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target.com shipping

I ordered a few new sets of dishes. I received three shipments of dishes I had to order "individually" since they are NOT sold as sets. (8: bowls, salad plates, dinner plates) my first shipment had multiple broken bowls. My third shipment EVERY plate was broken. This is unacceptable. Now... we have nothing but paper plates again. Plus my box today was reused, and poorly wrapped.

I preorder a xbox x they canceled for no reason

I had preordered a new Xbox x for my son for xmas. For some reason they canceled my order stated that the funds wasn't there. What I don't understand is my red card had available credit of over 700$ and the Xbox x was a total of 503$ so how is 500$ more then 700$ it isn't but target acts like the funds wasn't there when I have it and now I'm without the one thing my son wanted for xmas. And no where to preorder this item. So when I called and ask I get the run around telling me about the fund when I pull up my account and boom I have over the available credit. So thanks target for nothing

a target semi truck

I was driving on I 35, near exit 112 in Norman, Ok and a semi truck with the Target logo on the side drove up beside me, honked and flipped me off. I do not believe i cut him off and I think he is not a good representation of Target or whatever company he might actually work for.

While i did not get the 1 800 number on the truck, i was able to get his driver #. It is 064428.

I hope there is something you can do to discipline this type of behavior. I am sure this is not the type of employee you want representing Target.


graco booster

On August 20, I bought a Graco® Affix Youth Booster Seat with Latch System on Target site. Shipping to Israel is free.
I did not receive an email or a message or information about my order from Target. I just got a mail from a borderfree company with the order number E4X001041884683

I waited 8 days and wrote to target customer service and I got an answer :
" Dear Target Guest,
Thank you for your recent order (order #: E4X001041884683). Due to overwhelming demand for our free shipping promotion, you may experience a delay in the delivery of your order.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working with our carriers to ensure you get your order as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.
Target on Borderfree"

I waited patiently and on 1st September I received the following email:
"Dear Target Guest,
Due to the much higher than anticipated response to the Borderfree Free Shipping promotion, we are unable to deliver order E4X001041884683 and had to cancel it. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. 

Since your order did not ship internationally, you were not charged for it. Any pending authorization holds will drop off your card within 7-10 business days. If you were already charged for your order, your refund will be processed promptly.

We value your loyalty as a guest and we hope that you’ll continue shopping with the Target store on Borderfree.

Borderfree Customer Care"

After more than 10 days they canceled an order.
Poor customer service, disrespectful attitude, and non-compliance.
I would like to take a serious approach to email and correct my shopping experience.

And get the product I ordered
thank you


I just went to Target on the Bronx terminal and the check out is horrible, I only was buying a banquet table and they had 32 registers and only 6 was working. I had to wait 30mins. to checkout one item. It's a holiday weekend more registers should have been available. Their are many people waiting and alot of us had aleast 10 items or less. It is a shame at that store right now.

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unethical behavior racism

I work for target store#T1168 in Highland park ill 60035 I always get red cards and they only scheduling me...

customer service

Shopping in your port macquarie target today. Very disappointed. Was virtually called a thief and a liar because I have my cards on my phone and she wouldn't except it.
Not happy. I have used this type of payment at every other store I have been to. Also I'm a Coles team member and I am a very trustworthy person. It made me extremely frustrated and sad that this girl things she has so much power. I wasn't even making a fuss or anything just stated a fact. Very bad customer service

target red card-credit card

There are several purchases that we did not make on our credit card all the way back to April 2017. It i...

magazine at check out

Today as I was checking out of Target in Foothill Ranch, CA, my six-year-old son pointed out to me that there...

team member

At this particular target that I frequent there is this young adult who is completely awful. She works at the Starbucks part of the store now I don't know whether to complain to Starbucks or target so I'm doing both. Sending the same thing to both companies. This particular young woman is extremely rude and gives a horrible attitude. I understand we have bad days. We're human, but I once to three times a week come to this store. It's my one stop shop for everything and every time she's unbearable. I have stopped coming to this Starbucks and stopping at the one that shares the parking lot with this target because of her attitude. I've had to explain to my children that we don't talk to people in the manner she does. I've over heard her talking about costumers in front of them, I've heard her say that "they" she doesn't/isn't gonna charge a costumer, I've seen her eat behind the counter which is completely gross- does target not give breaks?, and I just frankly feel sorry for her coworkers. I'm sure she's miserable to work with. I've seen her be on her phone while she takes orders on social media. I've seen her stand next to her coworker all buddy buddy whispering while a third coworker runs around taking and making orders. She just makes the target experience uncomfortable.

