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Sonic drive in / sonic partner

1 63rd & kelleyokc, OK, United States Review updated:

i recently overheard a conversation about a manager who took over the sonic in my area. My friend was telling me how a friend of hers suffers abuse from the manager who is never in the store. He always leaves when it is busy and comes back and complains when it is over.The co- manager is always at work and the partner who is never in the store is always nasty to her and yells at her. Other employees stand up for her but she just keeps working and does not say anything back. He cuts her hours because he says she makes to much money. I told her her friend should get a lawyer to look into this for her. Since she has never had any disiplinary actions against her except for the verbal threats of if she do not like it leave.

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  • Lo
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    employment is 'at will' which means your friend can leave at any time. Conversely, she can be fired for any reason at all (except because of race, age or gender.)

    being a mean boss isn't grounds for a lawsuit. neither is cutting your hours and saying its because you cost too much.

  • Ju
      11th of May, 2009
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    i appreciate what you are saying but it also seems it is obvious he is trying to make her quit so she can not get unemployment. You can not tell me that employees do not have the right to be treated with respect especially when the management in these restaurants are always demanding you treat them with respect.

  • An
      29th of May, 2009
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    i work at a franchise sonic an the manager is never their. The assistant manager is usually their but when it gets busy an our orders get full he tends to leave to take a break an usually takes one of the cooks with him an i end up getting stuck with just one other person left to fend for ourselves an it sucks because its unfair if he gets paid to be their to help us, then why does he leave. And the manager gosh she is so rude, she thinks she has it made since one of her family members is partial owner to some franchised Sonic's. Its just ###ed we get treated unfairly all the time, usually the manager talks behind out backs... eventually it gets back to us.. sonic sucks thats all i have to say.. also with the hours usually i get sent home because labor is so high its not my fault like why do i get scheduled to come in an i cant work my full hours i am told i will get

  • Do
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    Have you ever heard of the song, "Take this job and -shove it?" by Johnny Paycheck. Listen to it. Unless you want burger flinging to be your lifelong career, I would study like crazy in HS school and college so you don't have to resort to working in places like that. You can't change the boss but you can change you and the place you work at. I would spend time looking for another job before you lose this one. Here's a secret- Keep the drama out of work. Nothing in life is fair and you will go through your entire life with jobs where people get treated unfairly.

  • Ro
      23rd of Feb, 2014
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    Yea screw Sonic Drive in here in Austin Texas. All of the supervisors just care about the money each and every store is bringing in. I have worked for Sonic for almost 8 years and i am proud to say I no longer work there. I have seen and heard it all. People getting fired for no reason, and the GMs and area supervisors write some fake documentation up to block unemployment claims. They sacrifice customer service to save labor, cut corners to keep food cost down, just to line their own pockets with dividends and bonuses, that dont go to the employees but to the supervisor of the particular store.

  • Ch
      2nd of Jun, 2014
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    Just today I had been asked to train a new employee, which I'm ok with. But then when am a customer came to our drive in, and asked if i could bring her ice cream out to her, my general manager told the employee taking The order to tell the customer to take their request and shove It up her ###, this was the last straw. I found out i knew the girl personally and i am done working there. Anyone know where i can file a complaint to the corporate HQ?

  • Mk
      11th of Feb, 2017
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    after work last evening we stopped and placed an order, after about 20 minutes the wrong order was delivered to our car . the drive in only had two customers at the time . Finally after another 15 minutes and two other wrong orders delivered, we finally got the right order . and then the food was cold. So we paid and left This drive in was on Wilmington Pike in Kettering Ohio . Very Poor service

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