The Brick Transglobal Service And Lg Productspoor service not honoring warranty

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We purchased a LG bottom mount French door refrigerator in 2005 we also bought a 5 year extended warranty for the fridge. There is a 3 year lemon policy. I don't know about you but 7 repairs in three years spells LEMON to me. They do not want to replace the fridge. I have been on the phone with them for two days. One Manager on Monday told me they would give me a reselect to get a replacement fridge when I called back today NOT one manager could remember talking to me yesterday - Imagine that! Transglobal never offered a replacement which was suppose to happen after three repair calls. I have been in contact with the Brick and they are going to speak with Transglobal but I'm not holding my breath. To top it off I e-mailed LG about the problems with the fridge and told them that the company used by the Brick for service does not honor their warranty. LG's response was that I shouldn't blame LG I should blame transglobal.

The service technician was here today and recommended to Transglobal that they replace the fridge as the cost of the repair is over $500.00. Plus I am claiming $200.00 for food spoilage - It is now 4 days without a fridge and my husband has medication that needs to be refrigerated. How long before parts for the repairs going to take - who knows. Transglobal takes your money but provides extremely poor service support.


  • Ma
    Mark Oct 25, 2008

    I opened a service call for an LG fridge in March 2008 for a bottom freezer bracket and a broken drawer roller. Thankfully they fixed the door bracket, but here we are mid October, the rollers are still broken and the techs have been here 6 times (and were no shows 3 times) and everytime the excuse is "Wrong Part"

    I called LG Service and they called Transglobal Directly and still between them the ###s can't seem to fix a simple roller on a freezer drawer.

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  • Ja
    James Y Sep 05, 2019

    @Mark I have same issue. I brought a LG fridge from Brick. Nightmares starts. Kingandstate, brick and Trans Global just push the ball to each other. My fridge not work for more than one month now. Kingandstate number take at least one hour to get somebody to answer. They said call back in 5-10 mins. Never happened. You have to suffer again. We should sued those companies!

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  • Hu
    humblerumble Oct 28, 2008

    I have to agree with your feelings towards The Brick/ TransGlobal. We purchased a fridge that happens to leak. When we called for repairs the technician basically said it was the water connection. NOT!! It's been leaking 2 months now and still parts.
    We called The Brick who told us it was out of their hands once it leaves the store and that I was to call TransGlobal. I called TransGlobal was disconnected twice and hung up on twice. We also found out that there is NO HEAD OFFICE, that all employees work from home, an employee explained this too us. We explained about the damage from the leaking fridge her response was "fortunately for you that's what home insurance is for."
    She wasn't concerned at all that we've been waiting 2 months for parts nor about the damage.
    We are too the point of calling a lawyer as our home insurance claims that it's up to TransGlobal pay the bill as they are letting a product continue too do damage.
    I'm at my wits end.

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  • Jo
    john watson Nov 18, 2008

    Had the oven element on a BRADA stove arc and flame - no other damage. Called the service no. and told a reply within 48 hrs. - got it in 24 & gave all the info. 4 days went by and called again, told 25 days to get the new element - went to store as last resort and told the same!! That was Fri., Sat. nite got a call part would be installed Sun. a.m. and it was. As Paul N. would hear "lack of comm." somewhere. Whatever, something happened and were happy with the results!!!

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  • Bu
    burger311 Aug 29, 2009

    Have to agree about the service from Trans Global service. Bought a fridge/freezer from the Brick 8 1/2 months ago. After 7 months the thing died. A tech came to the house and said he was pretty sure it was a coolant leak. So they send someone out to pick it up and drop off a loaner. Three weeks later I get a cheque for my food loss claim. The very next day they bring back my fridge. When I look at my fridge there is a dent in top door /corner edge. I call Trans Global and they tell me they have noted that there was a dent in upper door upon arrival to there shop. I told the lady there was absolutely no damage to fridge when it left my house . She told me a manager would be in touch with me the next day. Never heard from anybody. The following day I fill it with food from the food loss money. Two days later the fridge and freezer dies again. More food loss. Two days later they send someone over to pick it up and drop off another loaner. One and a half weeks later the fridge on the loaner dies. More food loss (all produce, lunch meats, milk etc). Four days later I am still using a cooler and ice to keep my fridge food good. It seems Trans Global says that they only pay out for 1 food loss claim. What!!! Is it my fault that they didn't do there job properly the first time and did I ask them to bring me over loaner that will break down?. I was told that a senior manager would be in touch with me the very next day. Three days later still waiting for that call. How senior is that senior ? 110 ? I don't know, but I think maybe they should consider removing the service out of Trans Global ???????.

