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The Brick / service is absolutely unacceptable

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We purchased a couch on and two chairs on April 16th 2006 from the Brick at 3451 Sunridge Way N.E. Calgary, Alberta we were told 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. It has now been 12 weeks and we still have no chairs. We were told that the furniture would be delivered on June 14, 2006. That day came and went and we did not have any furniture delivered that day. I had to then call to find out why as nobody called us and they said they will reschedule for the following week, which would be June 21/06 but that our chairs would not be delivered until the following week; but that they were at the Edmonton warehouse. The couch was first delivered damaged but was not delivered until June 21, 2006 and the delivery guys were very rude. So we contacted our sales rep Anna Mazereeuw and she helped us to get our couch redelivered and exchanged; which when delivered on June 28/06 was damaged again from them bringing it into our house. We have had 11 people staying in our house with no furniture as we were expecting it to arrive the end of May; which is what we were told. Anna was able to waive the warranty for us, but now that is not enough. The next week came and went and still no chairs and no phone calls; we have to keep phoning to check if they are in. We were then told that they were no longer at the warehouse, they were waiting for them to come from the manufacturer. So, the story is now confusing as we ordered the couch and the 2 chairs on the same day, which we were told would be shipped together and we keep getting told a different story. Why all of a sudden do you have an extra couch available for us to exchange but do not have our original chairs?? Then, we were told the chairs would not be in until July 4/06 so we could arrange for delivery on July 5/06; which again nobody phoned, we had to call to get this info. Now we were just informed that we will be waiting another 3 to 6 weeks for our chairs. I then phoned to speak to Anna; but she was not there, so asked to speak to a manager and whoever had answered the phone said "I will put you through to customer service" and I said no, I don't want to speak to customer service, I want to speak to a manager. The person on the phone then told me that the manager could not take my call; which was at 4:27pm and we have not received a call back from the manager yet; which is not acceptable. We would like to cancel this order as we have had enough and will be telling other people to never buy anything from the Brick as they will be lied to about the delivery on their furniture and the manager does not respond to the complaints; so that just shows what kind of business the Brick is running. We will also be posting a complaint letter on the website below just like another customer did and as you can see, she did not get any better service either and it took a year and a half for someone to respond to her complaint, which is absolutely unacceptable.


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  • Ch
      24th of Nov, 2006
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    I waited Five months to get my Couches from The Brick! It was also ad the Sunridge Location. Never again have I ever shopped there.

  • Va
      30th of Jan, 2007
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    I purchased one of their so called deals. Buy the furniture,get the tv free, also buy the table,get the server and bakers rack free. Check it out, the piece you buy will probably be defective. The free pieces are fine. They sent a repairman to check, unrepairable. Manager called and said pick another set, don't want another set. Offered $300 credit. Not acceptable. They advertise this furniture as being worth $3000, replace with $3000 furniture. Won't do it unless it's a deal with a tv. Don't want a different tv. Want the one i got,and the furniture I bought. TV sells for $2000. Figure it out people, it's reverse psychology. Your paying the normal price for the free item and getting substandard products for a discount. Why don't they just tell the truth? Fought with manager of store. Asked to upgrade tv to plasma, $1000 difference. Shouldn't be a problem if they're an ethical company and the furniture is really worth $3000. He said he had to go higher up. Called today, best they can do is an additional $200 on top of the $300 prev. offered. Is it making sense yet. Sounds like misleading advertising to me...Getting my lawyer to investigate. It's all going back, every piece...I'll buy from an honest company with integrity. If you're buying the deal be sure to check for defects on the pieces your paying for, free stuff will be fine.....Good thing is I'm moving and now i won't have to move all that crappy furniture....buyer beware.....and if you go ahead with it.....get the insurance so you can return it...

  • Ji
      16th of Mar, 2007
    +1 Votes

    We bought a sofa at the brick which address is 9 Heritage Meadows Way, SE. Calgary, AB on Mar 3rd 2007. We paid for delivery fee and five year warranty total is 577.66.

