Sears / repair service a hoax

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I've read a few complaints about Sears repair service and see that my complaint is "typical". Ive been a Sears customer all of my life passed down from my father. When you buy tools, lawn equipment or electrical items you go to Sears. Sears will take care of you. Well, not true anymore. If you buy an item from Sears and it ever needs service just trash it and buy a new one. It'll be cheaper and less frustration. I'm a slow learner I went through this three times in the past few years. 1st was a lawn mower front drive broke, I took it to Sears for service w/o warranty. "Note". Well after two months I received an estimate that was 2 X the cost of a new machine. So, for sure I didn't go through with it they sent it back and the store. Manager apologized and I ended up buying a new mower with extended warranty. This one did the same front drive issue but, under warranty 😄. Well not so good. Took over 6 months for them to return the mower the explanation was waiting on tires and parts. Note, this was a simple mower. Well when it came back all that was actually done was the front drive the wheels came back with the same dirt it left with. Then just recently I sent my weed eater in for service. Wouldn't start. Good time to note that no local repair people will work on Sears Crafstman items. And now the local store will no longer take items to send out for service. I should have taken note of this and just trashed my weed eater but, I didnt I drove into Houston to the main store and paid 50 dollars for them to look at it. But, was assured that the 50 would be subtracted from the total. Well after a month I was called and ask to verify what item I had sent in for repair. I had to dig up the model number and serial number. And then working back through a clerk to the repair place out of state I might add. Well, once they finally understood what item they had it took another several weeks for a call with a quote. Wow, 173 dollars. Considering the thing cost 129 new seemed a bit out of place but, I figured I'll lose the 50 so go ahead and do it. Not the end of the story. Weeks have passed and I got a new quote now. 258 dollars. Of course I am not going to do it so Sears stole 50 dollars from me. And when I complained through the Sears complaint line the agent was very upset and actually nasty on the phone that I would be upset.
This is why Sears if falling and not in the status it once was SEARS no longer honestly takes care of its customers. As a life long customer. I'm 60! I deserve better.
My days of Sears shopping are gone. I will never step foot inside a Sears again once I pick up my weed eater to take home and trash it. I'm both angry and sad that this company has become what it is now.

Dec 19, 2014

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