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Steak 'n Shake reviews & complaints 3321 - 1686

Steak 'n Shake complaints 1686


Steak 'n Shake - server

We have tried steak n shake by our house store number 335 like 4 or 5 times hoping it would get better and never does. The last time we went was last Sunday for lunch and we always end up with the same server shay w she is a horrible server we always ask for a high hair and never receive it a party comes in after us and she gives them high chairs so I'm like wheres the high chair I asked you for 30 mins ago oh we dont have anymore I'm like well I know I asked you twice for a high chair and now u have none and she's like I'm sorry I forgot . then my husband orders a western BBQ burger comes out with only cheese and bacon nothing else she never came back to refill our drinks or ask if we needed dessert nothing. I will not visit this location again. However east memorial blvd location is run down but service is better and people are nicer.

Dec 26, 2016

Steak 'n Shake - entire service

Tonight 12/26/16 @4211 Conestoga Drive
Springfield, IL 62707 location. My dad, brother and his girlfriend, myself and my family went into this establishment for an early dinner. We waited 15 minutes before being acknowledged and seated. It was then another 45+ minutes before someone came over to take our food order without asking what we would like to drink. Our table got passed 5 times by servers without offering a word or offering to take a drink order. It took them 20 minutes to bring us the drinks and people seated after us had been served their drinks and food. This establishment needs to be checked on by corporate as this is not the first time of being treated this way at this location. All the employees want to do is stand around and talk or argue with one another and not wait tables. Very unsatisfied with the service we experienced tonight. Will not be back.


Steak 'n Shake - product and service

On Friday 11/25, I stopped at the Highspire Travel Plaza on the PA Turnpike and visited Steak & Shake. As a long time fan of this business, I have visited several locations and always enjoyed their food and milkshakes. I placed an order for a Plain Cheeseburger add bacon and a chocolate shake. This was at 3:29pm, with two or three orders ahead of mine. At 3:46 my order was called. Having watched the person make my burger, I saw him put ketchup on the roll. As this could have been another customer, I didn't say anything until he attempted to hand me my bag. When I asked him if there was ketchup on that sandwich, he confirmed there was. I told him the burger needed to be plain, with just cheese and bacon. He took it and returned to the grill area. At this time my milkshake was ready, half melted with no whipped cream, but ready. My order was called again, and I asked the guy if there was anything on the burger besides cheese and bacon, specifically no ketchup. He replied there was no ketchup, at which time I wished them a good day. This was 3:49pm. Granted Steak & Shake is made to order, 20mins in an unacceptable amount of time for fast food service. If the timeliness were the only factor, I would not feel the need to contact you however. The real problem is when I went to eat my burger, as I was on the Turnpike again, it became obvious the guy had merely changed the bun and given me back a burger with some ketchup and half the bacon. Is this how customers are treated as a rule? I was personally disgusted, but unable to turnaround on the Turnpike and unwilling to do so as so much time had already been wasted. Basically I paid $11 for an inedible burger and a melted shake. This will probably not be my last visit to Steak & Shake, but certainly it was the last visit to this location. Thank you for your time.

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Dec 31, 2015

Steak 'n Shake - service and carry out order I placed by telephone on 12/30/2015

I placed this order for my grandchildren around 12:15 pm on 12/30/2015 by telephone: 2 small sprites and 2 small chocolate milk shakes; 1 hot dog; 1 cup of chili; 1 mac'n'cheese with fries; 1 chicken fingers with fries and I was charged $25.16 for all of this. However this is what we received: 2 Lg chocolate milk shakes 2 Lg sprites 1 cup of chili Chicken fingers with fries mac and cheese with fries and all of the ketchup packets were empty and had been used. Total disappointment. Would like a refund.


Steak 'n Shake - getting orders right

Went to Steak n Shake on Pine Ridge Rd / Naples Fl. Daughter & I went in to get to-go order. One burger, 3 chili's with onion& cheese...4 milk shakes. Got bag with one burger & 1 chili and container...

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Sep 29, 2015

Steak 'n Shake - gift card not honored

Unfortunately, I don't think I can stomach the food or shakes any longer. My mother purchased a $15.00 gift card for me because she knew I was a regular customer, but she didn't save the receipt. The card wasn't properly activated when it was purchased. All the restaurant staff said tonight - when I tried to use the card - was "tough luck." You would think that a loyal customer would be something of value - but you would be wrong.

