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Shell reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 7, 2006. The latest review Shell gift card was posted on Aug 27, 2021. The latest complaint unethical behavior and rip off was resolved on Nov 05, 2019. Shell has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 1080 reviews. Shell has resolved 122 complaints.

Shell Customer Service Contacts

+31 70 377 9111 (Netherlands)
+1 888 467 4355 (United States)
+44 800 731 8888 (United Kingdom)
+44 207 934 1234 (United Kingdom)
+61 893 386 600 (Australia)
+64 44 714 519 (New Zealand)
+43 800 080 299 (Austria)
+45 79 203 522 (Denmark)
+353 972 7100 (Ireland)
+31 900 202 2710 (Netherlands)
+351 214 200 400 (Portugal)
+27 119 967 000 (South Africa)
800 727 5270 (Brazil)
Carel van Bylandtlaan 16
The Hague
Netherlands - 2596

The United States
1000 Main, 12th Floor, Houston, TX 77002

The United Kingdom
Shell Centre, London, SE1 7NA

400 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 200, Montreal, QC H3A 1L4

562 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000

New Zealand
Level 10, ASB Tower, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington

30F, China World Tower B, No. 1 Jianguomen Wai Avenue, Chaoyang District

Tech Gate, Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Vienna

Egeskovvej 265, DK - 7000 Fredericia

307 rue Estienne d'Orves, 92708 Colombes Cedex

Embassy House, Herbert Park Lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin D04 H6Y0

Via Vittor Pisani, 16 – 20124 Milano

Rua Sanches Coelho, nº 3 – 8º andar, 1600-201, Lisboa

Paseo de la Castellana 257, 6A planta, 28046 Madrid

Av. Paseo de las Palmas No.425, piso 3, Torre Optima 3, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec C.P. 11000

Av. das Américas, 4.200, Bloco 6, Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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16F Pacific Century Place Marunouchi, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6216, Japan

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Shell Complaints & Reviews

Aug 27, 2021

Shell — Shell gift card

I received a $50.00 shell gift card (700063...), stopped at the shell gas station at 26126 tx-105 in...

ShellExtremely rude behavior & language Attendant: TINA went to WAWA to fill up

-- Shell Station: Attendant TINA
Complaint: Extremely rude behavior & language. Sign on pump ‘pay inside'
Ran express-b105579">American Express card (prepay $100), TINA did not turn on pump, said out of sequence with charge card, chip failure, tried again, but TINA said too early and pump failed to turn on. She began foul language, insults, and told us to leave without full tank of gas. If you care about customer service you will investigate and interview her. Either the credit card scanner, pump, or attendant should be replaced. Her behavior resulted in losing two recently retired residents of Ormond Beach and we will pass on to neighbors.
- August 18, 2021
- Shell FCE #1090, # [protected]
- 201W Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach 32174

Went to WAWA and filled up with Diesel on express-b105579">American Express card

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    ShellBad customer service.

    I stopped at The Shell station @ 697 Henslee Dr., Dickson TN. (Fast Stop #4) The # on top of receipt is [protected]. Time was 3:56:03 on 8/12/21,
    CSH: 2 TRAN# 1019369
    I understand the employees need their breaks, but first of all they do not need to be smoking right in front of the entrance. I am highly allergic to cigarette smoke, and had to walk through the haze, to enter your store. After 4 customers were waiting in line on the line cashier inside, the smoking employee came in looking surprised a line had formed, even though we all had to walk past her to get in. She then asked the customer behind me where he had purchased his t-shirt, not even acknowledging me in front of her. After she waited on me, I was waiting for my receipt, but as soon as my card had been approved, she immediately went to check her phone on the counter. She waited a second or two, then realized I wanted my receipt. She seemed annoyed at me. No thank you, no have a good day, etc. She immediately went back to her phone, as the next customer was walking up. I've had several small businesses and have worked for a lot of other companies, we always put our phones away until break time. I found this highly offensive and very rude. That's why I've stopped coming to this store, except when I'm pressed for time. I use to frequent it 4-5 times a week, as it's the closest gas station to my house. Now I'll drive onto the station a few blocks ahead, and it is not Shell.
    Thank you,
    Tap PUHL
    tap.[protected]@ Gmail.com

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      ShellSlot payment not received voided but I can't read

      I was at the Jacobson rd shell in neenah wi
      I was there around 3am on July 24th 2020. I can't read.. well I did not know you had to tell the clerk to come n see the amount of $ b4 u cash out on the slot machines i asked the clerk how much he could pay me he says how much Is the ticket I said $80 he goes I can do $40 I said ok so I assumed it was it was ok 2 push the collect button i go up there n say I printed the ticket n he starts yelling at me saying no its voided I need 2 see it 1st I start crying saying how could u do that he said nope i can't he was a really rude man that took it out on me I feel I was ripped off n it was a accident misunderstanding I want my $80 dollars today

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        Jul 23, 2021

        Shell — Bad service

        Good Morning Sir /madam My name is Wycliff mbangeni. Yesterday I was on shell garage as usual as I know...

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        ShellFalse price advertising

        On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, I purchased roughly 11.5 gallons of the, "V Power" gasoline from the, 920 Ingleside Avenue location, in Baltimore (County), Maryland.

        Originally, I visited the location on Monday, July 19, 2021, to fill up my vehicle; however, I noticed the "20 cents off premium gas on Tuesday" sign, located on the pump bay canopy, which prompted me to return the following day on July 20.