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  • So
    someone12345 Jun 03, 2010

    Transglobal service is not the warranty they are the servicer, did you also know that transglobal service does not make the product they only repair the products! Think about this would you go to your care mechanic and say hey give me a new car because the one i bought bran new from the dealership is a lemon... its doesnt work that way... think of The Brick as your car dealership trans global warranty as the extended warranty for you auto and TRANSGLOBAL SERVICE being your mechanic! Quota "LG's response was that I shouldn't blame LG I should blame transglobal" LG makes there own products along with Frigidaire whirlpool GE ect... again i go back to the references of the cars... when Toyota made a recall on their vehicles did consumers go to their mechanics and say give me a new car or did they go to Toyota? just like appliance recalls and or repairs Transglobal service is only allowed to repair appliance not replace them. They can only do as instructed by transglobal warranty or any other warranty company they do service for!

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  • Na
    Nami Aug 25, 2011

    I just had worst customer service experience with Transglobal.
    I purchased a part for my broken dishwasher but the part was defective. But they won't let me return or exchange it. I have to prove it is defective or they think I broke it. They were so rude and not educated. I don't want to deal with them ever again.

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  • Sa
    SAGAU Jul 06, 2012

    TransGlobal are terrible to deal with. My 8 month old Maytag range stopped working June 25th. I called for service on June 26th, technician arrived June 27th and said it would take 24-48 hours to get the part and if I didn't hear from them in 3-4 days to call again. I called July 3rd and was told the part should be in that day and I'd get a call to book an appointment. NO CALL BACK. I called them again on July 4th and was told they'd look into it and call me back. NO CALL BACK. I called again July 5th and they advised they were trying to find the delivery. Today, after much aggravation, they told me the part was delivered on JUNE 29TH to the technician but the technician was on holiday! The supervisor's comment was "our technicians are human beings" - so what? Only ONE technician for the Greater Toronto Area? And why did it take them a week to figure this out while giving me nothing but promises and excuses? Long and short, I have been without my stove for 12 days and the earliest their company can look after my repair is Tuesday July 10th. They aren't reliable, don't care and have the worst customer service imaginable. I won't ever buy anything again from The Brick since this is the service provider they have.

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  • Ca
    caitlina Jul 09, 2012

    on hold for 20 mins - motor broke twice on fridge since i bought it 8 years ago from the Brick. will not buy electronics from Brick again - i thought that Frigidaire was a reputable brand but very disappointed with the service. Had to through away all foods in fridge as i have two small kids and cannot take the risk to give them stuff that may be contaminated. Very costly and inconvenient

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  • Bi
    billi joe Jan 08, 2013

    I purchased a front loading whirlpool washer and dryer not even a year ago. I also purchased the extended warranty. My washer has broke three times now flooding my bathroom with water. The drywall in my bathroom needs to be replaced as well the floor needs to be ripped out and redone!! I have three small children who use my now mould infested bathroom several times a day. When I contacted the brick they told me I have to wait for it to break down for a fourth time...flood my bathroom again before they will replace it. And as for the repairs insurance will cover it..bull so either way I'm screwed and have to pay for all repairs and then hope it doesn't happen again.what a scam this is. Whatever happened to backing up your name? Very dissapointed in this company.

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  • Wp
    Wp2008 Jan 16, 2013

    Hello billi joe. My name is Melanie and I am a representative with Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your washer. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (ComplaintsBoard), your user ID name (billi joe), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number of the unit, your ticket number (29672 ), and email the requested information to [email protected] We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.

