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This may not sound like that big of a deal but, when you see commercials on TV advertising for the millions of drinks Sonic has and you go to Sonic and ask for a Mountain Dew, the workers at Sonic tell you that they do not carry Mountain Dew. The closest thing to Mountain Dew Sonic has is Mellow Yellow. Mellow Yellow is a good drink however, if you are really wanting Mountain Dew, Mellow Yellow is not going to satisfy you. I have always been told that the customer is always right. Having experience working as a waitress I know that in some cases that is not always true. However, I do believe that if I go to Sonic and ask for Mountain Dew I should get one because of the "millions" of drinks Sonic carries. It's actually very irritating when you order something from a place that is famous for there drinks and you can't get a simple Mountain Dew. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.

Feb 14, 2015
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  •   Feb 14, 2015

    Just an observation here but there is no fast food restaurant that will have Coke and Pepsi products at the same time.

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  • Je
      Feb 14, 2015

    Yes I understand that but if they are going to advertise millions of drinks they should have Mountain Dew.

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  • Re
      Feb 15, 2015

    Jessica, no one restaurant is going to have millions of drinks on stock. I have never heard of a restaurant that handles both Pepsi and Coke products at the same. time. Quit having your little temper tantrum and grow up!

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  • Be
      Feb 15, 2015

    They also don't have pepsi clear! How DARE they not offer a drink that no longer exists but I WANT it!

    Jessica - They offer several flavour combinations and options but they aren't going to offer every brand under the sun. It isn't feasible. If you don't like it, don't go there.

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  •   Feb 15, 2015

    After looking this up this is what I have found pertaining to it. The advertisements are for drink combinations. Sorry still no Pepsi, you should contact them and ask them why, then post their response here for us.

    Sonic Corp. brags in TV commercials and press releases that it offers “more than 168, 000 drink combinations.” But how did the drive-in restaurant chain arrive at that number?

    It turns out, though, that when you consider all the possible drink combinations offered by the company, the actual number is far greater than 168, 000. Just how much more is debatable. What is clear is that Sonic arbitrarily reduced the figure to “more than 168, 000″ because it wanted to do a giveaway contest for a dollar amount equal to the number of drink combos.

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  •   Feb 18, 2015

    Hey Jessica, why do you want to delete your account? No one knows who you are here. Reading and commenting here is interesting and can be fun.

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  • Oh
      Oct 20, 2015

    You are an imbecil Jessica. Oh, so i bet you go to Sonic and order a Big Mac right? Of course they can't give you Mountain Dew, because they don't carry it. They carry Mellow Yellow, and if you don't like it, I suggest you take your fat ### elsewhere.

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