Steak and Shake / my main manager mary ann cursed me and yelled at me in front of employees and customers.

Pikeville, KY, United States

This isnt the first time this has happened i have another former employee that can tell you the same thing happened to him ive got his number. If you need to contact me for anymore info my number is [protected] thank you because i really like working their but she has to yell and cuss at everyone all the time and is saying that im the one thaTV started it so thats my biggest concern i just hope you can help and investigate mary ann for the horrible things she does

  • Updated by justice7, Sep 16, 2017

    Just want to mainly have mary ann investigated because me and the two other people she has done this too are willing to do whatever it takes to see her act like a manager should

Sep 16, 2017

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