The Brickdelivery/ assembly service

If there was 0 star, I would've gave 0 star for the brick delivery service. I ordered a yorkdale bedding set and they delivered to my place yesterday. On the website, it claimed it includes assembling service for big furniture and disposal for boxes. The driver refused to assemble the bed for us and said" he would be too late if he stayed to assemble our bed. We insisted him to stay to finish the service as that's how it said on the website, he finally agreed to assemble but very unhappy. When he opened one of the boxes, we found the bed rail was broken. Luckily we asked him to open the box so we found it's broken. He left with the rail and said someone will contact me. The next day I called the brick customer service, the lady wasn't helpful at all and asked me to pick up as I said I was in a hurry, since I need the bed for the guests at my place. She said it will take another week or 2 to get it delivered, which is too late. Then I said it's not working out since the guest will be here soon. She said she will call me back by the end of the day, however, she didn't. This is very exhausting to deal with a unreliable company like this. Never ever buy from the brick again.

Dec 03, 2018

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