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  • St
    Stmcd Mar 23, 2013

    My husband and I purchased a Whirlpool Duet laundry pair in 2008 from The Brick in Langley. . In 2012 the seal on the drum went and we were told by Transglobal that it would cost more to fix it then to buy a new washing machine. We went back to the Brick to purchase a replacement and were told that due to the problem we experienced with ours Whirlpool was no longer manufacturing our model. We purchased what they told us was the replacement. Within 6 months the washer was flooding the floor of our laundry room. Transglobal came out and replaced the seal around the door. Said it had holes in it. Normal wear and tear. Really after 6 months??? 3 months later the machine is stopping at the rinse cycle. To get a load done we have restart the drain cycle 4 times which takes more than an hour to get one load of laundry washed. How's that for high efficient! Transglobal comes out again and says the filter clogged. He unclogged the filter and says its fixed. We put a load in after he left and it flooded the floor again. My husband checked and sure enough there are holes in the seal around the door! I've absolutely had it with purchasing garbage washers made by Whirlpool from the Brick. My husband went into the Brick this morning to purchase another brand bigger and better and they are completely unwilling to compensate him for any of the grief and frustration we have experienced with our purchases from them. I highly advise not purchasing appliances from the Brick as they don't stand behind them. Their warranty purchase program is a complete scam. You wait to have a service tech come and you're on the hook for repairing the damage to your home from the floods the machine has caused. They won't replace the item until they've serviced the same problem for the fourth time. Just disgusted with big corporations!

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  • Wp
    Wp2008 Mar 25, 2013

    Hello Stmcd. My name is Amber and I am a representative with Whirlpool. We truly apologize for the frustrations you have experienced with your washer. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please email us at [email protected] and provide us with your complete contact information as well as the model and serial number of your appliance. Please also include the name of the site you were contacted on (ComplaintsBoard) along with your user name (Stmcd), and your ticket number (38445). We would be happy to review your concerns further. Best regards, Amber.

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  • Th
    Thuytt Jun 07, 2013

    Transglobal Service
    6765 Kennedy Road South Mississauga, ON
    5 June 2013
    Re: Frigidaire refrigerator repair W. O# 2595655 dated 08 May 2013
    Last month my fridge did not work properly and following is the situation:
    - 1 May: The letters E and F kept flashing without out showing temperature as usual. We called your company for service.
    - 8 May: Technician 89 came. He opened the icetray and looked at the inside (there is a fan there but he did not take the fan out of its position or plug the fridge in to see whether it was working well or not) and said that the fan was not working well, that’s why the fridge was flashing and asked us to replace the fan (work order in attached file). The total price for it is $234.83 in total. We were reluctant to buy the new fan because we saw that the fridge is still working and the temperature in the fridge was still low enough to make the ice and preserve the food, moreover, only several months earlier, technician 67 did replace the sensor which cost us $500 in total (he quoted me $400 on the 1st day he came and we agreed on the price but after installation, he gave me the bill of $500). Technician 89 then told us that we have 30 days to think about it and if we decide to replace, just call the company to order the fan and installation.
    - One week later, we called your company to order the fan and installation. Your staff talked with us then transfer the line for us to talk to the part supplier and also told us whenever the part was ready, call them back to book for replacement service. 10 days later, we had the fan in hand so we called your company to book for replacement service.
    - 27 May: Technician 67 came to install the fan but after installation, the board was still flashing, no change to the original condition. He seemed not to agree with the solution of technician 89 but still told us to wait for several hours.
    - It was 1 week from the date of installation but everything stays the same. The board is still flashing and the fridge is still working as it was before, not better or worse.
    We called your company many times, explained the situation to many people in your company from the beginning to the end, Debra- customer service supervisor told us to buy the new board at $400 because the board was the problem and the fan was old enough to replace it, and because we did not buy the fan from the company so we can not return (we are wondering why your company transfer us to the part supplier and then asked us why did not order the part from you?). She also told me never call customer service again because our target was trying to get the fridge fixed for free, etc (for further content please rewind the recording system in your company at 1.03-1.24pm on 4th June 2013).
    My question is: what if we buy the new board and the problem is still the same? Who will take responsibility and pay for the mistake and shortage of technical knowledge and due diligence of your technician? My family again?

