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The Dump - Armless power recliner (sectional)

It's been since January and the dump hasn't resolved the warranty issue on my sectional. Specifically the mechanism that reclines is broken and makes the armless recliner sit crooked. The Dump...

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The Dump - Sectional/customer service

We purchased a sectional on Nov. 29, 2020 with the expected delivery date of Feb. 15, 2021. I had a buyer for our current couch set lined up and I hadn't heard from the dump about setting up a delivery time. Good thing I called before we sold our old couch because apparently the shipment was delayed until May. It is now May 8, 2021 and once again I called to check the status of our order--it is now delayed until the end of June. The Dump claims it is an overseas vendor that is causing the long delays in shipping. I understand that good are moving slower these days and what have you, but this is quite a long wait, especially after being assured that our delivery would arrive in February when we made the purchase. What makes me the most frustrated is that we were always the ones who had to call about our order to find out it was delayed. Our salesperson texted us about a February 15 delivery date, then completely ghosted us after that. We haven't recieved an email, call or additional text with any updates or even a tracking number. I find it to be very poor customer service that we have not been contacted about such long delays or offered anything for the trouble. We think an offer of free delivery is the least the company can do, and a further discount on our product would be even better since we will have waited 7 months (perhaps longer?) since our purchase. What we want most of all is to be notified of updates and for someone to actually care about our experience as the customer.

Desired outcome: Better communication, and an additional discount or compensation of some kind.

The Dump - Recliner model: 0896670895preclbw18

On April 3, 2021 we purchased a floor model recliner. (Sales order is attached). It was delivered on April 7, 2021 and was absolutely great with all remote actions working, as they did in the store...

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The Dump - Serta perfect sleeper, pillow top king size mattress, order no. 540qhhj314

My name is Sherry Disharoon. My husband, Gary, purchased a king size Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top mattress on 03/21/21 from The Dump, Atlanta store location. We paid cash with our debit card...

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The Dump - Loveseat

Went June of this year 2020 me and my husband purchase the loveseat we sit on seven or eight different loveseat and we came up with three that we were interested the sales representative that we...

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The Dump - Furniture Quality, Service Denial

I bought the furniture for my new house from The Dump stores in Deerfield, IL and Lombard, IL. The products from The Dump were advertised as a superior quality luxury products. Because I wa...

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The Dump - Mattress that has clearly failed after 8 months. Need credit at the Dump for a new mattress.

630PJ0911 / Joseph Ford
I called. I filled out the paperwork.
I took all the pictures.
I waited a MONTH. I called.
"Were so sorry Gail Deaner is no longer here so your file got forgotten."
"Mr. Ford I see all your pictures and stuff. I am going to resubmit it to the vendor and it could take 5 days."
My mattress (at the time) was only 8 months old.

Joseph Ford


The Dump - furniture in store not representative of furniture delivered/low quality/bad stitching

The furniture was delivered and I noticed right away it wasn't the same feel when sitting as what WAS ON DISPLAY IN THE STORE. When I was looking In store I told the Salesman, Jim Lane, I was unsure...

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The Dump - mattress-purchased 6/22/2019

I purchased a King Koil mattress, but when I received it is much harder than the one I tried in the store. They did tell me that since I was using it on a platform frame it would be harder, but...

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The Dump - rude customer service

Hi i purchased reclining sofa set and a dining table from them on June 1st. They were both delivered on 11th June. Delivery guys left the sofa cords at their warehouse and said they would be mailed...

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The Dump - service

My wife and I purchased a sectional sofa and a queen size bed frame. The bed frame has 2 storage drawer which takes the place of using a box spring. We were told by the salesman that both items were in stock and would delivered the following Tuesday. We received a text message regarding the delivery. The message stated the sofa would be delivered but the bed frame was not in stock. Over the weekend prior to receiving their message I disgarded the old sofa and bed frame and box spring and keeping only the mattress. The sofa delivery was made today and no bed frame. We currently have the mattress on the floor. My wife and I are retired and are in our upper sixty years of age. Not appropiate for your store to state that you have items in stock just to complete a sale. We do not know when we will receive the bed frame. I will conmunicate to as many people as possible to steer away from doing business with THE DUMP. Your business is appropriately named. Sorry I ever walked in into your Houston store on West Road.

The Dump - leather lounge suite

I bought a leather lounge suite from the Dump Houston on December 8, 2018. When the lounge suite was delivered initially it was installed missing some feet. As a result the pieces did not fit...

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The Dump - furnitures

I brought the furniture on June 5th when delivered the delivery guy cut my cord to one of my recliner chairs since then the mechanism have went the smchair have sparked it's always a burning smell...

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The Dump - furniture not delivered

I ordered furniture from the dump the I was to get it no call no show I called the store they said it would be delivered that day but was put on a different truck an the new truck didn't have GPS so...

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The Dump - never got the furniture... part 2

Didn't think it could get any worse... Then it did. My earlier review details how I never received @ $10, 000 worth of furniture that was bought and paid for 11/24/17 with an expected delivery date...

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The Dump - never got the furniture

worst buying experience in the history of mankind. bought and paid for $10k of furniture on 11/24/ 2017. its now 5/12/2018. once again...despite wasting my day waiting ...the furniture will not be...

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The Dump - twin recliner love seat with center compartment

I purchased two of these loveseats and shortly about 1 month after using one it begin to rip and tear at the seams in the back. I bought the 5-year extended warranty sent pictures and explained the...

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The Dump - horrible manager

I have never been spoken to like your manager chuck spoke to me!! I WILL NEVER STEP IN THAT STORE AGAIN! Who prices a end table top and bottom?!? Then threatened with 50% restocking fee! I wa...

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The Dump - sectional sofa

Buyer be ware. The end of March I paid over $2, 000 For a sectional sofa, by April it was pitting. I called on they will only do repairs no refunds, quote their return policy. Now the sofa is falling...

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The Dump - broken/damaged furniture

Every experience is different, but I wish that I'd taken the negative reviews more seriously and not purchased from The Dump. The furniture is beautiful, but, as I'm learning the hard way, is poor in...

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