a leash. so your little dog can pee on anything it feels like. and that other people handle and sometimes purchase and take home. with dog piss all over it. tj maxx needs to stop worrying that if a customer gets offended they might not come back, and start taking pride in their store and its merchandise. they should be happy if you tell all your friends and relatives not to shop at tj maxx anymore because they wouldnt give you your money back for that 5 year old tshirt that you dug out of your closet and tried to return with no receipt. they dont need those types of customers in their store. you generate much more loss than you do profit. i wish i could address each one of you face to face and tell you to get the hell out and go shop where you belong. at garage sales and flea markets. there are some good customers. of course, but they have been overshadowed by the stench of you.

Jan 08, 2018 2:44 pm
Replying to comment of paradox

That was awesome! I am a TJX employee (cashier) in RI, and we get the same amount of filthy, messy, rude pigs who think they are better than everyone and destroy the store and expect us to clean up after them. I want to scream at them when they make messes, is this how you keep your house? Cloths everywhere laying around or is that just your consumer delusion of being right that makes u think we get paid enough to clean up ur [censor]? When some of us are actually educated women with college degrees who just like working on the side to make a little extra money and to keep busy. We're not [censor] and we are just as good as you are. Some of you act like you're shopping at Neiman Marcus spending thousands of dollars on clothes when you're complaining about wanting a discount because of a little stain that was probably there from before when someone like you dropped it on the floor and walked all over it. Anyway I can't believe people in Santa Clara are just as bad as people in Rhode Island you would think that out in California since the cost of living is so much higher that there people would be more classy but apparently it's not so. I hope that consumers and Shoppers all read this and understand that this behavior is not acceptable and that goes for every single store that they shop in.


Although I did not have a a problems with "United States Cash Advance" I did with a Payday Loan company in Anaheim, Ca.. My mother who had passed away had been doing business with them and I had Power of Attorney. Paula called me up ( after I had paid one loan off out of my money) and she said, You've committed fraud and I want my money, Now! tried ti explain but she just got louder and louder and then said "if you don't have my money in 2 days I'm going to run a credit check on you and then have the police come out and they will hand cuff you and take you to jail! Indeed I was beside myself. Legal Aid had given me the wrong information and usually their great. After months of harassment and telling her do not call I found out what to do from a lawyer that comes to the senior center. First write them a letter and tell them never to call you again ( you must do that) in fact, send it registered if you can afford it or take a friend if you live in there area and politely hand it to the person who has been calling you, if unable to do that ask the person at the desk if Mr/Mrs/Ms work here even if they are vague let them know this is the phone number attached to this address (do a reverse phone call to get the address, many places are listed on the WWW) leave a copy of the letter stating " you do not what this person Or any other person to call you that as any relationship with this company" also let the person your talking to know this is a letter stating you know longer want anyone to call you. If this person who is bothering you is not the owner make sure you send a letter to that person. You can just say to the CEO of "whatever company" and then let them know in writing this is a violation of Fair Reporting and you will take them to Small Claims Court for harassment. You get up to $1000.00 for your aggravation. I know this worked for me. If this doesn't stop them, I see companies or lawyers who will help you(on the WWW)and then report them to the BBB they have probably done this before. And don't forget to get your $1000.0 you deserve it. I realize this can be a pain in the neck but it's worth $1000.00, no it is no just about money because these people can make life unplesant putting it mildly. Good Luck!

May 02, 2011 5:38 pm

Wow. I couldn't have said it better myself. I am a CSC in MA and I am sick and tired of the managers telling me that they will back up my decisions and then making me look like an idiot in from of crooks when they "make an exception." We are currently one of the stores battling with Ricky Smith and his group. We all know them by face and name and yet when they try to pull something on us the managers let them get away with it. They even tell us to notify them when Ricky or his group come into the store. It doesn't even matter since they make us take back crap purses and shoes with no receipt or tags for sometimes over $300. We even had Ricky's daughter come into our store and steal wallets right in front of the manager! And then I got yelled at for asking her if she would like to pay for the wallets she was holding under her coat? I have tried to tell my managers that I am sick of this. We need to get LP into the building and stop making "exceptions" for the people we know are stealing!