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  • Cr
    Crocktopus Jun 28, 2013

    Same experience here. Payed over 1000 CAD for warranty only.
    Samsung LCD TV gone dead, 3 weeks, 7 phone calls so far, promises after each call (provided that I explained them that I have purchased in-home service, which means I WON'T return the TV to the Brick or to their "nearest service center", which is 100kms from where I live) but at the next call they don't see any work orders under my name.
    I'm from Europe, where a company like this would be paying HUGE fines for not providing the service they claim to provide.
    I will stay away from TransGlobal service or The Brick in the future.

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  • Ef
    efb Nov 19, 2013

    Purchased a Frigidaire Affinity front-loading machine 3 years ago from The Brick. Also bought a 5-year warranty. The machine does not work at all. The motherboard panel is completely dead. Cannot even get a service technician to come to my house. Offer to bring the machine to The Brick has been rejected. I live in Ottawa and cannot believe there are not any appliance repair people in the Ottawa area. Completely frustrated. Too many phone calls. Too many times on hold. Too many times with line disconnect. Too many people telling me different stories.

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  • Fr
    FrustratedinAlberta Feb 28, 2014

    Bought a GE Fridge from The Brick in 2009, bought the extended warranty. 2 days ago - on Feb 26, we noticed the fridge was beeping. We checked, and the temp for both the fridge and freezer (it's a SxS) were up. We unloaded both fridge and freezer and unplugged it hoping it would reset. It didn't. I called Trans Global and after a rigamarole, Parminder got my correct address into the system, and then tells me that there is an error trying to book a tech - something to do with timezone or something. He says he will send an email to the main booking department and will hear back from them in 24 to 48 hrs. This morning I phoned - was told to call back in 90 min as Parminder wasn't in and they can't access his email to see if he had a response. Call back in 90 min. I called back in 90 minutes, no, we don't have anything, and Parminder won't be in today. I was getting upset by then, stil polite, though, and told them I wanted it dealt with right away. I was given another number to call, and just when I thought we were getting someplace, we got disconnected somehow...I called back, didn't have the name of the person I dealt with, so had to deal with someone else. She told me she would look into it and hopefully have an answer by this afternoon or tomorrow. I told her I wanted a tech out by Monday. She called back later this afternoon to tell me that we are outside the service area, and as a result, they have to generate and authorization code which we have to take to the Brick for a replacement refrigerator. I asked if it would be equal to or better than the one we had and she couldn't tell me. Only that we had to wait until midweek next week for the authorization code because it has to be approved by management. What kind of service is this? We've been 2 days without a fridge/freezer in our kitchen, and *IF* we get that code by Wednesday, we would have to wait until the weekend to go to the Brick and get a new one and then have to WAIT for delivery. Really not impressed.

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  • Jt
    jtz62 Apr 01, 2014

    Purchased a LG range model LSB5682 in Dec. 2009 from The Brick with a 5 year extended warranty within that period I had 5 service calls 4 of 5 service calls have been for the control panel stops working. Trans Global comes in and replaces panel and we are fine for a little while. It's gotten to the point where the tech comes in and does not touch the range he just orders the part. Spoke with LG recall department they told me it's not normal and they can't do anything about it.
    Trans Global only does temporary fixes instead of looking at what breaks down the panel unless they know something I don't which brings me to the lemon policy it's only good for the first 3 years. If a knew this after the first repair I could have bought a new range with the money I have spent feeding my family at restaurants every time it breaks down because I have to wait for the part 3 to 4 weeks.
    So I guess it's another temporary fix till my warranty runs out because Trans Global will not replace it.
    Thumbs down to The Brick which is Trans Global and LG for letting such companies service there products.

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  • Pa
    Paul Swailes May 05, 2014

    I am so sad as I wait for a phone call from trans global and reading the comments on here I feel out of luck
    .Wait and see.

