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TJ Maxx / service

1 IL, United States Review updated:

I went to the TJ Maxx in Evanston, IL. My mother had bought me a shirt from the Runway section, and the size was wrong so I wanted to exchange it for a bigger size or exchange it for another shirt of the same value ($150). I go to school in the Evanston area and my parents live 2 hours away, so I did not have a receipt for the shirt. The first man I talked to rudely told me that the exchange/return policy did not allow me to do anything without a receipt. I went home and checked the return policy and it clearly stated that I could return an item without a receipt but would only receive store credit. I went back with a printed copy of this, and the same guy rudely told me that he knows his return policy and would not take it back. I asked to talk to the manager, and he also told me that he would not take it back. I was in no mood for arguing so I took the shirt back, but on the way out I told the manager about the rude treatment from the other guy. The manager said nothing and the othey guy rudely mumbled at me while I was walking out. I went back to the same TJ Maxx a few days later, and the manager saw me there. The entire time he just followed me around the store watching what I was picking up. He made me feel like a criminal. If I can pay for a $150 blouse, I don't care about trying to save a few dollars here or there. I will never go back to that TJ Maxx and I advise all of you to never go there either, unless you want to be followed like a criminal and be treated rudely. On the other hand, the TJ Maxx is Oak Brook is amazing with great quality and service.

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  • Ga
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    Actually, the policy says other restictions may apply, but I guess you skipped right over that part since it would not support your argument that everyone else is wrong and you are right. It is a retailers right to refuse any return for any reason. However, I will say the store should have exchanged the shirt for the identical shirt in a different size, if that is what you were wanting to do. However, you did say they refused to return it, not exchange it. Retailers have to protect their assets, you may not think $150 is much money to a large retailer such as TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Target, etc, but when you have 300 to 1000 customers coming into your store each day and 10% - 25% want to return something it adds up very quickly for a company. Just curious, why didn't you just get the receipt from your mother? She could have mailed the receipt and it would have arrived within a few days. As far as the manager following you around, if he/she thought you were stealing loss prevention would have been following you and you would have been none the wiser, not the store manager. Perhaps the store manager was making sure he/she was available if you needed any help in order to off-set the previous bad experience you had with them.

  • Sa
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Just don't steal stuff and save your receipts. A lot of places won't even return a $5 item without a receipt. Welcome to the real world!

  • Pp
      11th of Jun, 2011
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    While not your fault, next time make sure that if you or your mother buys a gift at TJ Maxx, ask for a gift receipt. You'll find that suddenly, a lot of problems with the return that arose from your lack of receipt will magically go away!

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