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British Petroleum reviews & complaints

British Petroleum complaints 110

Dec 17, 2021

British Petroleum - Lack of Managerial Oversight of Employees

I used to stop at this location all the time after work, until they brought in a radio. They play rap music with all of the offensive words so loudly you have to talk over the noise. I complained to the manager twice, nothing changed, so I quit going for several months. Stopped back in tonight to see if anything changed, and got an earful of the eff word and a 'g*d d*mn bit**es before I was able to walk back out.
Money spends easily anywhere. If BP supports the type of management that allows employees to create such a disrespectful, unprofessional environment, then I will not only avoid this location, I will avoid BP as a whole... And I'm not the only customer that you've lost business from over this, I'm just the only customer who has brought it to your attention. This is a nice neighborhood where many customers would find this offensive.

Desired outcome: Prohibit Employee Use of Personal Radios on Company Time

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

British Petroleum - unauthorized credit card charges

On 12/09/2021 @ 14:36 hrs I told the cashier (who refused his name) $15 on pump 6 I swiped my card got the receipt started pumping gas I began to clear my rear window wiper from leaf debris when I noticed the pump exceeded the $15 so I stopped the pump went inside told the cashier what happened. The cashier instructed me to turn the pump off (which I had already done) and gave me a receipt for $22 stating it would reflect later it is now 12/11/2021 and my money has not been returned to my account. They refuse to answer the phone number given. On 12/10/2021 I called again left my number no response. Can you resolve this simple issue of $27.95? BP site UD says 9743386 address is 17460 S. Kedzie Av. Hazelcrest, Ill 60429 invoice#162602

Desired outcome: Refund of my money & discipline of agent who caused this issue and their attitudes

The employees at this location are rude & dismissive. They refuse to answer questions refuse to give the manager/owner name or number. The absolute worst uncaring customer service I have encountered in years. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THIS LOCATION EVER AGAIN AND WILL ENCOURAGE FRIENDS, FAMILY & NEIGHBORS TO DO THE SAME. All over $27.95

Dec 07, 2021

British Petroleum - Unacceptable customer service

12/6/2021 @ ar6pm 475 N Lake Ave. Twin Lakes, WI As a frequent customer at this location I have settled with the poor customer service. As I wait in line to pre pay gas because again the reader at...

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British Petroleum - ampm site manager phil violates my unruh civil rights on multiple documented occasions

Phil the site manager at AmPm @ 1139 Douglas Blvd Roseville, Ca 95678 and one other employee have violated my Unruh Civil Rights on several occasions. The site manager is discriminating against me...

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British Petroleum - Over pricing

I purchased 2x drench drinks and got charged £3.99p they was clearly marked up as 2 for £2.65 the garage wouldn't refund me and said its not on the app. Really annoying, it's not about the money but the principal, I would like a refund for the overpayment as the staff in the garage are point blank refusing to give me back the overpayment.


Desired outcome: Refund

Jun 11, 2021

British Petroleum - BP stealing my money

I went to the BP on my lunch break on Polaris Pkw in Columbus, OH. I pumped $20.00 worth of gas. I used my debit card on cash app. When I got back to work, the debit card registered $50.00. I know...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

British Petroleum - rice krispies treat,

Bought s rice krispies 22oz snack but when I opened it, it was hard as a rock and tasted funny was boughtvatca BP gas station and was told that I needed to contact the consumer so that's what I'm doing. Product is hard, tastes funny and is completely awful. I eat these on a regular basis a d this is the first time I e had an issue with this product. I would like to be reimbursed for this and compensated for this awful rice Krispy treat..unsatisfied customer



British Petroleum - cashier

I went to the BP gas station on Broadhead Road in Moon Township Pennsylvania on Tuesday, October 15 around 11 AM. I handed the cashier $60 and told him I would like $60 worth of gas on pump 12. I...

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Oct 11, 2019

British Petroleum - service

I purchase some gas from this gas station the gas attendants were very rude one of them refused to service me and when was actually completed I let one of them know excuse me my gas is done he had...

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Jun 21, 2019

British Petroleum - poor quality shingle. eclipse shingle. lifetime shingle curling after only 14 years.

Purchased what I thought was a very high end shingle made by BP. Shingle is Eclipse with a Lifetime title with it. Shingles are starting to show some serious wear on them. Curling upwards at the bottom corners. I have read many peoples complaints over this particular brand and style of shingle. I have come to also realize that there was a class action lawsuit against BP for this specific type of shingle. I am responding to the complaint submitted to this forum in January of this year where the person asked people respond via the website comment section.

