Steak 'n Shake / rude customer service

On 3/19/2017, we visited Steak and Shake No:19 and what an awful experience. We entered the restaurant and by the way it smelled, we should have just left then, but thought you know every store experiences plumbing problems at some point so we sat down to order. Our server was very polite and was happy to take our order. We ordered shakes then our burgers. We got our burgers, wondering where are shakes were but was hungry so we began to eat. My daughter went to squeeze mustard on her sandwich and it exploded all over her Nike sweatshirt. We excused ourselves to the restroom to immediately get the mustard out, which didn't work by the way, new sweatshirt ruined! Came back to our table still no shakes. Asked our server to come over, explained to her what happened with mustard and she laughed. At this point my blood was boiling, still no shakes, a crying teenager covered in mustard and burgers untouched at this point. Finally received shakes once I asked for them to be put into to go cups. Chased server down for check. Proceeded to check out and explained to manager what happened and she said yes, kids sometimes put things in the top of the bottles. I explained to her that checked the top of the mustard and it was dried up mustard in the top. She then tells me, well they don't always get cleaned. Wow, is all I can say. She offered me a discount of a whole $5.00 off my bill. So, let's see...3 u touched burgers and fries, 3 milkshakes we ended up not taking and a nice sweatshirt ruined all while still paying $28. I will never ever in my life return to another Steak 'n Shake!!!

Mar 23, 2017

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