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  • Be
    Belelf Jul 25, 2014

    Washing machine time line

    June 23 repairman arrives, inspects machine, states need a transmission, leaves does not order part
    Call in after a week asking what's going on?
    They say we will send tech a message to enquire what part needs to be ordered. Call couple of days later was told tech not responding to our calls or emails or text messages. Call 4 days in a row before they decide ok send a new tech to reassess machine. I ask do not send same guy since he does not order parts or respond to messages.
    Wait a full week and they send the same idiot, I ask why did you not order the part, he says he does not know but let me take one more look. Foolish me gives him benefit of the doubt lets him.
    This time he says it needs a motor and I will order it immediately.
    Call later in day to confirm part was ordered, I asked what part he ordered. They said a motor. I ask how long will it take? They say a week.
    I get call a week later, part is in but cannot come for a week, we are busy. (Ya can see why when you send out idiots)
    So tech shows, with a mother board and not a motor! After I was told a motor was ordered! Well melt down ensued at tech, and to warranty people. Screaming yelling demanding new machine and reimbursement of monies outta my pocket for having to go to laundry mat for 4 weeks being without washing machine. They flatly refused will not do a thing! I am so incredibly frustrated! So apparently there's a rush order on the part for them to install in the washing machine but that tech is not stepping in my life or house again! Called the manufacturer of the machine explained my situation, they are sending a proper repairman from reputable appliance repair service ( dear God I hope so) The manufacturer told me the warranty people never contacted them in the first place, or that I should been informed to call them in the first place! Folks never buy a washing machine from the brick or get the so called extended warranty company called transglobal!!!

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  • Jo
    JohnnyD911 Aug 12, 2014

    This is what they do best... delay, delay, delay. Passing the buck. No responsibility or accountability, and Oh.. they don't keep accurate notes on your file. I truly believe that this is done on purpose to crush you before they honour a warranty. I'mstill waiting on final resolution for my issues with appliances (It all started in March, and have been effectively been without washer & dryer for 3.5 months now). I'm holding strong in my fight to have them do the right thing within a decent time period [Thats the key btw, you need to give them time limits or they'll walk all over you]. If I have to explain myself ONE more time to an employee there, then the next time will be to the media. Keep up the fight ( Even though you shouldn't have to! ).

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  • Mg
    Mgmcc1010 Sep 10, 2014

    I made 5 calls to Transglobal tonight alone. The first 3 calls started with a recording that stated I had won a trip to Florida. When I got through the 4th time, I got the Transglobal spiel and after13+ minutes without my call being answered the recording stopped and no one answered. When I got through the 5th time my call was answered about 10 minutes into the call. I was put on hold 12 minutes into the call, was told it would be for 2-3 minutes, while she got her supervisor. At 30 minutes into the call I had a supervisor come on the line who told me that they were conversing with the "higher up" department and they want to have a final assessment done on our Electrolux refrigerator before they will replace it. A final assessment was just done 2 weeks ago and the repair tech came out last week for the 5th or 6th time and once again the fridge was not repaired. We have not had our ice maker working since the end of June. And now not only is it not producing ice, it is making an incredibly loud buzzing noise. Even sadder is that this is the 2nd Electrolux refrigerator we have had. WARNING...DO NOT BUY ELECTROLUX and DO NOT BUY from THE BRICK!!

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  • Ca
    canders Feb 04, 2015

    I agree with the following comments. My LG dryer circuit board died . Transglobal's appliance tech have misdiagnosed it twice. I have taken 3 days off work and been waiting for almost 4 weeks for the machine to be fixed. The "service" I receive from Transglobal is awful. No customer care, not interested in the disruption of service, no escalation/excelleration process. I was informed by the service manager at the Brick, TransGlobal's window for completing repairs is 2 MONTHS! Had I known this when I was pitched the extended warranty, I would have declined. What a scam.

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  • Ca
    care68 Feb 25, 2015

    trans global extended warranty customer service is terrible the toll free number you call is in india not canada where the appliance is purchased from the brick and they keep telling you they will call you back in 24-48 hours with the claim number to get your appliance fixed. 3 days later still nothing very frustrating when you have bought extended warranty and can't even get your applianced fixed

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  • Me
    MelanCO May 22, 2015

    I am have a similar problem with Brick but for a Seally Mattress, they will not honor the warranty and Transglobal people are just RUDE and non professionnal. Have any of you taken them to court?

