Sonic Drive-Incarhop named sierra

Yesterday, 01/18/2017, my husband and I went to the Sonic at 2612 W Lee Blvd in Lawton Ok. The girl who took our order and our carhop was named Sierra. When she delivered our order my husband asked me a question about if it was right. She stood there pecking her fingernails on the menu board and rolling her eyes. When she told us the price my husband asked if the card had not worked because he had paid at the card reader. He short answer No, very blunt and actually rude. Rather than apologizing and saying I will do it again for you, she just stood there with her hand out until he laid the card in her hand. She signed in and ran the card. Then instead of expressing regret and saying Thank You, she just folded the card up in the receipt and handed it to my husband and started walking away. He stopped her to give her a tip, which I would not have done. I don't expect that kind of behavior from Sonic nor have I ever been treated that rudely.

Jan 19, 2017

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