Taco Bell, KFCtried to order 2 k 3 meals

Date [protected] Saturday at 4;20 pm

I placed a order for 2 k3 meals... no one was in front of me in the drive thru... I waited 15 to 20 min.. once I recived my order it was only one k3 meal after I paided for 2 k3 meals... the drive thru line was backed up at this time. I asked what was the time delay.. kfc folks said the frier need to heat up??? oh what? I watched folks inside get kfc over the counter for the last 15 mins... once I did get my order, after waiting 15 to 20 mins... it contained only one one k3 order... at this point is was fed up... demanded my money back. That is when the real problem started. I put the single order k3 back in the drive thru window and the women said don't throw food at me... I said I did not throw the food at you, at this point I asked to speak to the manager... I told the manager what happened.. then left taco bell kfc... went to a different resturant and placed a order. then I was confronted at the drive thru at this restaurant by a man that followed me
in a white four door truck... the man requested thru hand gestures to roll down my window. I did and the man starts to threating me at the other restaurant. the man said why did I throw the food back in the drive thru window... I stated why are you following me.. this back and fourth went on for sever mins.. bottom line why in the hell after leaving a crappy service taco bell kfc dump... then be followed by one of the crappy restaurant folks
to another restaurant and them being threading... the man said just wait for six clock I will be long for u.

Try to call this local taco bell kfc requited to speak to manager... only got stone walled.

Location of this taco bell kfc

new Boston Texas zip 75570

May 12, 2017

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