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I always go to this specific shell gas station to buy my cigarettes and to get food from the attached restaurant. If I need gas, I get gas too. My brother buys cartons of cigarettes there too. My mom buys her cigarettes and gas there too. The shell is on the border of the next county, so this shell station has much lower cigarette prices.

This shell station is located on Lake Street in Hanover Park, IL near the Elgin O'Hare entrance ramp. I go in there often, and one particular employee is always giving me dirty looks. I have been using thank you, have a nice day, and other pleasantries to try and win him over. However, today at approx 12:20 A.M., he was very mean. He would not sell me a slushy, and the machine was full of slushy ice and rotating in both sides. Attempting to learn of its status, he told me that, "I am not going to tell you four times."

When I purchased the cigarettes, he threw the change on my hand. It flung off, and he was not looking at where it went.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hanover Park, IL He did not hand me the cigarettes, but put them by the register almost half way across the register's counter. I grabbed the cigarettes, and kinda stood there shocked. He looked up and asked me, "Do you have a problem?" I told him that is was his attitude. He said, "Don't even." Then I started walking out, and as I was walking out he said it loud enough for to hear, "###in blah blah blah." I could not hear the rest. I turned around and asked what he said, and he repeated "I said don't even."

I said not that, what did you say after that. He said, "nothing" or something. I said you swore at me. Then he said, "I did not say ###, how about that!" I replied saying you7 swore at me again. Then he told me to, "Leave, and do not come back when I am here." Even then, I did not return insult, yelling, or anything.

Needless to say, I am really angered about this guy's treatment. He would not sell me a slushy, kicked me out, and swore at me, for no reason.
Matthew H. Grooms

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  • Ki
      Sep 13, 2008

    What ###s, If you read my compliant about this gas station I freaquent, its the same type stuff, The only thing I can come to grips with, with these people is that they hate there lives...

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  • Co
      Sep 28, 2008

    Yes. Gas stations have really gotten bad. At a different Shell station, I had to deal an extremely rude young person who talked down to me as if she was doing me a favor.

    It was the Shell Station in Madison, Tennessee. I paid for my gas outside and it never printed the receipt. I discovered later that they knew in advance that the pump wasn't printing receipts, yet they didn't bother putting a label on it warning customers that they would have to go inside the store for a receipt.

    Once I went inside, I was wrongly informed that "we don't have to give you a receipt". Her attitude was extremely hateful. I called their customer service line and was told that they do, indeed, have to provide a receipt. I purchased over $90 in gas on that occassion and needed the receipt for my records.

    I was told that the manager would contact me and provide a receipt, but it never happened.

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  • Er
      Feb 25, 2009

    I had a clerk talking to his friend and not paying one bit of attention to the patrons waiting for service. I just hope that they will start getting rid of workers like this because too many good people are looking for work for these kinds of people to have these customer service jobs.

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  • Cu
      Sep 11, 2009

    I also had problems with the "help" at the Shell Gas Station on Lake Street in Hanover Park, Il. My receipt did not completely print out, but I could see it. I asked the attendant to get the receipt out for me, since it had my information on it. She said it doesn't have any information on and printed a receipt. Well yes the receipts have your personal information on them, Then she said she couldn't go outside, since she was alone. No other customers were at the pumps or in the store, however she had a male friend in the store with her. She stated that the receipt was stuck so when the next customer came in and the receipt would not print, then she would go out and fix it and throw away my receipt. What? You can't fix it now but will fix it with the next customer! So I went out and over pumped into my car another .21 of gas and sure enough both receipts came out. I should have left, but I went in to explain that the receipt was not stuck. This clerk went beserck, egged on by her friend saying she did nothing wrong. I asked for the managers name and left ASAP, their behavior was off. I have been going to this station for over 15 years. I will no longer buy my gas at this location and will probably no longer buy Shell Oil gas. In the future attendants should offer to let the customer pump .10 gas for free when their equiment malfunctions and they cannot fix the problem. Remember the customer is always right.

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  • Sa
      Mar 28, 2010


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  • Di
      Mar 28, 2010

    OMG sarabob how disgusting is that!! I would even think you could get damages just for being exposed to that at a business location !!!

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  • Ke
      Aug 09, 2011

    I have been going to this shell gas station for the past 5 years, and theeres this employee, Light complexion latino, that every time I go there he gives me dirty and uncaring looks. Today 8-8-11 around 5:30pm, I went to fill up and he was there. He looked angrily and upset at me. He was rude, and uncaring whether I bought gas or not. I asked him why he always seem angry when I come by, and he responded, " If you want to complain, complain to him, " as he pointed to his friend next to him. I asked for the office phone number to file a complaint, and he said he didn't have one. After I insisted he the She;; business loctaion number. Shell, you just lost one coustomer. It may not be much but as long as you hir umpolite people, I'll never go back. This gas station was on the corner of Vernon & Vermont, in Los Angeles Claifornia 90037. Thank you.

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