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TN, United States

I was attempting to order a refrigerator, washer/dryer combo and a riding mower online when my husband stopped me and wanted me to through a salesman at the local Sears store, so I told Darrell whom I was on chat with that we were going to order the items in store. He ask if I wanted him to save the order just in case. I told him that would be fine but not to place the order. When I explained to my husband that the items were cheaper online, he then decided that we should order online. However, when I went back to online chat I was told that Darrell wasn't available and that he couldn't have saved the order because they weren't allowed to do that and that I would have to go through it all again at which I said no thanks. It was just too trouble doing this on chat. So I called them on the phone and placed the order. The person on the phone informed me that I would be better off ordering all the items together and save a delivery charge. So I did and placed them on our Master Card. Originally, I was going to put the appliances on my Sears account and the riding mower on our debit card. Little did I know that Darrell had placed the original order without my authorization and not only that, but he had charged it all to our debit card. When I went to check my email the next morning I got a shock! There was a message from our bank that we were overdrawn by almost $4000.00 So I immediately got on the phone with Sears to resolve the issue. At which time I was informed that they had only charged our credit card and would have to research it and make sure that my bank account had been charged and if it had that they would credit it back.However, they said that this process would take 10 to 14 days. Well, that wasn't acceptable, not when we were missing almost $4000 So I told her that I wanted to talk with a supervisor and she put me on hold and so it began. I spent the next 5 hours being given the run around, hung up on, put on hold forever only to be hung up on. Being told that they had only charged our Master Card and hadn't charged our checking account and yet my bank was saying they had. Eventually they agreed that our checking account had been charged as well as our credit card, but said that they couldn't put back before a week, then 72 hours, then 48 hours and then 24 hours. I became so frustrated by the whole thing that I told them to cancel everything. I believe that Sears must have the worst customer service and customer relations in the world!

Feb 22, 2013

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