out of a product

We are currently going through hurricane/ tropical storm Harvey. And on Friday I went online to see what last minute things I can get. Saw you had this Coleman® 4D Classic Personal Size Lantern that said was still In the store. So I went and bought it online and waited, couple hours later I get a email saying only the batteries I ordered for it were ready and the lantern was out of stock. Go into your store and they put everything up front and let the customers get what's left. which I'm okay with but you never updated your online supplies. I wouldn't of had to get out if you would of kept up with your website. I shop at target all the time. But this makes me mad.

snack bar

8/26/17 Phoenix ave store Fort Smith Ar. Twice in the last two weeks after making my purchases I have stopped in to treat myself to a what I consider a well deserved reward and twice I have left empty handed. Both times their was but one other customer, each time I stood there for better then 10 minutes and each time neither one of the two employees offered a hello or offered an excuse for any delay. I would like to think both times were an isolated case or am I the only one taking notice. As far as the rest of the store I have had nothing but good things to say about your staff and store. But I believe today may be our last attempt to purchase from your snack bar area. Thank you for letting me vent. If you care to respond my email is [protected]@yahoo.com phone [protected]

store profiling

hello my name is davante woodberry I work at the levittown target. Today I was went to my store to pick up my check than I proceeded to buy madden and other items. When my purchase was done I went back so they can unlock my madden from its case. Than team member told me to go to guest service where ap was called and they took my receipt and went to the back. when I asked what's the problem they said idk I told them I work at this store but they ignored it and took my receipt to the back as I was a thief meanwhile I telling them I work hear as a presentation. I was very offended by this and I cant allow this to keep happening. This is the third incident that I was profiled at a store I work at. The first time I had surgery on my shoulder and ap thought I was stealing and my team lead had to tell them who I was. The second time I came to the store with a hoodie and ap saw me and notified ap team lead that I look suspicious mean while I heard what they was saying on the walkie because I was picking up my check at tsc. Something has to be done because I feel im be profiled at a store I work at and this makes me upset. I dont think I can continue working at target when im being profiled. I need to speak to someone or council im not going to keep letting this happen to me this is not fare.

a huge disappointment

I purchased several products online from their website in the past 4 months. And it may sound wild but they delivered... nothing.
Neither of them arrived. They gave me tons of excuses and apologies.
Only the things are right where they started.
Thank god they refunded my money, but that didn't change the fact of their irresponsible actions.

artificial plants/online purchase

I placed an order on 3 artificial plants on august 17, 2017. I did receive a confirmation email when I placed my order, estimated date for pick up was august 22, 2017. I went into my email august 23, 2017 check my inbox and spam and had nothing from target, so I decided to call and the operator tells me, I took to long to pick up so the put the order back. I couldn't believe she said that I am so upset. Will never place another order with target.

truck driver

It was late on East Bound 58 in Virginia, between the hours of 2200 and 2330 on the 22nd of August 2017. The Driver of your truck, trailer number 811222, almost ran me off the road twice. Would come up to people, in a 45 mph zone, going at least 65 mph, get less then 3 feet from a vehicle and then put his brights on. He almost sent a car smashing into a concrete wall on a bridge. He would take up to 2 lanes at a time, so no one could pass him. When ever someone did get around he would get right on them and turn his brights on them. Then he would pass you, cut you off, then slam on his breaks in front of you, then speed off. He sped through the small towns and would never slow down, even though the speed limit would change from 60 to 45. One car had to go onto the grass, because he cut them off and the trailer would have hit them. He didn't care about anybody on that road. If this is how your drivers are it is a disgrace to your company.

