Sears / samsung tv 52"

Oxnard, CA, United States

Sears has sent a serviceman to our home over 7 times. They have installed major parts (LED full screen, motherboard, speakers, adjustment focusing, reinstalled software over and over...). Sears refuse to replace this Lemon! The service has gone from June 2017 through this month of Oct 2017! We even had two managers at Ventura SEARS call the warranty place and complain for us to no avail (they have no power over their own warranty company). The serviceman, Juan V, cancelled four appointment (would have made 11 total home visits, if he showed up), and he made it look like WE the customer cancelled! Sears Master Protection would not give us a new serviceman despite his incompetence and his cancellations. Then, instead of coming to our home and installing the part, he "saved up" the parts and installed all in one day (TV still didn't work); and NOW Sears Master Protection says they won't just replace TV since he installed them all in one day! What? Plus, what about the OTHER parts he installed and all the other times he came to the house and could not fix the TV. Now it goes off and on and the color is now going out too. He comes again on Oct 24th... the 800 number said he would need to come to house in order to request to STATS dept to replace the TV... she said let's just call this the "4th visit" ... I said "No. It's 7th or 8th now!" The Lemon Law says they must replace TV if their man was unable to fix it after a visit... or if many parts already installed... BOTH are true. Lawsuit? Well, beware other consumers of Sears products since their Warranty company are cheaters and unprofessional. Cheri Garlinger Oxnard, CA

Oct 19, 2017

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