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Complaints & Reviews


I have been buying petrol, diesel and (groceries) from Sumner Park Caltex for over 10 years. I have never had a problem apart from the last 2 times I have been there. The young (Indian descent) woman is arrogant and rude. We will never go to another Caltex out of principle. This woman does not seem to realise wher her wages come from


I have been using caltex garage in Albertsdal, Hennie Alberts and JG Strydom in Alberton for 11 years with no problem. The tellers are always professional and display high level of Professionalism Until this evening. There were long quees inside the shop, customers were coming in large numbers. Some customers behind me were complaining about lack of compliance to Covid 19 public measures like providing hand sanitizers to cusfomers/stakeholders, maintain social distance. I humble approached JABU the teller and SAID THE SHOP IS NOT COMPLYING where are the hand sanitizers at the door? Why are u allowing so many customers inside the shop? JABU the teller shouted at me and said Just Remove Yourself With Your daughter from the Shop. I ASKED AGAIN ARE U AWARE OF COVID 19 JABU? JABU SAID I don't care what must I do? I SAID U ARE IGNORANT AND PUTTING THE LIVES OF YOUR CUSTOMER'S AT RISK BECAUSE U NOT COMPLYING. SHE KEPT SHOUTING, WHAT MUST I DO MUST I chase customers outside, remove yourself please. My concern is that behavioral changes are encouraged and JABU clearly see no problem when customers are breathing in each other's neck. Such ignorance displayed by JABU at Caltex is defeating government measures to reduce the spread of the virus. CALTEX REPUTATION WILL BE RUINED With Tellers Like JABU. SHE HAS NO RESPECT FOR HER JOB, CUSTOMERS AND SO IGNORANT. And Rude. DOES CALTEX WANT TO EMPLOY PEOPLE LIKE JABU WHO DON'T RESPECT THE VIEWS OF THE CUSTOMERS. HOW MANY CUSTOMERS HAS SHE BEEN RUDE and DISRESPECTED BEFORE ME? SHE MUST BE DISCLIPLINED AND I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT JABU

Public restrooms

I have been into this service station on numerous occasions and quite often either the cleaner is on site or has just cleaned. I can tell you that I will never go back, as I am continually complaining that the amenities are disgusting, diarrhoea still left in the bowl and basins not clean. As well as this absolute disgusting fact the old guy yells out across the shop floor if you make the mistake of going in when no signage is up!
Someone should also inform him to place cleaning floor signs up - THATS A LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!

food service

On Friday 21st February at approx. 3.15pm, I stopped at Caltex, Williams for coffee and I also bought a...


useless managers

I would like to put in a complaint regarding the managers at the Caltex in Cobar. Half the time you go in...

sacking of james latta

I was shocked to hear the story of James Latta who Caltex sacked because of his attempt to manage an aggressive customer in Bateman's Bay. A warning would have been appropriate not a sacking in this situation. You need to get better HR professionals if they make blanket decisions like this without consideration of the situation and circumstances. I would have done the same if I felt threatened and was trying to protect other customers. You have no idea the impact this has had on this individual who was a real hero during the fires. You should be giving him a pay rise and award for his commitment and loyalty. Unbelievable the stupidity of Caltex's decision. My family and I will not use Caltex products until you reinstate this man. Give him a break.
Barbara Cunningham

loss of property/ poor service

Email sent to Rick, filling station owner on [protected] on Thu, 30th Jan 2020 @ 11:43 Dear...

poor service

I am so use to bad service in South Africa and in Cape Town that I normally don't really bother anymore...

rude and abusive customer representative

Hi I was at caltex chatswood Australia, I went into the toilet and after 2-3 minutes ' the worker...

bad service from a petrol attendant

I was at stateng caltex service station the petrol attendant decided not to help us but attend other car...

customer service attendant service

I would like to have a formal request put to the manager of tour port Augusta site on Victoria parade. 03/01...


Charging over $30 for a pack of 20 cigarettes, it seems when a particular staff member is on duty and that...

langa phumlani petrol attendant

On the 18th November 2019 at around 17:30 pm I filled petrol of R100.00 at Caltex Anton Lembede St, (former...

workplace discrimination

One of supervisors called me with "kaffir" at work when I tell him I am going to open a case they came to me...

cashier (petrol station)

Located at Caltex Guar, Kedah. The cashier was so rude when he insulted me, which he did not notice that I was still there. This is my first time paying for fuel, and worst and bad service experience ever. He just took my money, and never say anything, then after seeing i still standing there, he asked me do u need receipt? I just answer him, what do u mean? then, he did not reply me, and I asked him, so can it be used now? because I don't hear you say, done or anything which can direct me to the next step. He just said Yeah in a very annoying voice. After that, I went into the shop for drinking water and clearly heard that the boy complaint to the other staff about me asking such thing and insulted me by imitating the way i asked. Such a bad customer service. Complaining here, just in case u need some improvement, maybe can improve customer service experience.

caltex garage r62 barrydale

The R62 are a worldwide attraction and the Caltex garage, the only garage in Barrydale, are a sight for sore...

customer service

10pm at night no body else in the service station, waited to get service, found cashier sitting behind the...

hot chocolate drink

After obtaining a hot chocolate drink and the cup not filling to the top I complained to the cashier who...

illegal pay and working hours.

Caltex Apollo Bay is 16hours store (6am - 10pm). There are two people working there 7days, 8 hours per person...

dirty petrol

I filled up my old car that has been recently restored and petrol tank cleaned out at Caltex station in Rural...