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  • Ch
    cheriez Jun 09, 2015

    i m a regular client of Brick, i brought funitures for living room and bedroom and all applience and laundry pair for a new house for 3 years in newmarket store, and i requested once for replace the frige because of noise of engine. They came and repalaced at same week. this year, i move to new condo Celsius in north york, all applience and laundry pair brought form Brick by Builder. The Washer doesnt work well and didn't spin to dry, still wet after the machine stopped. i left message to Transglobel service as 905-696-3462 yesterday and she called me today and apptoitment will be on Friday to fix it. So far, everything is perfect with Brick and Transglobel service. of couse i will update after friday's service .

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  • Ji
    JimChris Nov 17, 2016

    TRANS GLOBAL - WORST SERVICE EVER - Our gas dryer was not sufficiently drying the clothes so on Turs Oct 27, 2016 we contacted Trans Global since they do the service for THE BRICK. Earliest appt was the following Thurs Nov 3/16. Technician ( John ) came & looked at it. Said a part needed to be ordered & he would check to see if it was in stock.Next day he phoned & said he missed checking something ( would come on Sat morning ) to verify as result would determine which of two thermostats would need to be ordered. Did not show, I phoned him Mon morning & he came on Tues Nov 8/16. Said he would get back to me on cost & ok to order - advised him to order as the price of this part is far less expensive than a new machine. Followed up on Thurs Mar 10/16 @ 5:20 pm- nothing done. Mon Nov 14/16 I @ 9:55 am again followed up - part in stock, cost $ 33, ask him and he said he would order as soon as we hung up. Wed Mar 16/16 @ 10:00am no answer, left message - ph Trans Global but file not updated to see if part was ordered 1:20pm ph tech again, still no response.Thurs Nov 17/16 @ 9:50am ph tech, no ans & left message. @ 10:23am phoned TransGglobal & they advised part was ordered to-day & a charge of $ 101.69 put on M/C. Got ph numbers for there accounting and parts xterdept. Verified with parts @ 10:28am that a thermo mixter was ordered ( cost $ 18.51 ) and that the Tech should receive it this afternoon. Have tried 4 times between 10:30am - 11:30 am to reach the accounting dept but to no avail. TIME FRAME NOW STAND AT 4 WEEKS TO THE DAY SINCE WE PHONED FOR SERVICE & 3 WEEKS SINCE THE TECH FIRST LOOKED AT THE DRYER. ( wife tired of going to the laundry mat ) .Will have to wait and see as to when he comes and puts the part in and if attempts to gouge us on the cost. FOR SURE WE WILL NEVER DEAL WITH ANY STORE THAT USES TRANS GLOBAL FOR SERVICE - Better off to pay a few dollars more and get the aftermarket service - less expensive in the long run and definitely with less frustration JIm W London On.

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  • Ch
    Chantal G Sep 21, 2018

    CG, Montreal Qc, Sept 21 2018
    Makes you wonder how come they are still in service these thieves? 2 months now without a rang. Tech came Aug 30th confirmed that the piece is not the correct piece, the correct one is discontinued and someone will call us within a week for replacement process etc.. Of course no one calls, and its honestly what i expected and braced myself when will i have the time or day to spend fighting over this crap now. So that day came, been on call with them for more than half a day now. Actually writing this while on hold once again, would you believe they ordered the same piece AGAIN, , the one that did not fit in the first place! and the customer service? where do i start, it feels like i am in line at the welfare office begging for help. They are condescending disrespectful bunch of idiots with fingers up their noses on what steps to take next. Asked the first agent, what is the piece number they ordered to make certain they don't send a tech a second time with same wrong piece right?, the agent actually said they are not allowed to give that information to customers.. Hmm makes you wonder, oh that i may go out myself and PURCHASE that piece and FIX it myself?? God forbid aye! Nooo, they have to continue making our lives miserable, why stop at the customer fixed their own problem right! Anyways this is the shittiest company to deal with, they are quick as lightning to collect your money but when comes time to service a customer in need, I can’t help but compare that to the Dean in Oliver twist when Oliver askes for more pourrage.. MORE!!! YOU WANT MORE!!!???? Like we are simpletons begging and for something we actually paid for. Well now let’s go to the next level, BBB and see what they can do for us. I suggest everyone should go straight to them for resolution.

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