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Complaints & Reviews

ripped off

was given a coupon for stop smoking product and it had on the front no presription nessasary, yet i wa...

no insulin

I have been a diabetic since 1994, more than half my life-time. Ever since being recognized with diabetes I...

Toronto Drug Stores

custmer service

i wrote a large note in the subject of the complaint sorry did not see this section its concerning the sale...

Petawawa Drug Stores

poor return policy

My Sister purchased a gift "Radio" for myself for Christmas 2010.I did not want radio as I have enough already.So, went to return the radio with receipt in hand.The customer service agent said I would need the original debit card so she could return the amount to the card.I told her it was a gift, I did not purchase it and therefore do not have the debit card used to purchase it.She indicated could not return it, that this was the Shoppers policy.I indicated I am not asking for the cash back, but would be happy to accept store credit.She indicated they could not do that, as reiterated with her Supervisor.I said well that's not acceptable as
my sister is not in the area and I can't expect her to travel or send me her debit card, which I am not authorized to use.Nor would I pay shipping to send her the gift to return.I asked to speak with the Manager.The Manager indicated that they could not give me store credit and only return item to original debit card.I said well, your store is no longer just a Drug Store and that you advertise and promote Christmas gifts.He indicated to me that in fact I was the second customer with the same request in the last 10 mins. I indicated, country wide there is probably a thousand customers trying to return gifts.I then pointed out to the Manager the signage in the store that said "Christmas Gifts
Made Easy", that it was not easy at all and why would the Company take a chance with the loss of revenue to return the purchase to a debit card of the person(s) they have inconvenienced. He threw up his hands and said he would call the Corporate Office as I Requested.Not resolved to date!

  • Re
    Reachme Feb 05, 2011

    I purchased cosmetics from another store and tried to return them to Northland Mall Shoppers in Calgary, the clerk refused to process the returns with the reason that each store is independently owned. She told me to return the items to the store where I made the purchase. I did not see any signs in the store nor was I told of this policy when I made the purchase. There is nothing on the receipt or on the return policy on Shoppers' website to indicate this is true.

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  • In
    Inallfareness Apr 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would have to disagree with you completely. How in the world do the employees at Shoppers know that your sister has bought this for you? You could be some random person trying to return stolen goods with a receipt. You have to accept the fact that each company has it's own policy. If you do not like it then well, too bad. The only person inconvenienced was you because you tried to get the employee to refund something that they could not. Continuing, you did not even purchase it so why would it bother you. Shoppers DrugMart did not inconvenience you, you inconvenienced yourself because you wasted your own gas. You need to comprehend the fact, that sometimes you will get Christmas gifts that you do not like and there is nothing you can do about it. If you truly did not want the product then send it back to your sister or give it to someone else! Why waste other people's time over something so silly. They can't refund or exchange it then they can't. On the Shopper's DrugMart website it clearly states, "Shoppers Drug Mart reserves the right to limit or refuse to accept the return of certain merchandise at any time and for any reason." Also it states, "Debit card will be refunded to the original debit card." Stop trying to be a grumpy customer for no reason, you should understand that customers need to follow and respect a company's policy.

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employee complaint

we are just here to tell you that this shoppers drug mart store supervisor MR.Peter has very bad attitude and...

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refusal to accept mostly used antibiotics for environmentally friendly disposal

The pharmacist at the Humbertown Shopper's Drug Mart would not accept unfinished antibitics for environmentally responsible disposal. No other pharmacy has ever refused our attempts to keep drugs out of landfill and public land and water. Sylvia Des-Sahkian is the first who waved us away, disinterested in proper disposal. If you are hiring phar-macists who know less about the impact of the drugs they mix on the environment than the general population who hears it on the news everyday, you should not be in the pharmaceutical business. Educate your employees please or remove them from positions of responsibility.

