Sonicusually provides sugary drink when diet drink is specified.

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Twice in one week I have ordered drinks to take home for husband and myself. Husband is diabetic and we live ten miles out of town. After getting home and unpacking drinks the outside of cup is sticky. I pour out small amount to test. When it drays on plate it is sticky. Diet drinks are not suppose to be sticky. Called back to complain and both people were indifferent that I spoke with. Too far to return for correct order. Indianola, Mississippi's Sonic has very very poor service. I always tip 20 percent and then feel angry for tipping at all. I have worked as waitress and know that many do not want to tip their server. Who ever the unkind person is that mixes drinks may think that this is funny, but diabetics often do not easily taste the difference between sugar and substitutes. Shame on that person. I will turn my business to other services with nicer staff and alert family and friends to avoid Indianola, Mississippi 's Sonic.

Jan 12, 2017
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  • Ca
      Jan 13, 2017

    You didn't specify yourself as diabetic, so why not do a taste test right then and there before leaving the premises?

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