Steak 'n Shake - manager rude

My family went into this resurant for lunch. With small children that were hungry. The hostess didn’t have a table open for 6. (there were 3 tables close together empty). We asked if we could get those tables pushed together for us to be abel to get some lunch! “ I will have to ask” What? Finally we decided to go ahead and get the tables pushed together so we could sit down. the manager then showed up as we were sitting down and started chewing us out for pushing the tables together. I looked at her and said “ we just want to get some lunch” she kept on griping that we pushed that tables together I then said “ just go on - we just want something to eat” Manger named “Becky” said "excuse me” and started again. We said forget it and got up and left went down the road to Dennys! Guess What we walked in said 6 and they automatically pushed tables together! I am VERY disappointed in Steak and shake to have managers that treat their customers in the fashion we were treated yesterday! Hope you take care of this problem as we really like to eat at steak and shake but have doubts about t now!

We at least hope it is made up, this one guy threw a fit and took his anger out on his children because the restaurant did not change the rules for him. They had kids eat free night on Mondays, he works on Mondays and kept asking if they could make it Tuesday, the manager refused, he and his wife left, his kid made him angry and he hit the child because of his anger at the restaurant.

I don't care if those tables were reserved and I don't know how you know about the reservation ruth and kevin, however it is first come first serve. Shut up all you losers.

To all the losers who replied get a life, you should also know that this incident caused me to have CPS visit my house. My children wanted to eat at their favorite restaurant. I told them we were not eating at Steak and Shake, one of them started crying so I slapped her across the face, unfortunately some loser busy body saw me, took down my license plate number and reported me, CPS visited my house and threatened to take my children from me saying this was not acceptable discipline, then when I told them it was not my fault I would never hit them, I only hit them because that lady at Steak and Shake made me angry they took them away out of fear that I would hurt them just because I am angry at someone else.

For all you know those tables could have been reserved, what makes you think that you can just push the tables together without permission. You cannot just behave this way. Grow up.

Steak 'n Shake - rude waitress

Me and my family went to dinner there. And the place was packed, it took awhile to be seated but that was no problem. We sat down and the waitress came over and took our order. We ordered 3 milkshakes and 1 diet pop, and our orders. The waitress asked if we wanted any waters and we said No thinking that our milkshakes typically come out with our meals. We waited a long time for our orders and then the manager finally brought out our food. Stated that he noticed that we still did not receive our milkshakes. Our waitress only came back once before our meals came out and brought a diet pepsi. My family all went ahead and started to eat, I took 2 bites of my burger and waited still no milkshakes and no waitress came out to check on us. We had been there for about 45 min. Only saw the waitress once. She finally came over and I proceeded to tell her that we had to eat our meals without any thing to drink. and I asked her if she new where our milkshakes were. (everyone else was done eating at this time.)She said that they were obviously busy. I told her that we were her customers and why did she not at least check on us to see if we wanted something to drink. She said that everyone in there were her customers and she asked us if we wanted water when we came in and we didnt want any. I asked her to get her manager. She left and 15 minutes later she came back with our shakes but no manager and the shakes were in to go cups. I asked her where her manager was and she said he was busy. I told her I wanted her manager Now and she continued to argue with me. Telling me she didnt have to get her manager that I was NOT her mom and had no right telling her what to do. (Her name was Faith and she acted like a spoiled little girl.) the manager finally did come back over and he apologized for her behaver and said he would have a talk with her. But in all the restaurants that I have been to. I have never had a waitress say i was not her mom and she did not have to listen to me. I will never step foot in the Steak in Shake in Troy OHIO ever again. And I plan on letting everyone I know, know what experience I had.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - heartless attitude

had a slip and fall that was obvious it should never have happened and will
happen again. It happened to another person almost a mirror image of what
happened with myself at a different location on Oct 10 2010 in Louisville

slip and injury happened Feb. 17 2014 in Clearwater Florida, as I was walking
to my table I ended sliding 6-10 feet because the floor was like walking on
ICE. There was no warning sign up even though it was so obvious that anyone
walking in the area was likely going to do just like me SLIDE.

is a total screw up by Steak N Shake corporate and local management, I am sure
they are aware that whatever cleaning product they use is causing this effect
but don't do anything about it.

Florida it is virtually impossible to win a liability case for this type of
incident and they know it so they take the attitude of O'WELL.

joke of it all was as I was while being taken away by ambulance they
insisted that I pay the bill which I did



Steak 'n Shake - dirty conditions — lying manager - lying owner

Fithy eating areas both restaurants — bathrooms disgusting, managers just shrugged off complaints like nothing mattered, I called owners he just kept lying said he would clean up places but went back...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - poor service

We brought our grandchildren their a few weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon. We arrived at 3:40 pm and it was 10 minutes before they greeted us, and then another 5 min. before we ordered. We ordered...

