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Pekin,Illinoispekin, United States

After 83 years in central illinois, you youngsters are doing a fine - no great - job of running it to the ground? No parfet any more - now it is shakes with cereal. No french toast sticks - supplier problems?? Today - no bacon - now your rationing bacon - what hell you serving for breakfast next tofu?? Went for bacon cheeseburger today - sorry we are still out of bacon we are rationed only 4 boxes now - no more cottage chese - no white bread - with 34, 000 people here in pekin, il we eat pork. Yeah I know there are other restranuat here - guess that is your new goal - let them eat else where!! Why don't you do it like the good old boys did - a store manager knows what his/her customers want not some [censor] sittin in his cubical in new york or penn.
C bennett

Oct 16, 2017

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