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The Brick SUCKS! They are completely amateur! My wife and I recently made the mistake of purchasing a couch from The Brick. First of all, the shopping experience was awkward because the sales reps followed us around the store like hungry wolves. They also were not very knowledgeable. We tested them a little by asking them a few questions we already knew the answers to, and they often came up short. We should have known better than to buy from the company at that point, but were drawn in with the rock bottom prices. We placed an order for a sectional called The Oakdale, which was reduced in price by about a third, and was on offer for an additional 30% off. Trust me, you get what you pay for! On the day of delivery, the delivery people did not remove their shoes, and tracked dirt all over our suite, which I did not appreciate. They also did not mention that the couch had a factory defect before leaving. The hooks that connect the two halves of the sectional were installed incorrectly. There are supposed to be 2 hooks just under the cushions you sit on, and one of them was 6 inches too far forward such that if you were to connect them, the back of the two halves of the couch would not line up. There also was only one hook for the space between the back of the two halves of the couch where there needed to be two. It was impossible to connect the two halves of the couch! Although I cannot prove that the delivery people were aware of the issue, I do know for a fact that they looked at the hooks to see if they could connect the two halves of the couch. That is a standard part of the installation process they are required to perform. They did not connect the two halves of the couch, and said nothing of the issue before leaving. If they had used the front hooks to connect the two halves of the couch, I would have seen that the back of the two halves of the sectional did not line up. Instead of being honest, the delivery people left the two halves of the sectional tightly close together so that I could not see the problem until they were long gone. It was only after I started moving the furniture around the room to see how everything fit that I discovered that we had received a faulty product. I called the customer service line, and they offered to send a repair person out to move the one hook that was too far forward back 6 inches. I pointed out to her that we would still have holes in the side of our couch if that repair were done. We also would only have 3 hooks, not the required 4 to connect the 2 halves. I told her I would discuss the issue with my wife later that evening, and we would decide what to do. When I told my wife, she was very disappointed, and sad. She called the customer service people and insisted they deliver a new couch as soon as possible, and check it for defects before delivery. The service rep had the nerve to say that she could not guarantee that the couch would be inspected before delivery! How hard is it to check a couch before you deliver it? My wife then cornered the sales rep, and intimidated her into admitting that The Brick was aware of the fact that The Oakdale couch commonly has these kinds of defects! The Brick sends them out anyway! That means that the sales reps lied to us from the moment they dealt with us, knowingly selling us a product they know has issues! We later decided to request a full refund, because we felt that The Brick could not be trusted, and that they did not deserve our patronage. We have been granted the refund, but they still want to charge us a delivery fee! I am so pissed! The Brick sent us a defective product, and now they want us to pay a delivery fee for a couch we do not even own! On top of that, when the delivery people came back to recover the couch, it was the same guys, and they didn't even offer an apology. Just business as usual. The invoice also stated that the reason we returned the couch was because it was too big for our apartment! [censored]! The reason we returned the couch is because it had a factory defect, and I told the sales rep that! So did my wife! Several times! The Brick is completely dishonest, and cannot be trusted! My wife asked the manager to call her to explain why we should pay a delivery fee for The Brick's incompetence, and the coward still hasn't called her yet! That was 2 days ago! I have nothing good to say about The Brick, and highly recommend that everybody just shop somewhere else, anywhere else. It's really just not worth the headache! Their sales reps suck. Their products suck. Their policies suck! Don't give them a dime! They don't deserve it!
Steve A.

factory defect
factory defect


  • Ma
    MattiKeillor Jun 15, 2011

    I purchased this very same couch from The Brick and 6 months later the stitching came apart all the way across the back of it. I have been calling for months and they keep putting me off and now it's been over a year and they are saying that the warranty is finished and there's nothing they can do. We are FURIOUS.

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  • Lo
    lolaseraphim Jun 26, 2011

    i have had 2 of these Oakdale couches. the brick replaced the first one with another because the stitching came apart and now the same thing is happening to this one, but at the back of the cushion, where the 2 fabrics meet.of course, the warranty has expired! what kind of idiot manufacturing company sews faux suede onto a cheap, satin-type material and expects it to last?? 2 couches in 2 years! that's ###!!

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  • Ko
    Kohrin Feb 26, 2013

    We've had the same couch for a year now and the stitching it also comig apart at the back where the two fabrics meet. I was told this is 'normal wear' and there is nothing they can do. I'm fairly certain a couch is supposed to have a longer life period than one year. Save you money and shop somewhere else. This couch is junk.

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  • Al
    Alex Jan 12, 2017

    **Ya this couch is a piece of junk, I agree with everyone on here. We waited 6 weeks to get our first one we ordered. Two days later, multiple issues with it. Fabric wrinkling, lines appearing on the cushions, looked terrible and as if it was already a few years old. I went in and complained, got them to send me another one without issue. Finally another 6 weeks later, when my second one arrived, just as the guys are unwrapping it in the driveway, they tell me to come see something. There are two holes punctured into each piece of the couch, as if a forklift drove into it. I refused to accept it. The guys also told me that there are ongoing issues with the Brick's warehouse and stuff being sent out damaged. They had delivered a fridge that morning to a guy who waited a month, and it was dented. Went in and complained again, money back this time and the third couch to arrive within the week this time. Finally, number 3 received and again terrible quality. Fabric wrinkling, lines appearing, sewing is off in certain spots. Cheap Chinese made product (manager told me it's made there). I complained again, more money received back and will not return to do any further business. Very displeasing experience. Was told this couch is their best selling item, i would disagree! Buy CANADIAN MADE next time & local.

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  • Va
    Vayduck Dec 10, 2017

    I am considering purchasing the leather Oakdale sectional but after reading the reviews I am weary. It seems apparent that the stitching comes apart within an unreasonable time frame. I would expect a couch to last a minimum of 10 years problem free. Is the stitching issue unique to the fabric couches or has anyone experienced this with the leather option?

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  • An
    Andrew Aspinall Aug 16, 2019

    I got the sectional from The Brick and 2 years later the fabric is failing across the back. The brick warranty department said it could not be fixed but did not offer me a replacement as they don't have my colour... pathetic. They do not stand by their customers or their products. AVOID oakdale

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