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May 06, 2013
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - horrible

This place is horrible! Me and my husbands first experience was Saturday and the food was cold the managers were rude and service is bad and slow. This store need serious help or needs to be shut down. Its really sad.

Your review is really sad, you told us nothing.

Steak 'n Shake - bad customer service

I went there for my first time and was excited I even told the manager, who ignored me. I figured he was having a bad day but I sat at the counter for at least 10 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. When they did they were short and rude. When my food was done, cold fries, a young man, obviously new ( he was way to nice to work in this place) brought my food out and did not know where the ketchup packs were filled little containers for me as all the other employees were too busy to notice. The other employees, 2 management, 1 one year employee and the other a 6 year waitress were standing around talking while this young man went out of his way to do this. As I was walking around they were actually scolding him for doing such a wasteful thing, Horrified I decided to find this page. I probably will never step foot in another Steak and shake. First impressions mean so much. Thanks so much to a bad management team on Commercial Drive,

Jan 29, 2013

Brenda, LOL @

Aug 29, 2012

Steak 'n Shake - I just watched a commercial that was the most ridiculous unsafe commercial ever

I just watched a commercial that was the most ridiculous unsafe commercial ever.
This shows a mother driving her family thorough dangerous conditions including under an 18 wheeler, chopping off 1/2 the car, while the family ducks to not get their heads chopped off…

All to get to a steak and shake>

Your marketing company should be ashamed. Seriously.

With the technology and marketing these days, this is what you paid to promote your food.

Just saw the ad on local tv. Steak n shake just lost my business.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - poor service

Went through drive thru window. Asked to have my order checked twice and was assured everything was included. When I arrived home the sandwiches had not been included. I returned to store and manager replaced the entire order. The issue is they disrupted our family dinner. How do we get compensated for the time, gas and inconvenience? Even though I was irate the manager kept her cool. I believe any order error should be rectified with fresh food and $15.00 for gas and inconvenience. A taxi would cost at least that much for the return trip. This was at the Oakland Mall location in Troy, MI on Sat Jan 7, 2012. What do you think is fair?


I pre-ordered a videogame off of the site. I figured "that's done" and waited for the release date and shipping. 17 days later, the day of the release, I'm informed by email that they are out of stock and my purchase is voided. Isn't the whole point of a pre-order to ensure that this doesn't happen? They just made the list.


I always check my order after going to a fast food restaurant--you got your order replaced by fresh food that is more than fair and equitable--half the responsiblity was yours..

Should the manager not have kept her cool? I just spent 30 seconds reading this post. You owe me 20 bones.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - foodservice

i had walked in around 9pm and had placed a order which was a tripple with cheese no fries at the counter and i had seen a white maled which was described as the maneger of the store cutting...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - paid for gift card - got accussations

My family purchased 2 gift cards for $40 at a local Steak n Shake. The cards were not properly activated by the cashier in the store, which we did not discover until a few months later. The card...

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Steak 'n Shake - stereotyping

went to the resturant with a friend who was here out of town we were going to get coffee and something to drink so i was justed dressed in a tee shirt and scrub hair pulled back plus im young. the waitress waited on us my cell phone rang and i said sob under my breath and the waitress walked up and i apoligized she said that was okay. she went to the manager and told her i called her a fu--ing bi--ch i told the manager what i said and the manager said i looked like a trouble maker and was dressed like a scrub and i needed to leave. she said she believed her waitress and to leave or she would call the police on me. i have been in that steak and shake many times and was told not to ever come back. this is just unbeilivable to me that they can treat a customer like this and stereotype someone. i have a good job and a family but because of the way i was dressed they didnt want me there.

I don't get what the stereotype is. Sure, she shouldn't have lied, but you shouldn't have cursed at all. Grow up. Part of being mature is watching your language.

Jun 16, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - awful service

this steak n shake always has the worst drive thru service---terrible rude mean employees, they talk trash about customers, they are rude to them give them bad attitudes...throw them things...they're...

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Jun 05, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steak 'n Shake - bad service everytime

steak and shake never ceases to change their really bad service. This is the one place where you can go to the drive thru and 'always' get the worst service. rude managers, employees...this palce seems to hire the rudest degenerates you can find, namely, this location too and others. they will even trash talk customers at the other employees for no reason at all...other steak and shakes do the same thing. People will rudely shove things at you--even the managers. The people working there are just rude classless people with no customer service at all...if you eat inside it's a different story and service is ok but the drive thru is just really bad. Not sure what kind of bad place this is, or chain but beware of steak and shake and the worst service possible and the lowest degenerates working there

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