British Petroleum - refused to let me use bathroom because I was buying gas

at 4pm I went to this location and had to use the bathroom and the attendant refused to give me the key to it because I was only buying gas, . Are you serious it's a gas station. The guy was an [censored] and I thought racist and i find the whole thing ridiculous and absurd that a gas station would refuse a customer to pay $20 for gas and not use the bathroom and treat them as I was treated. BP is where I normally get gas but I will be going other places in the future

Mar 04, 2019

British Petroleum - customer service

I had the worst customer service experience ever at my local bp station in cuyahoga falls, ohio. I was there on saturday, march 2nd around 4 p.M. Est. I always self-pay at the pump to save going inside. Got $10 worth of gas and a car wash, $10 total. Pump wouldn't print receipt, told me to go inside. Went inside, young man with long dark hair at counter asks me what pump. I said I wasn't sure and pointed at my car outside (there was only one other). He rudely, very rudely, said, why do you come in here and not know your pump? I answered that I wasn't planning on coming in but that I needed my receipt. He said "that's not my fault." hmmm okay, and it's mine that the receipt didn't print? Another customer heard the exchange and told him what pump it was. He printed out the receipt and threw it at me. I was so mad, I left. After I took my car through the car wash I went back in to see a manager. Same young man told me manager wasn't there. He also wouldn't tell me his name. And then he flicked his hand at me and said bye bye in a falsetto fake voice, very very very rude. I will not go there again, and am still trying to find out the manager. I have also told all my friends and co-workers to boycott that station. There is just no excuse.

Jan 26, 2019

British Petroleum - gas receipt

I went to the BP gas station which is located on 105-15 Merrick blvd Jamaica NY 11433. I was regular customer on this gas station. But I'm not going no more on this gas station cuz this is the 4th...

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British Petroleum - overcharge at fuel station

We had filled diesel at BP gas station (BP Stalden, Rallye Garage GmbH, 3922 Stalden- petrol station number [protected]) on 19.9.18 for CHF 64.62 but my credit card was debited for CHF. Attaching the receipt for your reference. When we spoke to the gas station, they said that our card will be credited back with the balance amount in maximum 2 days. It has been 6 days and we have not received the money back. We are here on a holiday and this debit is causing undue problems as our money is blocked. Please release at the earliest. Receipt attached for your reference.

Receipt no. 6588/058 Date. 19.09.18

Fuel cost CHF 64.62
Charge to my card CHF 200

Refund the amount back to my card

Name: Gaurav Shah
Phone Number: +91 [protected]
email: [protected]

Aug 31, 2018

British Petroleum - customer reward card

I have been a customer for over 10 years. The company has frequent problems with my REWARD CARD and has offered no compensation. They do not train the agents at the station to understand the card'...

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Jul 28, 2018

British Petroleum - unethical behaviour

My name is Prince Sanders. On 11/27/2018 Approximately around 11:55pm. at 177-01 Springfield Blvd, Cambria Heights, NY 11411, I was verbally abused by a store employe by the name of Singh. I wa...

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Jul 23, 2018

British Petroleum - bp / unleaded petrol coming through diesel pump

7/22/2018 stopped at bp gas station to fill up with diesel, at the side pumps were full so we were going around the pumps and seen the green handle on the pumps pulled in and filled up, and truck quit on us about 5 miles down the road. Now we are pulling a 33' 5th wheel camper behind us. Flat stuck, broke down at 2 p, m, and didn't get home till 12:30 p.m..
We have come to realize by other customers that this is not the first time this has happened with BP. Do you people know that this error is some major dollars to customers to fix a diesel engine. BP / unleaded petrol coming through diesel pump.
you know that if all the pump handles were red it would be different, but you have 3 red and 1 green on each pump, that is soooo stupid. I will tell everyone I know about this and the fact you and your company feel like they need not comply with the way the american people identify gas and diesel at the pumps, I will never buy from you people again, I dont care how good you are. One mishap like this is one to many.


British Petroleum - I requested a second credit card in my name and was denied without cause

I have been a BP credit card holder for over 25 years with an excellent payment history. When I called and requested a second card in my name, I was given a hard time. It was absolutely insulting. I do not need an employee of BP trying to do my thinking for me, and I do I owe them an explanation for my request. I am the customer who pays their bills. I asked for a supervisor and they were as insulting as the first person. I then requested a second level supervisor and was told it would be a while. I said good bye and then went to one of your rivals, opened an account and will be receiving two cards. My time was wasted. I was overtly disrespected.

Apr 18, 2018

British Petroleum - trying to purchase

Stopped at BP Store#5818521 in Lithonia, Georgia, to purchase gas, cigarettes, and drinks. When we presented the clerk with a Marlboro coupon we were told they don't take coupons. If they seel...

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British Petroleum - funding my account.

I've added two separate 25$ gift cards on my account and it says cards received so I cannot resubmit them BUT I for some reason don't have 50$ in my available funds so being we have to pay to post or repost I haven't been able to do either and it's becoming quite an inconvenience especially because it's been four days so I missed the whole weekend ... I've tried contacting via the contact email provided on the website but no help or even reply which is also frustrating !

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