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+65 63 181 000(Singapore) 0 0
+64 800 733 835(New Zealand) 0 0
+855 23 223 355(Cambodia) 0 0
+852 28 028 338(Hong Kong) 0 0
+62 212 994 6297(Indonesia) 0 0
+60 322 896 688(Malaysia) 0 0
+92 80 012 122(Pakistan) 0 0
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Caltex Complaints & Reviews

Caltex / illegal pay and working hours.

Sep 06, 2019

Caltex Apollo Bay is 16hours store (6am - 10pm). There are two people working there 7days, 8 hours per person and they are on student visa who has rights to work 20hours a week and pay is $21.15 per hour. These two people are working 8hours a day and 7days a week and 56hours a week and also...

Caltex / dirty petrol

Aug 29, 2019

I filled up my old car that has been recently restored and petrol tank cleaned out at Caltex station in Rural View, Mackay on the 23/08/2019 and it's the only place where I have ever got petrol from since the restoration. After about 50km of driving, suddenly, I have masses of grit coming...

Caltex / lpg refill

Jul 17, 2019

On 17 July around 6:50PM we went to refill for LPG gas at Caltex Monument in Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand. We were served by an arrogant staff Mr. Gagan. He has been rude throughout the interaction. He rudely told me to put my phone in my pocket despite phone not being used. He turned...

Caltex / lpg

Feb 04, 2019

I would like to know why your lpg is 89.9 cpl at most outlets near Noarlunga but 75.9 closer to the city. some of your opposition are selling for 63 cpl. i have shopped at Woolworths for years but i will be if this is how you treat customers. if its the service stations that are the...

Caltex / service

Mar 15, 2017

To whom it may concern On the 14/3/2017 at 7.40am at the Caltex service station on the corner of Jon Sanders dve and Harborne st Glendelough Perth WA.I am a contract courier i went to to service station to fuel up, after i had fueled up i had realized that i had left my bankcard at home.When i...

Caltex / petrol retailer

Jun 14, 2016

Sunday 12/06/2016 at 11.06am I was on pump number 7 at Caltex, Albany Highway Cannington W.A. While refuelling the auto stop on the pump failed to work and instead of stopping the flow of fuel when my cars tank was full, it the pump continued to allow fuel to flow. Petrol flowed out and...

Caltex / poor service by rude manager kelvin

Oct 11, 2014

l went to Caltex garage in PMB at Commercial street and Burger street. it was at 6:30 l filled up my tank and paid almost R1000, l was going back to Northern Cape Kuruman where l stay so l asked the petrol attendent to check oil. the lady could not tell that she was not able to take out...

Caltex Malaysia / job opportunity

Jan 27, 2011

i have received the following mail from caltex malaysia. i want to conform about this mail. Office of the Employment Manager Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited Level 3, Tower & Annex, Menara Millennium, 8 Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel...

Caltex / caltex you have lost a very loyal customer forever

Jan 19, 2011

I am so sick and tired of getting bad service at Caltex Birchleigh. I spend almost R5000 a month on petrol and everyone that knows me knows that I only put caltex petrol in my car. But I am sorry to say that the petrol in my car was the last caltex that I will ever use again. Every time I...

Caltex Malaysia / authenticity of job posting

Jan 12, 2011

Dear sir, I have received below mentioned email from caltex malaysia with respect to job posting would you plz confirm authenticity of this email. Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 06:50:25 +0100 From: [protected] Subject: JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN CALTEX OIL COMPANY Office of the Employment...

Caltex / card machine never working


On Tuesday afternoon I went to fill my car's tank at the Caltex garage. After being requested to move to another pump because the one I stopped at was out of fuel the attendant (which turned out to be the manager) filled my car's tank as I requested. I handed my garage card to...

Caltex / i'm really disappointed and feel like I have been ripped off


Went to Caltex petrol station in Durbanville(Durban road opposite KFC) on Wednesday morning to fill my empty petrol tank up. Usually R250 fills my tank, but petrol had gone up so i asked for R300 to be put it. I went inside withdrew cash and the petrol attendant told me that he is done...

Caltex Malaysia / fake job offer


I have received email from the ID info.[protected] offer me the job.i can copy paste the subject of the offer letter for your reference...can you please guide me in this regards? JOB REF: ARI 67/21563 04/08/2010 CONTRACT/AGREEMENT LETTER Attention : Atif Bilal, 1. For...