Sonic Drive-IN / food- hot dog and french fries

Providence, RI, United States

June 18th check #195165.
Took my mom for a bite to eat. She had never visited Sonic. I had visited once before and was dissatisfied but decided to give it another chance. We decided on 2 New York Hot Dogs because we both love sauerkraut. The restaurant was not too busy but we still waited 10 minutes before I decided to go up and ask if we could at least get our drinks. The counter person explained that the drinks usually come out with the meal but that he would go check on our order. He did so and came out with our meals. The hot dogs were obviously microwaved (over-microwaved) and too hot to even eat. The kraut was scarce and the sauteed onions over abundant. The fries were cold and chewy. Very disappointing.

I am a chef/writer in Providence and happy to become a secret shopper if needed. [protected]

Jun 20, 2017

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