Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service at drive through window

Valdosta, GA, United States
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I went through drive through about 2:30 pm today. I started to place my order and I made a change to the order as I was placing the order. The person taking my order told me to hold on as she had to make the corrections to the order. A few minutes went by then someone came on and asked if I was waiting to place my order after I had been waiting to finish placing my order. By this time I decided to drive on around to see what the issue was and I asked to speak with a manager and the young lady informed me she was a Manger and what was the problem. I told her I had been waiting to place my order and she said she had to move around and could not see the camera and that she was waiting for me to finish placing my order. She told several lies cause they walk around with head phones taking orders. I didn't go any further with her because if this is the action of the manager the employees don't have a role model. This was very poor customer service, worse I have ever experienced by a manager. No um sorry or nothing

Jun 12, 2017

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