  • Me
    Meeme1 Nov 30, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had a Target truck cut me off. I had a green light and he was turning right on red. There was nobody behind me but i guess he was late so he had to jump in front of me causing me to hit my breaks. This occurred at the the 79 North Mt. Nebo exit (he was turning right up the hill) at approximately 8:00 am on Thursday, November 30, 2017. The number on the back of trailer was 800083.

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  • Go
    GordonBarr Aug 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Target truck 802069. Route 90 east bound, 1:40PM, 8/2/2018, Massachusetts.
    I was driving in the right lane following a vehicle. The target truck entered my lane forcing me break and swerve into the breakdown to avoid a collision. A honked my horn but the truck continued a collision path.

    Gordon Barr

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  • Ka
    Karen Kubecka Mar 11, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I 40 East near Swananoa NC. Raining, heavy traffic, make driver. Target truck 811044 driving aggressively, flashing lights, blowing horn, making multiple lane changes. Unsafe driving, and all before having to pull over at a weigh station. March 11, 2019 at approx 4 pm.

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job aide

About a month ago I replied for a cashier position at the Willowbrook, il. Target because I know that Target was a good company. Also in past I have had worked for the Target in Lumbard, il. And I had a good experience for those 12 years.
So I decided to reapply for a cashier position. Because I knew they were hiring because I saw a bunch of aids on Indeed.com. So soon after I applied they sent me an email saying that weren't any job openings right now. I knew that wasn't true.
So a lady from the Willowbrook, il store. I told her what happened and she was kinda confused.

rude staff

The Target is horrible. Their employees are rude and disrespectful.
I was looking for a toy as a present for my nephew. The employee who was passing by said to me: if you're not going to buy it, then don't touch it and put it in its place.
Now here's the question: what the heck was it? How would she know I wasn't going to buy it? Maybe I grabbed this toy and was about to pay for it?
That was absolutely stupid and unprofessional.

target online and store experience

I found a swimsuit online marked for $4.48 and it said in store purchase only. It would not let me ship it or pick up in store. So I found he nearest store that it said I could purchase it from. Went to the store, found the swimwear went to the register and it indeed was NOT $4.48. I showed the cashier the online pricing for TARGET.com and she said no sorry that's online only. Well, it does not allow me to order it online, it clearly reads IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY. So how do you suppose I can buy this swimwear for $4.48 when it won't let me. So the manager came over and said oh yeah we don't price match target.com because we have our own merchandise. So then I said the same thing and he was not helpful at all. He told me I could purchase it for the retail price of $14.99 which it what it rang up for. I got tired of arguing my point of view so I asked for a discount and paid $12 for it. Bottom line is customer service SUCKED and it is FALSE ADVERTISING when it says I can buy in store at a specific location for $4.48 and it's actually a lie. I have pictures of the pricing online and pulled up the website and showed the manager and he still was like nah can't do it.

target online and store experience
target online and store experience
target online and store experience

customer service

I tried to make a return that included a $5 gift card to no avail. The manager Arielle so she say became very rude and ignorant towards me and told me to get out her store and never come back. I had someone from corporate on the phone the whole time listening to our conversation. Bottom line is, I'm a mystery shopper, and Arielle needs more training. There was no need for her to become belligerent because she didn't do het job correctly. I deliberately asked a L.O.D what was the return policy regarding merchandise that includes a gift card. When I tried to explain to her what was told to me, she said it wasn't true. I asked her numerous times to scan the gift card when she returned the merchandise she said no, she wasn't doing it. All of this could've been eliminated had she scanned the gift card. Arielle was too bent on arguing with me and trying to put on a show for the other people standing around, that she only escalated the problem as opposed to rectifying the problem. She told me to get out her store before she have the cop that was standing at the inside entrance of the store escort out. I would've filed a lawsuit against your Corporation had she done so. I never threatened or disrespected her, nor did I call her out her name. I didn't get loud but I did change the tone in my voice. I was appalled at how she was allowed to argue with me back and forth and also for threatening to have me remove from the store. The representative that was on the phone while this was going on, tried diligently to apologize for her behavior. He shouldn't been the one apologizing to me. Arielle should've been the one apologizing. In addition to being a mystery shopper for your store, I'm also a loyal customer and card holder. But if this happens again, you will lose me as a customer. I still have a job to do, and I will revisit that particular store.