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The Dump Complaints & Reviews

The Dump / service

Jul 09, 2019

My wife and I purchased a sectional sofa and a queen size bed frame. The bed frame has 2 storage drawer which takes the place of using a box spring. We were told by the salesman that both items were in stock and would delivered the following Tuesday. We received a text message regarding...

The Dump Houston TX / leather lounge suite

Feb 16, 2019

I bought a leather lounge suite from the Dump Houston on December 8, 2018. When the lounge suite was delivered initially it was installed missing some feet. As a result the pieces did not fit together properly. The Dump arranged for an outside company to come and access what was wrong. A...

The Dump / furnitures

Dec 11, 2018

I brought the furniture on June 5th when delivered the delivery guy cut my cord to one of my recliner chairs since then the mechanism have went the smchair have sparked it's always a burning smell. Where the usb is located it stay overheating . They gave me a hard way to go abt a part...

The Dump / furniture not delivered

Nov 24, 2018

I ordered furniture from the dump the I was to get it no call no show I called the store they said it would be delivered that day but was put on a different truck an the new truck didn't have GPS so I couldn't track it I waited all day nothing I called the next day they told me my order...

The Dump / never got the furniture... part 2

May 17, 2018

Didn't think it could get any worse... Then it did. My earlier review details how I never received @ $10, 000 worth of furniture that was bought and paid for 11/24/17 with an expected delivery date of 12/23/2017 until 5/15/2018... And it was damaged!!!. The crack team at the houston store...

The Dump / never got the furniture

May 12, 2018

worst buying experience in the history of mankind. bought and paid for $10k of furniture on 11/24/ 2017. its now 5/12/2018. once again...despite wasting my day waiting ...the furniture will not be delivered !!! over the past six months i've been given ever excuse imaginable. store manager...

The Dump / twin recliner love seat with center compartment

Apr 17, 2018

I purchased two of these loveseats and shortly about 1 month after using one it begin to rip and tear at the seams in the back. I bought the 5-year extended warranty sent pictures and explained the situation. I was told that since it was the seams that were ripping it wasn't under warranty...

The Dump / horrible manager

Oct 26, 2017

I have never been spoken to like your manager chuck spoke to me!! I WILL NEVER STEP IN THAT STORE AGAIN! Who prices a end table top and bottom?!? Then threatened with 50% restocking fee! I was going to go back and buy more since we are replacing all of our furniture we lost in the hurricane...

The Dump / sectional sofa

Aug 04, 2017

Buyer be ware. The end of March I paid over $2, 000 For a sectional sofa, by April it was pitting. I called on they will only do repairs no refunds, quote their return policy. Now the sofa is falling apart, still the same. Ask to speak with a manager, they refuse. The do not belong to the...

The Dump / broken/damaged furniture

Jul 29, 2017

Every experience is different, but I wish that I'd taken the negative reviews more seriously and not purchased from The Dump. The furniture is beautiful, but, as I'm learning the hard way, is poor in quality. Most of the furniture that was delivered to my home was broken or damaged. The...

The Dump / deliver and pick up

Jul 19, 2017

On July 4th I purchased 2 set of mattresses and was told they would be delivered on July 10th between 3:30-7:30. I did not receive a phone call til 8:30 stating they were on their way which they got her after 9. When the men (Darrell Lyons and Bryan Mckencie) arrived they were very...

The Dump / black leather sofa chaise-top grain split match-model #0421g8122laf01

May 01, 2017

ISSUE: Deep sagging between 1st and 2nd cushion when product was not even a year old yet. INVOICE #: 630MHH585 I requested two repair calls within the year. 1st call was repaired by Jose and he placed a plywood to hold up the sagging issue between the 1st and 2nd cushion. He said, if we...

The Dump / a sectional sofa/misleading warranty info

Feb 19, 2017

On 9/27/15 I purchase a sectional sofa along with other things. I also purchased an extended warranty my saleman informed me if I have any issues it would be covered. The connectors that connects the sofa has detached, when I call about the warranty I was told that it was not covered. I...