T.J. Maxx- 1. Prevent shop-lifters by providing excellent customer service ? Ha ha ha. We barely have payroll to get our work done !
2. The average associate believes the company does not give a ### about them ? Thats prob true. They don, t.
3. Allows customers to scream and humiliate us in front of other customers on the sales floor ? Yes. And if we ask that customer to leave...We get written up for it.
4. The return policy is clearly written on a BIG-### red poster in front of the customer when they check out...They say they "didn, t see it" when they want to return ### past 30 days or took the tags off (we know you wore it) If your looking for a job...Run your ### away as fast as you can ! If you want to be discount retail...I hear Walmart actually treats there associates very well..just ask an associate while your shopping.

5. This was a stop-gap job for me..even thought for awhile that I might stay...I cannot bear the mistreatment of management or the craziness that the allow there customers to impose on us.

Here it is

Apr 08, 2011 6:45 pm
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All of these complaints are all too familiar to me and true - Marshall's employee here and can't wait to find a real job with a company who holds firmly to their policies and doesn't care that their shrinkage is so exorbitant. I loath thieves and there are plenty of them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls because TJX DOES NOT CARE! GREAT WRITE-OFF.

Jan 12, 2011 8:10 pm

I am also a Tj maxx employee in Washington state for 3 years and I have never dealt with a STORE manager that treats you so unfairly and I am not one to complain. She is a two faced [censor] and tried to tell us for one we don’t get paid for travel time, Yes you do at tj maxx. Secondly A girl went to help her Grandparents move from another country and said she wanted to come back to tj maxx when she got back so she was gone for a total of 11 weeks and 6days. The store manager told her she had no other option except to quit and then get rehired. They never told her she could have taken a leave of absence and that’s 12 weeks and still get her same job duty back. Now she works part time had to start her 3 years over and she lost her vacation pay for a week. I would love for corporate to come and stay with this tj maxx for 1 months and ask employees anonymously questions about the store manager and how its ran. I love this company but I would never refer anyone to this one store location.

Jan 10, 2011 5:25 pm

I feel badly for what TJMaxx employees have to deal with. However, being one of the "good" customers who cannot deal with the shoplifting stories I hear - I mean, really, the prices are already so low - why do they steal? And, I have never heard of people being able to return without a receipt or at least a tag? That's horrid. I had one situation that did really upset me. I was returning a few items, all with receipts and tags at a different store than where they were purchased and I was unlucky enough to get a college girl with a vacation job at TJMaxx. She started scanning each item tag to see if the brand name matched the tag! I was held up in line for much longer than necessary. It was ridiculous as I spend so much money at these stores. She actually refused to allow me to return one shirt as the name did not match on her scanner. Evidently, there are issues between stores? The manager approved the few other items but I was disgusted that I was treated like this. I guess this is happening because of what you are all experiencing with people bringing back items from thrift stores? I have no ever done this. I thought it was quite unfair at the time but I understand better now after reading all of your posts. I now try to not ever return anything but it is hard. Every store seems to operate differently. The people at the store I usually frequent are mostly nice with a few people that are not so nice - but it makes more sense now with all the pressure that is put on them and the low pay - which I think is horribly unfair. They work so hard. I have noticed that some of the younger hires are not aware of what they are selling and it would be good if they did get some training or were allowed time during their work time to roam about and see what is being sold to learn the different brands. I actually gave my resume to one of the managers at the store who kept asking me if I wanted to work there because, at that time, going to TJMaxx was my total social life (and really still is). It relaxes me to walk around and look at pretty things. I gave her my resume with references and never heard anything. I had been interested in being a night stock person but felt badly that she never hardly spoke to me again. I guess she was trying to figure out if I was a mystery shopper? Or, she felt I was overqualified? I love fashion so much that I would have loved to do this and the next time I go there, I will ask her about my resume if I run into her or, better yet, I will ask the male manager who seems very nice to customers. It should be interesting. I do hope TJ Maxx realizes that they need to pay their employees more and give them much more than a 10% employee discount. This is a joke to me. They really need to do more - it would create far better attitudes. And, the people who shop in TJMaxx should understand the pressures they are under. However, there are always a few people - customers and salespeople - that really should not be there. No offense to any of you that have posted the reality - I do understand. But, there are two older ladies at this store I go to that are outright strange and grab the hangers from you when you to the dressing room and I just smile thinking of the great deals I will get. Just a personality thing I think. I hope TJMaxx starts doing more for their employees - they really need to focus on what their base is - their employees!

