Taco Bell XXL Chalupa / where's the beef?

United States Review updated:

So I’ll start off by asking, how many times have you said, “Ok, I’ll give it one more try.” This was what I was telling myself as I debated after what to eat after a long 14 hour shift with not many options out there. I had been cheated by taco bell at numerous occasions for the lack-of-meat in…well…just about anything I ordered and vowed never again, only to find myself at 10pm standing in front of the archaic lit sign telling myself it would be a mistake. It was. So I decided to try the XXL Chalupa and a taco to subdue my apetite. I got the items home and I expected the box to be way bigger than the XXL Chalupa, not surprised.

I expected it to be not as big as advertised. It wasn’t. HOWEVER, when the amount of meat in my XXL Chalupa is the same as or less than a regular taco, NOW I have a reason to complain. It’s pitiful and false advertising. They only do this so you pay more and only get a vegetarian pita sandwich instead. What’s the deal, it’s not even 100% ground beef and only enough to pass food standards at that. So don’t be fooled by this campaign to boost the Taco Bell corporate fat cats by advertising something that’s not. I wish I could submit pictures to show proof.

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