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Shell - Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MIverbal abuse

Went to buy gas for first time at this station. After the 5th time of pump asking me to see attendant (Late for work at this point) and being told I was all set. I gingerly (Not abusely) hit the button 3x to make sure. Owner came out and started yelling at me not to hit his pump - I told him I would appreciate it if he didn't waste my time and make me late for work. He then told me I wasn't welcome and took the pump from my hand and told me my credit card was no good and I would have to go in again to pay. Credit card was good, he just wanted to waste more of my time by making me go in again. Yes, I had a few choice words for him at this point including calling him an a_hole. Yes, I am a woman and felt very discriminated against by this particular man.

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    • Br
      Breezy512 Jan 18, 2010

      well I am a woman and there back ground doesn't look down on women, which is what you implied, but the men at this gas station are EXTREMELY rude once you show them you wont take it they quickly shut up I live right up the street from this shell and my uncle say the treat him the same way. they charge way more then anyone else in the area. i avoid this gas station as much as possible

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    • He
      Hemicudaman Jun 24, 2011

      I have been dealing with this place for years, they are awesome, and always friendly. If you are having such problems$ perhaps you should check your own attitude first. Finally, if you do not like it, go somewhere else. I am sure the folks at the Ypsi Shell would prefer you to not return.

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