Jan 08, 2011 9:03 pm

I love it when nasty salespeople who think they have the "power" to decline a return because of their unprofessional
bias, call the manager over, and the manager tells them to give us our damn money back. Who do these cashiers
think they are? If it wasn't for our bucks, you wouldn't be making your six dollars an hour. Management knows this, its about time the clerks learn this lesson also. You're a cashier, ok. Your not REALLY in control, like you want to be. And stop telling your friends and family to come in for the "hook up" when the manager leaves. Often times
it is not the customers stealing, but "set ups" by employees. Otherwise, the Clerks would at least look up and pretend
they are surprised when the alarm goes off when one of their friends walks out of the store with merchandise.

Jan 08, 2011 8:42 pm

When stores start being rude to customers, more often than not they are about to go out of business. I often mention this to the rude staff and management that they will reap what they so because they will soon be out of a job, and sure enough, within weeks if not months, those same rude salespeople have sorry looks on their faces as we are buying their merchandise for pennies on the dollar, and they have big yellow 'everything must go" banners across to front of their stores. TJ maxx may just be next. Their merchandise has become inferior and is thinning out and they have become very nasty with their return policies and hiring very poor sales help, who also lie, scheme and steal and hide things from the customers for themselves if they don't want the customer to have it. TJ Maxx has become an corrupt inside theft ring from the top management on down. I believe the writing is on the wall.

Dec 01, 2010 11:01 pm

I am a TJMaxx employee somewhere in Texas, and happen to be an LP Detective. I have work at KMart and Wal-Mart to name a few and I agree with much of what you have said regarding the hiring of teenagers, the refund policy and etc... However, I need to defend the LP department. The Loss Prevention department does not make the store money. We may save the store from losing money, but the LP department does not make the store a profit. Therefore, we have to regulate when we, the LP detectives, can work. I can't speak for your store's LPs, but I work on weekends, as do the other LPs in my DLPM's district. If it makes you feel better, we have no weekends off either until after inventory in January, and even then, we only get one weekend a month. TJMaxx, like other retailers, has policies put into play regarding who we can apprehend and when we can apprehend that shoplifter. We have five basic elements we absolutely, no questions asked, have to have to make an apprehension and if we don't personally see all five of those elements, those persons are gonna walk out that front door. The sales associates have to do their part to prevent theft too. Believe it or not, giving good customer service to a thief WILL deter a good majority of them from stealing. I speak from personal experience as an overnight stocker and sales floor associate, not just an LP detective. If you feel so strongly about what needs to be changed in your store and within the company that you've given a great deal of your time to, perhaps you need to write a professional, well-written, ananomous letter to corporate and express your ideas. It only takes one person to make a change. Don't just express your anger on the internet. If you want things to really change, you have to address it with corporate. I understand where you're coming from. I truly do and I agree with you 100% on some of the issues you mentioned. Have a Merry Christmas and hang in there.

Sep 27, 2010 9:48 pm
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I went to a store in the TJX family (Marshalls) here in MD (Glen Burnie) and never received such bad service, and my family are usually such fans of the TjMaxx/Marshalls. It is so frustrating that we were such mistreated. We have been shopping at the brand since moving to the States in the 90s, and it really is up in the air now whether we will again.

