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Sears / alarm sounding!

1 Sumner, WA, United States

8 weeks ago my alarm sounded on my freezer. I could see that the digital display had stopped working; it seemed as if there wasn't any power. When I opened the door to see if things were thawed out I heard the door alarm sound. I looked at it and saw that the power was back on. When I closed the door the digital display went out. I called customer service to report the problem. My freezer is 1.5 years old and under warranty.

They sent a technician who told me that the wiring was bad. The tech said he ordered some parts and that the parts would arrive at my home. Another date was set for a tech to come back and install the parts. After a week I received a box that had some parts in it. A different tech came out and looked at the freezer. I showed him the parts and he asked why those parts were sent. Well needless to say the parts that had arrived were not the parts that the second tech needed. He then told me that it was the circuit board that was bad. He played with some wires, the freezer still stopping whenever it wanted at random.

Another week goes by and more parts arrive. Again another tech comes out, replaces the circuit board and guess what, it didn't fix the problem. More parts are ordered. Another week goes by. The tech calls to say he is going to be late. I say ok, I've only wasted four days what’s a few more hours. The tech never shows up. I call, customer service says they don't show a call in the system. Another week goes by. Another tech comes out. Looks it over and says, you need a new door. Yup, that's it, a new door. The part gets ordered and a date for the tech to come out is scheduled. The appointment date rolls around and I get a call from customer service. They tell me the part wasn't shipped and they cancel my service appointment. 2 hours later the door arrives on my porch. I take it out of the box to look the part over. It appears ok. Customer service is called and they tell me they can't come out, they are busy. Another week goes by. Another tech shows up. He takes one look at the door and says the hinge is bent. He tells me another door will be shipped. Needless to say it is still broke. I can imagine that this will go on. They haven’t a clue what’s wrong with the freezer. I will continue to call and waste my one day off a week waiting for the fix of my warranty freezer.


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