    They delivered to us next Friday. The two delivery guy take off the package of sofa outside, and directly hold the sofa toward my home. Since the sofa's width is bigger than my home, they still try to push the sofa in. Fortunately, the sofa is soft,so they got that. Sofa is in. After their leave, I found there is a cut on the bottom surface of sofa. I called the customer service right away, they said they are gonna let technician call me early of next week. On Wednesday,still no one called me.I called the salesperson, he said he would arrange technician call me in 30 minutes. Still no one called me.

    I called them today. I read the back of receipt it is said I can return the product within 7 days when it delivered. This is the last day. I transfered my call to customer service. A lady answered my call whose name is "L". First of all, after hearing my situation, she said you can exchange for another one,but now it is not in stock. I said I wanna return that. She said no. I said I read the back of receipt saying I can get refund of the purchase price and extended warranties within 7 days. She said hold on seconds. And then she said yes you can return that, but we are going to charge you 100 for restocking fee. I said it is not reasonable. She said hold on seconds. And then transfer my call to another lady who called "P". "P" said that we can exchange for you. You have to wait for a month. But she cannot guarantee that I can get one within one month. She said the problem of sofa I have is not fixable because it is fabric. So she would not send any technician. And if I wanna return that,she is gonna charge me for $150. I said "L" just said it is $100. She said ok,if "L" said,that can be $100.

    They are like a robber. When they gave you a crap, you have to take that. If you wanna them to take that back, paid them again.

    I would never never buy any products from the BRICK.

  • Ri
      14th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Winnipeg Manitoba Brick experience was the worst. Sales people did excellent job, but when it came time for delivery, total mess. Furnished a complete condo: Living Room set, Entertainment system, bedrooms. Purchased a pub set dining set (8 chairs) , I received the table and 2 chairs, with 6 remaining on back order. After 30 days they sent the wrong chairs and didn't even have the courtesy to assemble them. Bedroom suite came with scratches and gouges on the wood. Purchased living room lamps, when delivered, they came damaged, bent metal. When they replaced the 2 lamps some 3 weeks later, one lamp was defective didn't even work. When I got the invoices for payment, total amount owing was WAY off. Took the bills back to the Brick and they told me that it would take a day or two to go through the invoice and get back to us. It has been 5 days and haven't heard from them as yet.

    I would not recommend anyone purchase from the Brick unless they are willing to end up fighting with the delivery and service department.

    Buyer Beware. Shop around. The Brick SO CALLED Deals are not deals at all.

  • St
      14th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a sofa on Oct. 31, 2007, at the sun ridge Calgary location. Was informed that, the ottoman is not in stock. I informed the sales rep to deliver the sofa and i will pick up the ottoman on my own when it comes in stock. Delivery date was set for Nov. 6, 2007. This day came and went, with no service. Nov. 7, 2007, went to a different location more closer to home but smaller and asked why my sofa was not delivered, they informed me because the ottoman was not in stock, they have rescheduled the delivery date to another day. I asked why i was not called or informed of this change and that this new delivery date is not acceptable. the store manager was compliant and changed my delivery date to an more acceptable day. I even went as far to purchase more, home theater and dining table. Delivery date set for Nov.11 2007, this day came and went, with no delivery. I was not around for the phone call that was made to me (because I was in my new home waiting for the delivery) the phone call explained because their was a no pick on part of my sofa, they are going to reschedule delivery date, so that I can receive everything together. I complained to customer service and was insinuated to be my fault cause I was not their to answer the phone call made to me. This is issue is still not resolved, but I intend to confront these two stores to get my money refunded. Please do not shop at the brick.


  • La
      22nd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered furniture back in August of 07 and low and behold it's almost December and I still have nothing. I wrote a letter to the head office and let's see if I get a response. It's absolutely ridiculous that you spend money on items and they sit counting your money while you sit waiting for what that money paid for..bunk beds I ordered I only found out today the manufacturer is no long making them.. well they had since August to tell me that, why am I just hearing about it now? A company as big as The Brick and they cannot get customer service right... on top of all my frustration which began to kick in back in September going into October I get some goof ball with customer service hang up on me... is she that stupid to realize that it's people like frustrated us.. yes the customers who keep her in the job..if the place had no customers they would not need her... what a goof... I am so disgusted and will never ever do business with The Brick again.

