Tim Hortonsthe cleanliness of restaurant and mainly men's washroom

B Dec 11, 2018
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I recently visited the Scarborough Tim hortons on 4820 Sheppard ave east. I'm a delivery driver all over the GTA and this restaurant by far is the most disgusting one that I have ever been in. I purchased my coffee and noticed the bathroom door said to ask staff for entry yet it was already unlocked. I took my coffee into the washroom, I should have come running out because the smell and urine on floor. The odour of the men's room was just overbearing I had to put my shirt over my nose just to have a quick washroom break. After I left I had one drink of my coffee and all I could think of is that nasty bathroom. I can't remember if in the last 10 years of drinking your coffee, if I ever dumped out a whole coffee out just cause of the smell of the facilities. I figured if they don't care about the bathroom maybe they don't care about the cleanliness of the rest of the restaurant. I would like to see one of the CEO or someone that looks after this kind of matter. I would like a surprise visit to step into the washroom and give me there take on it and see if they would drink that resurants coffee. I'm not gonna stop drinking Tim hortons coffee, I will never step foot in that store ever again. Sure u can me a refund. I would give that Tim hortons negative stars there was no option of that on the top of the page.

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