Shoppers Drug Mart / management and loss prevention officers

Cambridge, ON, Canada

In April of this year while shopping at the Franklin and Elgin St. Cambridge On. Branch I was wrongly accused of theft. I and my family have been regular customers going 3 or 4 times weekly to shop and for my multitude of prescriptions. They know me by name and have even followed the progress of our infant son with great interest. I am a comical outgoing personality and was always friendly and kind to the staff. The night in question found my spouse and I picking up a number of items. I was totally aware of the lpo trying to act casual thinking he was onto a big bust..why? Because he disliked my appearance and discriminantly profiled me. I had in my hand at the time a 10 dollar box of eyeshadow that my spouse wanted to purchase and I had that in my hand when I told her I was going to get pop for us..I went to the area in question and picked up two six packs of pop..unfortunately when I picked them up it caused the little eyeshadow box to dig painfully into the palm of my hand. I dropped the makeup on the boxes of pop and returned to my spouse. I also had stopped at the pharmacy to obtain a syringe to administer orally some medication for our baby boy. Something the lpo also noticed. We then proceeded to the checkout with our purchases and paid for what we had bought with cash. As we were heading to the exit we were approched by the lpo who asked me if there was anything I had forgotten to pay for. I told him quit dist inctly that no I hadnt. And he asked about the makeup. I was at this point becoming upset and informed him where U had in fact left the item in question.he indicated I had it in my coat pocket and as I walked to where the makeup was I reached into the pocket and pulled out what was in my pocket a keyfob with a car key attached. I then picked up the makeup where I had dropped it and showed it to him..but he was relentless and wouldnt accept the fact that he was in factnin the wrong. He not only put his hands on me but subsequently had me charged with theft under $5000, possession of stolen property under $5000 and assault with intent to resist arrest. And I never laid a finger on the little idiot. Also in his statement of his description of me he claimed I was covered in and I quote 'meth marks' referring I would assume to the extreme excema I have suffered with since childhood and have an ongoing prescription at that I said profiled. So to shorten this up a bit after 4:months of multiple court appearances I was found not guilty on ALL charges. But wait, it gets better. After all the hassle and stress they put me through for something I didn't do, I returned to the same location. First visit was what I needed and left..second visit I was approached by an employee. .not management and informed in front of customers and other staff that I was to leave the store immediately and they werent going to even ring my purchases through all the while knowing I was innocent. I have never been so embarassed and humiliated in my life as I was this day. I am branded as criminal even though proven to be innocent. I have been degraded and profiled for a second time and have had my good family name slandered. I have now had to change locations which is total crap. I am a disabled person and this is causing me to have to travel twice as far to get what I require. I will not be taking this laying down..they want to besmirch my good name and all I can say is I hope their lawyers are good cause mine sure as hell is gonna be. Watch yourselves at this location they dont like how you look you could like myself pay a heavy price. Trust me theirs will be much heavier.

Sep 22, 2017

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