  • Da
      19th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Edward M., who ever work as a salesperson at the Brick Sunridge Store, pursuaded plaintiff to buy "Full 5YR Blanket Coverage" when plaintiff bought the furnitures of about $2, 100 at the Brick Sunridge Store on Sep. 6th, 2009. Edward told plaintiff if plaintiff paid $499.99 for "Full 5YR Blanket Coverage", then all furnitures plaintiff purchased on Sep. 6th 2009 and before Sep. 6th 2009 should be covered. All furnitures plaintiff purchased at this store costed plaintiff about $9, 000 in all. Finally, plaintiff paid $499.99 for "Full 5YR Blanket Coverage" to cover all furnitures of about $9, 000. But, on Nov. 3rd 2009, Ms. Vicki, a manager of the Brick Sunridge Store told plaintiff that "Full 5YR Blanket Coverage" only covered those furnitures purchased on Sep. 6th 2009 rathe than all the furnitures. If Ms. Vicki is right, Edward M. should not charge plaintiff $499.99. The furnitures purchased on Sep. 6 2009 are only worth of $2, 100 or so. Plaintiff just needed to pay about $210 for "Full 5YR Blanket Coverage" in terms of the Brick charges criterion. Plaintiff realized plaintiff was cheated by the Brick Salesperson Edward M. and Plaintiff should cancel the " the Brick Blanket 5 Year Furniture Plan". Plaintiff reported the whole thing to the customer service of the head office of the Brick, but there was no any response. Then plaintiff had to report it to the Alberta Service and was told by Keith Plaintiff should seek the assistances from the Provincial court. Right now, Edward M. was fired and plaintiff cannot reach him, but the Brick Sunridge Store should take the responsibility for her employee's fault. So plaintif is to sue the Brick Sunridge Store and claim that the Brick should refund me $499.99.

  • Sh
      6th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Oh man, I have been complaining for a long time about my dealings with the Brick. Bought the 5 yr. warranty, got the furniture. Furniture is no good, fight to get replaced. Spent about a year of the last 3 trying to get someone to talk to me. End result, new couch is one month old, they won't deal anymore and I have a crap 3 yr old living room suite. I won't go into all the details, but this store is disgusting and I would not recommend anyone shopping there ever. They are a scam group, I swear. They must have some kind of association with underworld group or something! Anyway, don't shop there unless you want to fight about absolutely everything connected with this store.

  • Ro
      29th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    We purchased a new home and had to furnish it. We went to the brick thinking that they had decent prices so we spent $5000.00 of our hard earned dollars on a dining room set, oven and bedroom set. We received EVERYTHING damaged. Our table was changed three times and the chairs four times. Everytime the furniture came we were told it would be checked before they delivered it but it never was and it always arrived damaged. Finally we got fed up and accepted the table and chairs with defects and got a lousy $175.00 discount. Six months later my table leg has a crack in it and the wonderful technician comes and colours it in with a marker. That is what you pay insurance for! Our Cindy Crawford bedroom set is absolute crap. If you breathe on it, it will crack. I have not placed anything in the drawers because they are so cheap. The footboard cracked and we were told it cannot be exchanged because surprise surprise it is discontinued! But we paid for a five year warranty. Again the technician came with his markers. Lastly our oven arrived completely scratched up and defective. We paid for a three year warranty and after delivery we were told that it is discontinued. A technician came and changed what pieces hE COULD BUT IT IS STILL A LEMON. I was told i can go choose another one but that i would have to pay the difference! This company has no integrity whatsoever they sell crap to hard working people and their staff is trained to lie and deceive the customers. I intend to tell everyone I come across not to purchase anything from this store. I plan to make it my personal mission to gather up as many complaints as i can and send them to the irresponsible, unethical, greedy ceo that runs this scam of a company!!1

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