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Me and my husband were at TJ Maxx in Santa Clara on Feb 17. Our purchase comprised of a single item of 149.99. It took us about two minutes to choose the item and proceed to the billing counter. We were being helped by a guy named Tony at the counter who suggested us to open a TJ mastercard which would get us some points with every purchase we make. We agreed to open it. He opened it for us. But, by then he had already processed the transaction for our purchase with my husband's visa card (not the one we just opened).

So my husband realized that we could have bought that item on TJMatercard itself so as to start earning points. Tony readily said yes...and canceled the previous transaction (on my husband's visa card) and after that his shift ended and he had to be replaced by a woman who name was Margaret. Tony told her that he had already returned on visa card now she only had to give us a return receipt for the return on visa card and charge us on TJ mastercard.

That seemed straightforward to us but we were wrong and as this woman took up we were totally screwed. She started working on it and after some time she came up with 3 receipts. She asked my husband to sign one of them on which it was written Store Copy. My husband signed it. Out of the other two receipt one has customer copy written on it and the other was a begin return memo which are both generally given to the customer. She didnt give it to my husband and when he asked for it...she said that she could not give to us.

My husband asked her that we too need to have a record of the transaction even though its been returned but we need to check our credit card statement and we need to have a customer copy for proof if required. But she simply refused to give. Me and my husband were surprised with her and stood there quietly. Now, she had to charge us on the new card we opened...after about 15 minutes of wait she said...ok its done.

She presented the receipt to my husband for the signature and as my husband was going through the receipt before signing it...he saw that she had charged us twice for the single 149.99 item we had bought. He told Margaret that something is wrong and she needs to check. She picked up the receipt from the counter and flew the receipt in my husband's face (though the receipt dropped from there only and didnt land on my husband's face. If it had, i wont have stood there silently). Needless to mention, we felt really bad but my husband gestured me to ignore it.

She again got back to her system and we again waited for about 15 minutes. Then she came back to us with...yes... more receipts. She are all set. As my husband checked the new receipt he found that we were charged for an amount which was not at all in our purchase and more to our surprise the amount was split in two amounts. Although as I mentioned earlier we bought only one item. Again both of us tried to tell her something is going wrong. we were also very worried for what she was charging us for:

1. First she charged us twice. 2. We didnt know yet whether she canceled the double amount. 3. Second time, she came up with not one but two completely different amounts. 4. Still after all that mess we were no where near...a) Being charged for the right amount. b) Being returned all wrong amounts.

We asked her whats happening. she said "this system is acting weird. I dont know." We were taken aback by her reply. She stood there looking at those a dozen of receipts as if nothing made any sense to her. She didnt knew what to to do. Apparently, she had no brain to process a straightforward transaction and I could make out it made her extremely frustrated. As time kept on passing she called somebody to help her.

The Store Manager Kim L. came and told her something and she started doing it on the system. As Margaret was working and Kim was looking...Kim grabbed Margaret's hand saying "what are you doing." Margaret responded "i don't know". Anticipating another potential blunder by Margaret my husband told Kim that please make sure everything is in place now. At this Margaret whispered to Kim that "HE IS IRRITATING ME". We heard it very clearly and I was extremely upset.

I asked Kim if there was a complaint register or somebody to whom I could report a complaint. She said they didnt had a complaint register and she was the store manager so whom am i going to report to. I was further more offended. I told them " we know what she spoke. We stood here for 1 hour at the billing counter. Margaret created all the mess. Still we waited patiently and silently. We should have been the one complaining and contrary to that its Margaret taking out on us. She is frustrated on herself and pouring out on us. We still dont know what we have been charged for...will have to check our statement. She cant just say my husband was irritating her. my husband has only been nice and kind to her for what mess she created since she didnt knew her job"

We left the store as I let them know how deeply hurt and upset i was. 1.She insulted my husband so many times. i am so angered and disgusted. 2.Not to forget the billing mess she created as a result of her incompetence and lack of brains. 3.We wasted more than 1 hour on the counter for am item we chose in 2 minutes. I came home wondering is it even worth going to TJ Maxx...spending money...only to be insulted by a gross employee? I have no clue how many thousands of i have spent in this store which i now regret.

I have faced rough employees in the same store previously but they were like not giving a proper reply to a question or something like that. nothing as compared to this. My husband is not much into shopping but accompanied me just for my happiness but i really feel bad for the poor guy. I cant stand some wreck of a woman insulting him. I wish we had never gone there.


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    relinquish Mar 03, 2010

    As someone who has worked in retail for many years, I am going to shed some light on this for you. Unfortunately many major companies do not invest in the training that is needed. The staff are lucky to get about 4 hours of it. These large companies throw these associates on the floor with little to no training and absolutely no support. (Seeing as it took so long to get the manager over. ) Her frustration clearly came from embarassment of her originally mistake and your seething face staring her down surely made the entire situation escelate to a level that was unecessary. granted I don't think her reactions were called for at all, but if your brain was thinking about how stupid she is and how she has no brains then your face showed those thoughts. Although the transaction "seemed" straight forward to you, there are times when technology fails and you often know what the result should be, but cannot get the register to complete it properly(thats called a glitch). People indeed do make mistakes, but try to look at the big picture before you call some girl who is trying to figure it out incompitent or stupid. being incompitent or stupid would imply her not being able to work.
    With that said at the end of the day your transaction was processed, completed, "fixed" . No blood was shed you still have your breath and I am sure that you still shop at TJ Maxx, maybe not at that location, but you give them your thousands anyway. So really, please explain how ranting like a child and judging someones intelligence helped? It has always been assumed in my profession that we are stupid uneducated people who can't get "more" in life. Your judgments is what breeds ignorance. Some of us "cashiers' hold a masters in business, Some of us bring home a sizable figure.
    So on that lighten up and be nice and open your mind.