The Dump / kitchen table

Jan 12, 2017

I purchased a beautiful wood table from the dump. I also purchased their extended warranty that I was told covered everything! Any stain, break or anything that could possibly go wrong. The table almost immediately starting leaving white stains from hot plates.In the beginning they were...

The Dump / four leather counter stools that pealed after 3 years

Jan 05, 2017

We purchased these in Octobet 2013 for our new home. They looked very nice with the rest of our furniture. It is just my husband and myself so the dtools didn't get used as a family of four would. About a month ago, all of a sudden they started pealing at the same time. The quality of the...

The Dump / unethical behaviour, refusing to replace damaged bed set

Dec 27, 2016

Bought a $700 bed from the dump turnersville, nj. This was a christmas present for my 4 year old daughter. The same day as picking it up, after my daughter went to bed, my wife and I unboxed the furniture to check the parts. The 4 drawer storage for underneath was busted and the bottom...

The Dump / product

Dec 23, 2016

I bought 2 mattress back in September, 1 queen and 1 king. I ordered the soft mattress, cause the hard was just to hard. When they came in, I picked them up and took both mattress to my parents house. They both sat in the spare bedroom for a month or so till I could figure out that to do...

The Dump / service

Dec 03, 2016

The sales reps in the Lombard location had cocky, arrogant, pompous attitudes in the mattress dept. They were very unhelpful & did nothing to make us feel welcome. They did nothing to try and make us happy. They acted like they didn't want a job or make commission. Just a bunch of NASTY...

The Dump-Atlanta, Georgia / Unethical behavior, unauthorized charges, not providing a refund for merchandise I never received

Sep 19, 2016

I purchased a mattress and a side bar table on Memorial Day weekend from The Dump. The Mattress salesperson was not allowed to ring up furniture so we had to find a salesperson to ring up the side bar table. It took him over 2 hours and I was happy to finally get out of there. A day before...

The Dump, Oaks PA / Customer Service

Jun 27, 2016

Me and my son went into The Dump, Oaks PA for a rug as they were having a sale. Upon entering I noticed a sectional that caught my eye. We sat on the sofa which was extremely comfortable. We were approached by Liz (Elizabeth) the salesperson. I explained that I came to the store for a rug...

The Dump / loading warehouse

Jun 26, 2016

I was so disappointed in the Dumps "new Policy". I had no problems with my salesman, waiting on a day for them to deliver my mattresses was not an option.I came in my own truck, I was advised by the salesman, that when I got to the back to pick up my merchandise they were not going to put...

The Dump / reclining sofa and chair

May 16, 2016

January 2010 I purchased a reclining sofa, two matching reclining chairs, and also a 5 year warranty suggested by the sales person. On November 6 2014 I contacted the warranty company Guardsman to report the sofa was falling a part and was told to fill out a claim form and send pictures of...

The Dump / sectional, two bed frames,1 mattress and foundation

Aug 14, 2015

November of 2014, my husband and i went to Dump location on 2860 S. Highland ave, Lombard, Ill 60148. We were introduced to James one of their sales representatives. who immediately took us to where the sofas was. James never disclosed that the sofa and pillows was made of feathers, other...

The Dump / rude staff

Dec 10, 2014

The staff at dump furniture Irving is very rude. Some times Sales persons are very aggressively follows you. and they Treat people unrespectfully while other times Dump Furniture staff totally ignore. They Pick and Choose Customers to help and show furniture. In reality their furniture i...

The Dump / bad services, awful production

Mar 01, 2014

I placed the order on the website of the company The Dump Oaks. The seller promised to deliver it within several days, but the delivery was delayed and no one warned me about it. They delivered completely different order and when I asked the driver to take it back, he refused and told me...

The Dump / product not delivered

Feb 20, 2014

Entered the Dump Store in Oaks, PA to select items for purchase on January 26, 2014. Items were paid in full on the same date. Items included sofa, love seat, headboard, foot board, rails, mattress, box spring, dresser, and a rug. All items except for the rug (which was taken by myself on...