Basia Stec

poor customer service

I just had an incident tonight with Shoppers Drug Mart. I have been dealing with the Shoppers Drug Mart at...

poor customer service - pharmacist

Repeatedly treated poorly by male asian young pharmacist.
He was the only one servicing the pharmacy and I waited with my infant son at the RX IN location while after seeing me there he left the pharmacy area to go talk to another employee about sports - noticing me the entire time. The employee he was talking to looked at me and said "someone will be with you shortly" because he obviously felt bad for the pharmacists lack of care. 10 minutes later the pharmacist came to take the prescription - then telling me something was wrong with the prescription and he had to call the doctor. He had nothing to do but refused to call my doctor while I waited and told me he would give me a call. When I asked for the prescription back he refused and said something was wrong and he had to call her. I ended up filling the prescription there (a few hours later - never knowing what was wrong) but will NEVER return there.

  • Aa
    aartee Jun 19, 2011

    Hello Sir/Madam

    i have recently Received email from Shoppers on about promotion for this week . i am regular customer always shop at shoppers Unfortunately, when I went to shoppers today I saw there was shaver for men was on sale from $109 to $59 dollar when i went to the cashier she scanned and said its not on sale its something else but sign on shelf was same company T&G but product # was different . so Supervisor mension its not our mistake its Customer mistake they place wrong sign on shelf so now because of this i couldn't got the gift for my dad and my 2 hrs got wasted in shoppers so if u want me to come back to shoppers again then Head of shoppers dept person need to resolve the problem, I would like you to give me same deal and 20 x points

    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I have been a satisfied customer of your company for many years and this is the first time I have encountered a problem. If you need to contact me, you can reach me at (403) 612-9524.

    Thank You

    Aartee Sharma

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bogus gift card

A few weeks ago I took advantage of their shopping promos – Spend $50 and get a surprise gift card for Shoppers Drug Mart. I scratched it and revealed a $10 gift card (PLU4478). I put this aside knowing that I would use it again in a 2-3 weekss. When I went to use it, I was very surprised to find an expiration date - missed it by 1 day. The cashier never mentioned it to me at the time she handed it to me. I normally shop when they have 10x or 20x Optimum Points promo, so I never had the opportunity to use their gift card before and assumed it worked like a regular gift card. Since no expiration dates are applied to the points earned at these special promos, the same should hold true of the gift cards - indefinite expirartion date. But if a card has an imminent expiration date, customers should be advised. Otherwise, I think the right thing to do is to offer those customers a regular gift card as a replacement.

This complaint was lodged with their Head Office. Despite their long-winded politically-correct answer, their position boiled down to "tough lucK" .

Considering the number of shopping trips I have made to Shoppers over the years, I thought they could have handled this with more class.

CONSUMER BEWARE: Their promotional gift cards expire within 2-3 weeks.

  • Op
    OPPTED OUT OF OPTIMUM Apr 11, 2011

    The gift CASH card promos are a SCAM. In fact all their promos and their 'optimum' program overall is badly administered and not well planned out at all. Half the time the promos overlap BUT you cannot take advantage of that. The CASH cards are NOT treated like CASH at all! There are wayyy too many hoops and rings of fire to jump through. The customer service is the worst ever - from the front lines all the way up to corporate! I just received a reply from 'head office?" - from last year! UNREAL! and NO reference or explanation WHY it took this long! and it was a confused jumble of a response that really did not respond to my actual question! Every store seems to be owned/managed by someone else (hence BUCK PASSING is sooooooo easy!). They say they are open 24 hours BUT many services and stock are NOT THERE! Soooooo WHY be open! EVERY single store has different selection, stock, service (as in mostly NON) and even sales! WHY waste your time giving them your money! They do NOT deserve mine any more! I am spending my time and energy shopping elsewhere - where they VALUE customers! BUB BYE Shoppers - ROTSA RUCK CHUCK! They LOVE to point out ALL their FINE PRINT - BUT ONLy after you find out the hard way. SAVE time energy money - STOP SHOPPING SHOPPERS!