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  • Mi
    Minayang Mar 06, 2010

    That sounds confusing. I don't know how someone would even get one little request confused.

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  • Mi
    Minayang Mar 06, 2010

    mhmm i agree with u

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  • Il
    ILanonymous831 Jun 14, 2010

    I work at TJMaxx & first of all, I already know you probably exaggerated that story a [censor] load.

    1.) When you make a return back to a Visa, only two receipts print out darling. Customer copy & store copy. There is no "return memo". Nice try. The only time it prints out three receipts is when it is returned back to a store credit.

    2.) Fifteen minutes? Another fifteen minutes? Plus another? Eventually adds up to an hour? What the hell, get real. That's so exaggerated. No way in hell would it ever take that long.

    3.) You already have the return receipt that shows it went back to the Visa so why are you still complaining you didn't get this so-called "return memo".

    4.) Why get offended that we don't have a "complaint register"? ALOT of stores don't. So take your rich upperclass sounding [censor] out of here. We wouldn't want you back at TJMaxx anyway.

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  • Pa
    paksomoma Jun 29, 2010

    So, you needed to have your item "returned" from your Visa and re-bought on your TJX MasterCard. That would require two transactions - a return and a purchase. So the return would print out a Store slip for you and the cashier to sign, a little slip showing just the transaction amount and a Customer copy for you. She should have given you the Customer Copy. Then she would just have to manually enter the department number, style number, and price for the item and ring it up just like a purchase. That would make the register print 2 receipts, one for you to sign and one for you to keep. So you should get your original receipt, Visa return receipt, and your TJX Mastercard receipt. Tony should have given you the return receipt when you signed for the refund. It sounds like Margaret was reluctant to ask for help and didn't realize that it was a simple return and repurchase and bungled the transaction.

    There is a customer service line at 1-800-926-MAXX and a customer service survey at which are ways to complain that the more corporate managers would take note up including the direct supervisors for Store management.

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  • Tj
    TJ Maxx Manager Sep 07, 2010

    I just read this. The training program at TJ Maxx works just fine if the management supports it. First, new associates are supposed to be trained on the sales floor and NEVER allowed to be on register for the first 30 days. It gives the associate time to understand how the business works, and allows management to see where they fit. The problem in this situation like most in retail and other places is the firefighting mentality. "I need to hire 5 people" so just hire the first 5 who I talk to without truly doing an interview or reference check. In this case "I need someone to cashier" so lets put this person on the register who either hasn't been trained or shouldn't be on a register. It is embarrassing to the customer, the store, and more importantly the associate who may be very good at other things, but being on a register is not one of them.

    Come on folks follow the program.

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  • Ab
    ABC1234 Jan 12, 2011

    Wrong... TJ maxx associates dont get enough training. they are put on the register after there 4 hour training and it is so hard to learn everything u neeed to know about cashier in a timely manner in 4 hours. i have been there for 3 years and i love ringing now and i also love to help others that maynot know what they are doing.

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  • Lo
    logo_fairy Apr 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work at Marshall's - same, same. Same owners as TJ Maxx so same, same and yes, I see such happen as well. I know of one employee who works stoned on pot frequently and it's not a secret. Plus, we have a coordinator who is extremely condescending to the customers regarding returns. They have an extremely loose return policy but boy are there hassles upon return - not to mention sigh's, and that horrible condescending tone as if the customer is a burden. As well, we have two cashiers that never heard of the two words "customer service" in their entire life and treat the customer as if they are doing the customer a favor for ringing them up.

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  • While I agree with many of the other commenters that this associate probably lacked the necessary training in order to handle this situation in a sufficient and acceptable manner, she was obviously also not very bright if she could not figure out something as simple as the fact that a "Customer Copy" goes to a customer and not retained at the store. I could go on and on about her other faults but this associate obviously lacks any sort of common sense or brain cells and needs to move on to doing something else.

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  • Ja
    JayLong Sep 18, 2011

    Yeah, it's frustrating. But do you realize that you are well off and can afford to blow $150 bucks on ### while Margret, infuriating as she may be, is probably struggling to make ends meet all while being expected (by you) to treat you (and all customers) as royalty? That's our job; to serve. The problem with that is when you only pay someone the absolute minimum, they're less inclined to overly-humble themselves, and begin to act like human beings again (getting frustrated, irritated) If you really were there for an hour, I would probably be irritated with you as well--no matter who you were. So while it was frustrating, consider Margret as well (even if she is a dumb crow), for this is what she deals with everyday, and we are human after all.

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  • Gw
    Gwendolyn Maxwell-cassidy Nov 11, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was so happy to see TJ MAXX had online service were I could make purchases online but I place an order and it took 16 days to receive my order through regular delivery. Terrible so disappointed so flawed!!! Who want to wait 16 days for any delivery for a purchase even if it is standard delivery. I have never ever has to wait this long for any delivery place anywhere horrible. I will never order anything through TJ Maxx online nor will I ever recommend anyone else place a order with TJ Maxx online. Orders No 1014057686.

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  • Na
    nagaias Jul 01, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to T.J.Max in Nokes Boulevard in sterling VA, my cashier name was Nadya, I am not going to go in detailed of what happened on, 07/01/2018, this my second and last time in this store and I regret it, as a consumer and professional this Pearson should not be dealing with public, with her attitude, and zero customer service skills
    she need to be moved to a place with no human contact .

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