The Dump / buyer beware

Dec 22, 2012

Don't expect good customer service at the Dump in Tempe. If you do, you will be disappointed. Their tag line should read--The Dump--we will mislead you every time to make a buck. Be sure you know what you are buying, because you basically sign away all your rights for a refund or...

The Dump / deceptive trade

Aug 12, 2012

high pressure sales, price of poor quality furniture is the same as the better quality furniture, (so you better know your furniutre or you will get ripped off). I could not find the discounts that were advrtised on TV. I bought a rug and was told i had 5 days to return it. And I did...

The Dump / false adervtising

May 16, 2011

I heard a radio ad stating that the Dump would give out $100 gift cards to anyone who showed up to the store on Friday the 15th.The ad said there was no minimum purchase required, no strings attached. In fact, it gave the example of finding something for $100 and getting it for free! On the...

The Dump / restocking fee on wrong order delivered

Mar 12, 2011

On 2/27/11 I purchased a table and chairs & arranged delivery for 3/6. Chairs were the wrong ones. Delivery man called customer service who said we could return the order without a restocking fee, or keep the table until we found out if the proper chairs were available. I chose to return...

The Dump / refund


Went to store, ordered a mattress, salesman upped the price at register by $100, says he quoted us on Queen, not King..price was still reasonable so I wrote a check for full amount, was to pick up mattress the following week when it was in stock. Researched The Dump and the mattress manufacturer...

The Dump / rude & dishonest management + deceptive sale tactics


I spent almost 2 hours working out with sales person for my dining room furniture we liked. Decided to go ahead and place order for self pickup. Also made arrangement for truck for next day as it was bit late that evening and I was there in store for more than 3 hours with my 1-1/2month...

The Dump / bait and switch


Please be very cautious in dealing with The Dump furniture outlet. If you are shopping at the Oaks, PA location, please avoid making your purchase from Gigi (Georgia), a sales associate. She plays the bait and switch game with your furniture purchase. She is quite willing to compromise...

The Dump / service and sales


The dining set which I was going to purchase was on the floor. Another couple also were looking at the set. The salesman said they only had 2 sets on hand so I told him I would like to purchase it right then. He wrote up the order and told me it was in the warehouse. Then I picked out a...

The Dump / defectife mattress


Dealing with the Dump has been nothing but a nightmare. I first contacted the Dump customer service about my mattress in January of 2010, only to be given the run around by the customer service department. I wrote letters and issued a complaint to the BBB and finally the store manager said...

The Dump / bogus employee sales


I have worked there now 4 weeks as a sales person. The store is new to Tempe AZ since Jan 29th 2010. We were all told (over 100 sales people hired) that the salary was 10.00 per hour at 30 hours a week. (only open Fri, Sat and Sun) that the average person in the other stores made 80-100k...

The Dump / pick-up wait time


We were out shopping last weekend and bought an item that we were going to take home with us and found out that there was a 4-4.5 hour wait for pick-up!!! That is so ridiculous! The Dump should warn customers of a long wait time so that we don't waste our time shopping. We would have...

The Dump / all around bad experience


We purchased a king mattress and box spring from The Dump on 11/14/2009. Paid for them, checked to make sure they were in stock and scheduled delivery for 11/21/2009. When we had not heard from them by 4 PM, I called to see where the delivery was. Customer service told me the matress wa...

The Dump / rip off


No disclosure of return policy - Rip off restocking fee, wrong rug delivered, poor job by movers, Return policy on back of receipt that was folded and stapled close.

The Dump / leather living room set


On July 17, 2009 I bought a 4 piece leather living room set. On Aug 26 2009 I called the Dump's customer service 800 number to ask for a Tech to come and look at the set. The cushions are sagging! Well as of Sept 26th there only "Tech" has been in a car accident! Finally they hire a...