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payment not received

I work at the Target on Coleman Avenue, San Jose, California. I haven't received my paycheck for the past two...

optical department

I am complaining again about my glasses that I still have not received. I ordered my glasses on 12/12/18 and still do not have them and have no reason why or when they will be ready. My Reference number is [protected]. I called the store again today and the Regional Manager still has not responded to the store. 2 weeks waiting for the regional manager to be of any assistance. Horrible customer service!!

diaper rash cream

I used their 13% zinc oxide formula for years on my adult skin. The first nonactive ingredient was aloe. They changed their formula (cheaper for them) and never listed it on the box as a new formula. Now aloe is close to 2/3's down the list with water and mineral oil being the first. I went to purchase it and noticed it and the box and tube on their website shows the change of ingredients but under the "drug facts" on their site it still shows aloe being the first nonactive ingredient. SHAME ON TARGET for cheapening their product and without a mention on the box of a new formula. They should have just raised the price instead and kept it the same formula.

xbox controller

I made a purchase of a x-box controller at 9:26am on the 01/02/2019. However upon opening the box at home...

rude behaviour from target staff in electronics department

Today went to Target on Queens Boulevard in Queens NY to purchase a battery. The woman who assisted me wa...

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activating a new phone, wireless sales staff

I purchased an iphone the weekend after Thanksgiving to take advantage of the $250 gift card. The Target employee told me my old plan was no longer available and that I had to choose a new plan, (this is not true according to At&T). I also told the tech that I did not want insurance, (I have never insured any phone). Lo and behold I get my phone bill and I am now being changed for two phone plans plus insurance, ($391/month). I have been on the phone with my provider at least three hours and talked to several different managers and my bill is still not corrected.

I also called Target corporate to file a compliant. Besides getting my receipt information nothing else was done, not even asking me for my contact information. I can maybe understand making a mistake with the phone plan, but I told the Target tech three times that I did not want insurance. I googled later and found out that employees earn points for signing up new phones, selling accessories, and insurance plans. I am a very unhappy customer!!!

customer service at 21st and greenwich

I had a very frustrating experience today at my local target in Wichita. My husband and I both tried to download an app for the $20 off $100 in baby products promotion. Our iphones on Verizon wouldn't pull up the coupon. So we asked someone on the floor, they told us to go stand in line at the register and they would help be able to scan one there. So we did. The person at the register after ringing up our cart, said sorry we can't do that you will have to go to customer service. So we waited again over there. At customer service they told us they couldn't help us and we were just going to have to purchase the diapers without the coupon. My husband and I (and our two year old) waited a combined 30 minutes only to be told no one could help us. How do people do it who don't have smart phones?

Anyways, very frustrated that no one could think outside the box and help us. We left our cart full of groceries and $100 in diapers at customer service and left the store.

  • Dd
    D. Dodge Silver May 05, 2020

    The promotion is intended for people with smart phones. Do you go to the car wash and complain that you can't get their discount because you don't have a car? Not every single thing is required to be available to every single person. Work on your sense of entitlement - it's a Target, man.

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Resolved kpop bts albums/exo albums

Im angry so angry i go to your store to buy kpop bts album the album was not on the shelf but instock i wa...

gift card

6 kids from Willie Brown Middle school was selected to get toys from the Bayview police station in San...


Purchase of Women's Mad Love® Lydia Loafers - Black 11. I'm not returning these, but I have a [censored]...


I do not want to see pets in shopping carts or in the Target store in Pasadena on Foothill and Union. This happened on December 1st at 6 pm. The pet owner had food in the shopping cart. I will no longer buy any food item knowing that the food has been exposed and contaminated. How do I know if the owner purchased the items or returned them back to the shelf? The guard at the door noticed the pet owner but said nothing upon entering the store.

Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person's disability. Dogs who's sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. (ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm)

A notice should be placed stating and enforced by Target staff:

In order to respect the rights and ensure the safety of our patrons, we do not allow pets in this establishment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Concerned and Disgusted,


up&up wipes

The company responsible for the product of up& up baby wipes is propagating pedophilia by putting naked...

target gift card

My nephew and his wife registered with Targets baby registry on our suggestion. We gave them a $75 Target...

terrible telephone customer support for online orders

The in-store experience at Target is always excellent, but Heaven help you if you ever need assistance with on order placed online! Target's telephone customer service for online orders is absolutely pathetic! You will wait on the phone FOREVER to reach a live voice, only to find out that the live voice cannot speak English well enough to be understood! That's because they answer in the Philippines (outsourcing is an insult to workers here in the USA), and to make things even worse, the phone reps are poorly trained! It took three tries to finally get through to a "specialist" (the reps pretend there are no supervisors present). On the first two calls the reps hung up when we asked for a supervisor because we simply could not understand their broken English. When we did reach the specialist on the third try, she lied and did not follow through on what she promised to do. All in all, a total of THREE HOURS was wasted on the phone with Target's phone customer NON-service! We were forced to go to the store in person for face-to-face customer service. At the store, a pleasant young man named Kyle gave us excellent service. Kyle was efficient, courteous, and quickly rectified the problem. Thank you, Kyle. We were about ready to stop using Target forever because of the absolutely horrible experience we had with that attempted online order. Shame on Clarissa, that online specialist who did not follow through on the promises she made on the phone, and shame on the three individuals on the phone who preceded her - the three who most obviously did not care at all. Our shipment had to be delivered to the store (instead of to our home address) in order to get the two $5.00 Target gift cards. Even though we clearly selected our local store in Pennsylvania, the order wound up being delivered to Minnesota instead! What should have been an easy fix with the very first person involved on the phone turned into a painfully long ordeal! But no one on the phone cared enough to fix the problem correctly - not even that lying "specialist" Clarissa! So, "two thumbs up, " and many kudos to Kyle at the Stroudsburg, PA store for quickly and properly taking care of us. In fact, it is only because of Kyle's excellent customer service that we will now continue to shop at Target stores (we have been long-term customers) - but NEVER, ever will we consider placing an online order again at target.com.

online ordering for apple airpods

Order placed 11/26 - was not notified it was on backorder, was promised 2 day delivery, on 11/29 no order - called and initiated online chat, no help. Today 12/4 I see my credit card is pending another charge, first charge was on 11/26 - I asked for this order to be cancelled on 11/30 and online chat confirmed it was on 12/3 but no faith that any of the staff has helped me or cancelled the order. I will return it if it shows up but will file refusal with credit card if charge is posted. order number [protected] and case number [protected] - one gal online just dropped the chat box with me she did not reply, terrible customer service. Never order from Target online, no experience with customer service. Completely frustrated by this transaction.

up & up breast milk bags

I purchased the Up&Up breast milk bags to store breast milk for donation to Prolacta which is used for NICU...


I had a very bad experience with one of your employees in the target mobile department in north brunswick...

stocking in grocery department

I have been to my local target 3x trying to buy various products in the Grocery department i.e. coffee mate sugar free Italian cream, Birds Eye frozen Rotini Lentil noodles and many other items and they are not stocked. You have people stocking this department at various hours of the day blocking the isles ( don't they do the major stocking at night?) yet still woefully under stocked. I got to target to buy items in this department items that are far cheaper than the other grocery stores around me but you guy's have lost me as a customer in at least this department.

  • Updated by Stephen Land · Nov 04, 2018

    Why would I update, I'm pretty clear about what my beef is, no wait the process of being able to log in a complaint is like jumping through hoops. You may have lost me forever.

online ordering experience and horrible customer service

I placed an order #[protected] on Oct. 7th totaling $887.21. They were shipped on Oct. 11th and the money...

Bethalto Other

human resources discriminates and corporate doesn't want to do anything but let them

I recently applied at the Target store in Ward Parkway in Kansas City, MO when I saw a large banner posted on...