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Sonic / general manager

1 Grove ok, United States

To whom it may concern:
I am a current employee at the Grove sonic #2090.
I wish to stay anonymous due to the repercussions that may occur. I assure you that I do not know all of the stipulations or limitations to the profession you or your general managers are in but it is not hard for one to tell what is moral and what is not. The general manager of this store (#2090), Megan Boyle, has performed many immoral acts of conduct towards and around her current and past employees. I, myself have been working under her for a significant amount of time to experience these occurrences personally. The following is some of the occurrences and situations that I have seen or personally been apart of:
• Megan Boyle has taken it upon herself to verbally threaten her employees and there has been one occurrence of the threats getting physical.
• Megan Boyle has lack of leadership and still presents herself as she is a 16 year old in high school.
• Megan Boyle has brought and continues to bring her personal relations to work and involves her employees.
• Megan Boyle has taken many of the employees off of the schedule or cut their hours because she has a personal problem with them.
• Megan Boyle has said a numerous amount of inappropriate things about and directly to her employees ranging from threats as stated above or conversations that involves sexual instances.
• Megan Boyle has brought and continues to bring her personal relations to her place of work. She has even brought her child up her and expected the employees to watch him as she takes her managers outside and conducts a meeting.
• Megan Boyle has shown an extreme amount of favoritism towards certain employees that I will not name due to confidentiality.
• Megan Boyle has taken it upon herself to take her managers well earned weekends off to fulfill her wishes.
• Megan Boyle has not properly informed her employees of the promotional texts that get sent around and the employees are blamed for the bad day the store has endured.
• Megan Boyle has changed the food order or has not order the correct amount that the store needs to fulfill the customers need so that she receives a food cost bonus.
• Megan Boyle gets very upset and shows her emotion to the employees when a mystery shop is not done correctly to receive a 100% because she does not receive her bonus.
• Megan Boyle has time and time again told her employees that they were worthless and incompetent.
• Megan Boyle has scheduled herself 12 hour shifts and only stayed 1/3 of it, leaving the store short a person several times.
• Megan Boyle does not come in and take care of her store as a general manager should. There was an incident on June 28, 2015; one of her managers had walked out and quit and the manager on duty called Megan, as they should because she is suppose to be the general manager but instead of coming in and taking care of business as she is paid too, she informed the manager that she was out of town and more concerned about her own person sexual relations to come into her store and deal with the problem at hand.
I am not sending you this message out of hostility but because these situations have gone on way to long. This not only affects my job but everyone else around her. When Megan Boyle comes into work with her personal relations has her main concern, the store does not run like it should because she distracts her employees from what they are paid to do. Megan has also denied raises to employees that have exceed the expectations given to them and these said employees have been her for 12-19 months. I am sorry if you feel this is a waste of your time but I really love my job and I know the others do also. When I come into my place of work, I expect to work and do as is expected of me to earn my pay; I do not expect to come in and get treated in a immoral way or learn about my boss' personal relations.

Thanks for your time!
a concerned employee of store #2090

Jul 3, 2015

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