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I went to target to buy some pepsi cola products in 12 packs sizes. I had about 15 twelve packs of sodas & some six packs of other sodas. I run a small business, so i usually shop at wal-mart, target and other big stores for business needs. So when i reached the counter to pay for them, the cashier who was newer and was nice, rang up all the items, and, I asked her if she could accept the california state issued sellers permit, in order to do the sale tax exempt. And since I had used it in the past at target very many times, I told her how she can use it, by pressing some keys on the register. she was doing it, AND then an employee of target named MYRON showed up at the register, and inquired what was this. She handed the permit to him.He looked at it from every angle possible, then said this is the copy of permit, you can not copy it, & said his parents had it, thats how he knows. And asked to bring the original, PLUS he said that California State does not allow you to keep the permit in your pocket and go shopping place to place. I argued that i should be able to copy it, But he took the permit to a seperate room to show it to someone, and came back after about 15 minutes, and refused to make the sale . At that moment there were about 20 to 25 people were there listning to all of this, he said some other words also. It was very bad & harasing experience. He was portraying me as if i was to get every thing without paying for it. It was hard to walk those four steps to exit the TARGET. I think they should teach all there employees that what customer service is called. And I would like to know that what the target company did to this complaint.Is he repriminded or did he got the promotion.

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      19th of Jan, 2012

    Retail places have the govt looking over them to ensure they Dot their I's and Cross their T's...if the forms are not on file correctly then they get in trouble after a audit. Different states have different rules. I suggest you go to the nearest chamber of commerce and request the laws of tax exempt from your state.

    Then if you are correct, with form in hand...go to the mgr of that Target and provide you was correct. If you where wrong I suggest you go and apologize to the clerk at Target for doing their job, , ,

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