I will never shop at the location in Glen Burnie again however.

I liked your "exposures". Seems like they need more people like you working in this area!

May 16, 2010 2:36 am
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I work at a store here in California. And it is all the same here! Upper management and Corporate have no idea what [censor] they are! I just can't wait to graduate from school to get out of this crappy job.

Mar 10, 2010 10:00 am

AMEN! I work at a TJMaxx and everything you said sounded like it came straight out of my mouth. I live in a completely different state and we have the same problems. It seems that they would do something since this happens in every store and every state! At least we are not alone! Hang in there.

Mar 06, 2010 7:20 pm

I also work at TJ Maxx. I agree with you on this because when the managers tell you not to take non receipt and not ticket items back they turn around and say "Just take it back." I hate that. It just makes you look like a complete idiot when you have been fighting with the customer for 10 minutes explaining store policies to them. When you think the manager will come and back you up when instead they just make you look stupid. Yes, over the 2 years I worked at the TJ Maxx in MN, I have met the most stupidest customers. I hate it when they come up to you and demand their money back when they have no proof of purchase. They rather just stand there and fight with you. The TJ Maxx I work at has about the worst security ever! A few months ago, we got in a huge amount of Ed Hardy and Juicy purses and, of course like idiots, they put it right next to the door. So, after 15 minutes of it being up, 3 black teenage girls came in looked at it, hung it around their pretty little arms and took off out the door which was like less then 2 ft from them. Of course, another event we had we called what they call "mall security" well, I can tell you, these mall security can't even do a simple chase after the thieves. Once they're out the door, there's nothing we can do. Why have them if they can't do a simple job? Might as well put up a sign that says "Hey steal here! Our mall security won't chase you because it's too much of a hassle!" Of course, if TJ Maxx was like burlington where they can actually chase the thieves, we'll have at least less people stealing..

Feb 23, 2010 10:21 pm

I too work in a discount store and don't just take anything back. We have customers that try to bring back anything from underclothes to chemicals. I work in Indiana somewhere and the assistant of my store. When my boss isn't working I enforce the return policy of 30 days and if no receipt then they get a return card and I don't care how much it is even if its an exchange with .50 left to purchase it goes on a return card. I will not take any chemicals back for an exchange or return. Underclothes have to be within 24 hours of receipt only. That's the law here in Indiana. I will not take any drugs back at all. But my boss will on anything because he says it keeps them happy and the complaints down. I say let corp. fire me for doing what the say the rules are. I think my lawyer would love it. That's the way I feel about that. The security in my store a joke. We've been robbed 3 times by gun point and still nothing. I've been there all 3 times. Our customers know we don't have any security in the store and always know how many people are working and where we are when the time is right. There's nothing we can do but just let them do what they want, and we get in trouble for what they(customers) do. We don't have any legs to stand on, we just have to do what makes our customers happy. Me I just enforce what corp. says and if they(corp) doesn't like it then they need to walk in our shoes for a day or month and see what we have to put up with. Don't think they'd last.

Feb 18, 2010 7:14 pm

I read this and am nodding in agreement. I too live somewhere in Maryland and work at a discount store. I will not name it, but it is store just like yours. At least you have some sort of security. We have none and all the shopplifters know it. We are ripped off all the time by the same people. I too, do not make up the return policy. But then again, I don't know why we even have one. We too will take anything back. Bras panties, you name it. Worn clothes, stuff from other stores. At least I am a key carrier, and if there is no one else around I am the one in charge. I WILL NOT take back anything. We do have return policies, and if I am there I will inforce them. However, if my boss is there, well, to save himself from getting in trouble, he will do anything. I guess it isn't his fault, corp. does not care when we were in the right, if a customer complains, there will be hell to pay. It's a sad way to live, but I do feel your pain!


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