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  • Sh
    shannonbarron Dec 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the shoppers in Blackburn Hamlet, ottawa, ON, went to purchase a pregnancy test the sign said 12.99$ the cashier didnt give the pregnancy test at that price where it was advertised at 12.99$ was rude and condiscending.
    shannon seguin RPN

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  • Sh
    shanigo Jan 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dropped off a prescription refill at Shoppers Drug Mart - Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls on January 7, 2012. I went today January 9, 2012 to pick it up. The young lady assisting the Pharmacist could not find the order. She looked through some books and then I heard her ask the Pharmacist "Are you going to sign off on this prescription"? He replied "No". She explained that the script could not be read by the Pharmacist so he refused to fill it. I asked him for the script - I could read it. The girl called my Dr.'s office and they confirmed over the phone the script - he still refused and asked for a new one - however, the Dr. would not be in till the next day to re-do script for me. I needed my blood pressure pills. I asked "why did no one call me at home so I could have taken care of the matter"? No reply. I requested my script back and left. I attended the Dr.;s office seen another Dr. and explained what had happened - he was stunned. I took the new script to another Drug store and low and behold - I could not get my refills because they had been filled and processed already at Shoppers Drug Mart!!! I thought he could not read the script???? Is this fraud???? I am pissed! shannon goba very mad consumer!

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  • Ho
    Hollyjolly Feb 09, 2012

    What is the dress code for the Shopper Drug Mart Staff ? Do they get to wear crocks and flip flops, no socks etc ? Isn't this a health concern, especially for a Health Store.

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  • In
    Inallfareness Apr 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just to let you know it is not a "GIFT CARD", it is a promotional coupon. Therefore, they are allowed to expire. You should know that any promotion will not be valid forever, all promotions have a while supplies last or valid until. I find it ridiculous that you complained and got upset over the fact that you did not read the coupon - which by the way, the expiration date was clearly stated.

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subject: bad attitude of your cashier ms. christine? at register #1 at shoppers drug mart #1516 located at 747 don mills road, north york, on m3c 1t2

subject: Bad attitude of your cashier Ms. Christine? At register #1 at Shoppers Drug Mart #1516 located at...


Hi, I went early this morning to the Shopper's Drug Mart (10/08/10 at around 8:00am) seeking the advice...

Toronto Drug Stores

seniors 20% discount

Shoppers Drug Mart offers a seniors discount of 20% the last thursday of the month. I waited to purchase a $69.99blood pressure monitor expecting to save 20% $14.00 I also got a few other things. The blood pressure monitor had been reduced by $5.00 but was not marked as on sale. I was charged $2.00 more for the only item that was not on sale.
My total savings was $2.20. Totoal savings $.20. No where did it say 20% off on regulared priced items only. I found out at the cash register.
It seems they take of a few dollars off the higher priced items to avoid giving the 20%. As far as I am concerned this is a ripoff. I would have paid the same the day before or after.

  • Be
    Beach Mouse Aug 25, 2013

    I don't blame you for being ticked off. Thanks for the warning. There are a few high ticket items I've been waiting to get . . . but now I'm going to keep a close watch on the pricing to see if they reduce it on Seniors Day.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Don't mess with seniors ! ! ! * * * * * * * * * * * *

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  • Te
    Terryzzz Jan 30, 2014

    I agree totally. Today was the first day ever that I attempted a seniors discount at Shopper Drugmart. Milk regular price $4.29. Today on sale for $3.97. Should have paid $3.44. What gives. There is no benefit to shopping at Shoppers Drugmart as a senior. They only encourage seniors to drive unnecessarily to their store. Nice! That is what is needed more seniors driving unnecessarily. If you can't stand behind your pledge to sell with integrity to the public then please don't.

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rude customer service

Simple situation - Pharmacy staff member takes job frustration on me. Yells at me because they are understaffed and dont have time to fill my prescriptions.
I complained on the survey, called the customer service line and reported problem to a pharmacist at the store.
Everyone is very sorry - if it happens again call them.
I decided to move my business and end collecting optimum points for airmiles.
No one person is regretfull that they lost my business. I thought I would try again to make my point, but customer service really cant figure out the issue.

No customer retention policy or department exists.

