Tim Hortonsstore 177 won’t sell item on menu

On dec 2 2018 I stop at the Tim Horton store on division street. I asked to buy a ranch snack wrap and was informed buy the staff that they weren't aloud to sell the mini snack wrap because they are only for the timmies boxes.
But I said you can order anything from the timmies box on the side, and if they have the items to make my item why can I order one, at this point the staff told me that they were told by there manager Anna that they weren't to sell the snack wrap and if they did they would get in trouble. I work for Tim Horton and my store still sell the snack wrap and I also know you can sell items from the timmies box on the side.
I wasn't happy with my visit to store 177 and I don't understand why a manager would inform her staff to not sell an item if they have the ingredients. I guess she doesn't want her customer to have a great experience and doesn't care about losing a sale. I won't be buying food from this store again.

Dec 03, 2018

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