        Upon returning, I noticed on the curbside sign that the price for the premium gas was not reduced, so I asked the female cashier inside why the price did not reflect the 20 cent discount. She said that it was already applied, which was not true because it was the same price as the day prior, but I was in a hurry and thought maybe the price would be different at the pump, but it wasn't...the only discount applied was 3 cents from my grocer (Giant).

        I went back inside to inquire why the discount was not applied, and both the cashier and manager(eventually) informed me that the original cost per gallon was $4.14, which was completely false and not indicated on the curb sign for cash sales, which was displayed a current (and previous) cost of $3.94, but should have been $3.74, considering the 20 cent discount.

        As I traveled throughout the area, I noticed other locations, in Owings Mills, Maryland, and even a couple of miles up the road at the Route 40 location,
        reflected the discount in their curb signage. So, when I returned to the Ingleside station once again to complain to the manager, I noticed that the price was reduced on the curbside sign to $3.74, but the manager refused to honor my complaint and refund request for the difference in what I paid earlier.

        This was clearly a case of intentional false advertising and deception, and very poor customer service!

        Attached is a photo of the receipt from my original transaction, which shows the date and time, and the cost I paid per gallon, $3.91.

        Thank you.

        Darryl Ragin

        False price advertising

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          I was at the shell tonight around 130am to get gas I was inside the store for 10 min waiting there was no other customers in the store the attendant was cleaning and decided to ignore the fact that I was there and kept cleaning I think that is a very unprofessional decision to ignore a customer any other time I go in there the other night attendant stops and helps any customer that comes in this happens at the shell station at 2121 Euclid Ave Bristol va on jul 15th at 130 am

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            Jul 07, 2021

            Shell — Another employee making it an unsafe work place

            Hi my name is Brandi Taulli & I work at the Westbank Truck Stop 9800 Westbank Expressway Westwego, LA...

            Jul 05, 2021

            Shell — Service of car wash and inside the station

            This was my experience here so hoping this will be informative for you. In not here to judge but here'...

            Jul 04, 2021

            Shell — Service

            Good Day, I trust this email finds you well. 1. This message deals with the Shell Garage on 97 Katherine...

            Jun 30, 2021

            Shell — Customer service at 2451 W. Broadway, Needles, CA, 92363

            Date: 28 June 2021 Time: 4:17 pm Location: The Shell Station at 2451 W Broadway in Needles, California with...


            ShellService Complaint

            I worked as an Independent contractor on the 5/14/2021, I audited 3 shell gas stations in Toronto, submitted my reports and pictures in time only to have shell refuse to pay me for my labor and time for the 3 gas shops that I had conducted. One reason apparently they claimed that I had paid for the gas at the pump and not at the store even though I had actually paid for the gas at the store which could be seen from their cameras. The company used this excuse to refuse to pay me for work done. For the second shell gas station that i audited they also rejected paying me because I did not have a selfie of myself on that site even though I had a receipt and compiled all the other required information.

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              ShellCar Wash

              - May 12, 2021 at or around 3:00pm EST
              - The back wiper blade of my 2013 BMW X1 was dislodged and subsequently lost inside a Shell Car Wash. The Car Wash was located at the South-East Corner of Yonge St. and York Mills Ave., in Toronto, Ontario. I had purchased a the "Ultimate Car Wash" Package for $18.07. Upon learning that my rear wiper blade had been lost, returned to Shell and went inside the Gas Bar. The attendant informed me to file a complaint on this website.
              - According to the Canadian Tire Website, a "Trico Rear Wiper Blade" that would fit my vehicle would cost $16.99. I would like to be compensated to replace my missing rear wiper blade.

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                Apr 29, 2021

                Shell Station — Customer service

                So at this location 105 E FM 1417, [protected], SHERMAN, US I have had unprofessional customer service... Sue...

                ShellJewel rewards program

                When u use the jewel rewards on 143rd and Bell Rd Homer Glen Illinois it tells you invalid loyalty number. When I talked to them they told me it just isn't working!! Not a good answer! I asked if they needed to update their system and just got not working! Other people have had the same issue but the problem is not being addressed. I would appreciate a solution to the problem. I will have to drive 2 miles to get gas instead of 2 blocks

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                  Mar 16, 2021

                  Shell — Car wash fraud

                  I went to a Shell station to get my vehicle washed and purchased "The Works". Once I put the code...

                  ShellGift cards

                  My sister sent me a $50 gift card for Christmas. Tried to use the card but it was declined. Your help line person insisted that card was not activated. My sister claims that the cashier activated the card at point of purchase. There are 2 other cards she bought both $50. They both have been declined as well. My sister claims to have watched the cashier activate all the cards. Seems to be a problem somewhere. She is out $150 for bogus cards!!!

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                    Feb 01, 2021

                    Shell — Make them adhere to the standards required to run a franchise with shell name on it. I

                    This shell station does not give Winn Dixie Rewards points discount for gas. Part of problem is their staff...

                    Shell-Marisol BranchChicken lauriat and chinese style canton

                    Naka note akong newly cook sa canton at tigh part ang chicken lauriat.. Ang dumating, malamig at lapse na ang canton, tapos ang chicken sa lauriat, wings na malamig.. Yung chicharap hindi nakain dahil sobra kunat na.. 5mins away lang ang branch from our house, kaya hindi reason ang travel time pra ma laspse ng gnon ang product. Very poory quality of product. Makapush lang ng product ang iniisip, hindi iniisip ang satisfaction ng customer

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                      Jan 22, 2021

                      Shell — Credit card fraud

                      I have been going to this store for 8 years. I have used a debit card to make transactions. when checking my...

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