I did all my food shopping there -

Mic Gagne

poor service

I went to shoppers drug mart yesterday on montreal road, I usually go to the one on vanier parkway but I was in a rush and decided to go to the one on montreal road and st laurent. Big mistake!! There was no one there to help me on the floor and then finally I get to the cash and theres a huge line up but the cashier doesnt do anything about it.. ? Her name was tina marie, she didnt smile, she was rude, she didnt even look like she was happy to be there, not only that but she wasnt even wearing the proper uniform, I mean her pants were black not blue and they were so tight, they were almost about to rip. She and the management should know better then to wear something like that to work! This was the worst shopping experience ive ever had. Oh yes and she forgot to ask me for my optimum card, usually the cashier always asks me if I have mine and thats when I take it out. This time she didnt ask and so I forgot and then she tells me she cant add my point anymore. It was her mistake I know she could of asked someone to add the points but she proceeded to the next customer. They are opening a new store and let me tell you I wont even look at it! Its going to take me a long time to walk back into any shoppers drug mart.

  • Jo
    Joyce D Gauthier Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Poor service and money hungey.I moved to Overwaitea drugs.

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  • Sa
    Salle Jafar Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been to 4 different location in BC. Namely Davie Street, Granville Street, Richmond Mall and Royal City Mall and they are all the same. I like the fact that some of their location operate 24 hours but in general their service sucks big time. Lack of customer service training or just basically lazy bunch of employee. Very slow at the cash register and hardly any staff on the floor to assist the customer. The wait at the cash register can be very long and none of them even bother to open another till until someone complaint. Hardly smiles at customers or being apologetic for the long line and most of them seems unhappy behind the counter. They should have a name tag that says buy it or leave it because I don't give a rat ###! Seriously, I think 90 years old seniors are more energetic and can do a better job then their current employee.

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shoddy service

Re: the shoppers drug mart pharmacy at 2345 yonge street, toronto on. I dropped off a prescription before...


My husband and I attempted to purchase diabetic supplies and some Aleve from the pharmacist "Alim". Hi...

4 comments Strathmore Drug Stores

customer service

I purchased some eye makeup remover from Shoppers Drug Mart. It was their own cosmetics brand (Quo) and has the same return policy as the Life brand (satisfaction guaranteed!). It did not work very well and it stung my eyes. I sent an email to the company and told them I would be returning the product. I never did hear back from anyone.

I went to Shoppers to return the makeup remover. The cashier seemed new and was not familiar with the return policy (something I'd assume is part of basic training). She commented that it was used (um, yes, that's how I know it stings my eyes!). The other problem was that I didn't have my receipt.

She called the manager, who was not familiar with the return policy, either. I had to quote from the company's website that I could return a Quo product without a receipt for a full return or exchange. The manager took my word for it but said I would have to come back between 9-5 and do the return with the cosmetics manager!

The experience was completely ridiculous - I threw out the product and never returned (I work between 9-5).

bad service

This store had the worst service I have every seen! All the employees were rude to me and refused to help me...

rude employee

i am a regular customer of shoppers for years.. i go to the dunbar branch on 27th avenue... but it is very dissapointing how the customers are treated. Two employees named margareet and elle are very rude specially margaret. She is very rude and has no idea how to behave with a customer. She constantly asks for ID. Whenever i see her there i feel like walking out of the store. they are very ill manered. if they are always so angry then they should not come to work.

on the other hand Kal and Wendy are very nice. best customer service. they are very welcoming.

please do something about her...

health and safty

Anyone with asthma / allergy please read
On july 21, 2010 I went into our "new" shoppers store. They resently closed 2 smallers stores nearby to make this one.
One of the two that closed was a 24hr. The only one at our end of town, close to our only hospital.
I enterered into the only enterance, and had to walk through the cosmetic/perfume space to get to the rest of the store. Within minutes I started to get an allergic reaction to the smells I encountered walking in. The funny thing is I was there to pick up my asthma medication, which I found out was at the back of the store. After waiting for almost 25 minutes, hearing the complaints of all the other customers. I finally got my medication. By the time I arrived home I was in a asthmatic and allergy attach. After taking the max amount of medicine I was o. K. Anyone with asthma/allergies knows what the medicine does to your body. It's not fun.
Who ever designed this store is a compleat idiot and it is ovious that they (Shoppers) is only consered about the bottom line (Money) then their customers. I will no longer be using this store. I'll have to go across town.
I wrote the head office in toronto, but i'm sure they will file my concern under "g".

Can't breath