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Sears Refrigerator / service center is a joke!

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Upon returning from a week long vacation we discovered our new 6 month old Sears Trio refrigerator stopped working. The freezer section was fine. Everything in the refrigerator section had to be discarded. We called Sears, [protected] (July 15, 2006) for service as the product was under warranty. We were told they could have someone there on Tuesday - July 18th, 4 DAYS LATER! This infuriated me, it's the middle of summer, and we have no refrigerator for 4 days. The service technician arrives 4 days after our initial call only to tell us we need a new motor, which he doesn't have and he'd have to place an order for the part. I asked him if he has dealt with this problem before and he tells me yes, it is common with this particular model refrigerator and Sears has since replaced the newer models with the motor he has to order. (MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS RISING!) I email my complaint to Sears that night (7/18/2006) via their web site. "If a consumer has to wait 4 days to have service on a refrigerator and Sears is aware of the service problem, why wouldn't they send a service technician with all the possible parts that could repair the consumer’s problem? Especially a problem that Sears knows is common with that particular model refrigerator” I requested a phone call response to my email. Instead Sears sends me an email response the following day, thanking me for my suggestion. I phoned the customer service department to complain again on Wednesday 7/19/2006. Response: “We understand your frustration and our records indicate the part required to repair your refrigerator is being shipped today (Wednesday). When you receive the part call the service hotline to schedule a repair.” (BLOOD PRESSURE RISING HIGHER) The next day the part arrives and I call to schedule a repair. They will be able to send someone on Saturday - 7/22/2006, between 8 am and 12 PM. (We have been without a refrigerator for 1 week now). Saturday morning I get a call saying the service technician had an emergency and they need to reschedule service on our refrigerator. The first available date they can come out is Wednesday, July 26th! I lost it and said a few nasty words to the phone representative, which I regretted at the time. I asked her to connect me to her supervisor and she responded “I don’t have a supervisor.” I asked whom she got her orders from and she responds “from the computer.” Again she says "our first available date for service would be Wednesday, July 26th, is that good for you?”. My response: “NO I demand service today and explain that we've been without a refrigerator for a week.” Again I ask to speak to her supervisor and again her response was: “I don’t have a supervisor”. Then I ask to speak to the person who told her to call me. Response: “I get that information from the computer”. Okay then I say, let me speak to the person who gives you your paycheck, or do you get that from a computer to?” Her response: “As a matter of fact I do get my paycheck from the computer. Would you like me to schedule you for a repair on Wednesday, July 26th? I respond: “NO” and slam the phone down. (I don’t regret the expletives I said to her initially) I immediately call Sears home repair 800 #, and ask the representative to connect me to her supervisor because I know she won't be able to help me. She responds that “supervisors are hard to find on weekends” but she'll connect me to that department. After a few attempts she connects us to another department. We waited for one whole hour for someone to answer our call, listening to a recorded message saying "thank you for your patience; someone will be with you shortly". After one hour of listening to this recorded message we were disconnected. We never spoke to anyone. We then decided to call the Sears store where we purchased the refrigerator. The salesperson listened to our complaint and assured us he would have a customer service representative contact us immediately. Someone returned our call within approximately 10 minutes and said they would change the service date to Monday, July 24th! It is the best they could do. I'm so frustrated at this moment I feel I have the strength to haul this refrigerator on my back and carry it back to the Sears store. Instead I came to my senses and found this site to vent. We could have called a local appliance repair person a week ago and had the refrigerator serviced and running but why should we pay someone else? You can bet we won't be purchasing an extended warranty contract from Sears once the warranty runs out. In fact I will never purchase another product from Sears every again! Thanks for allowing me to lower my blood pressure by posting my complaint. MG.

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  • Ca
      5th of Apr, 2007
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    I totally agree with everything you said. I just went through the same thing myself. Sears, their policies and their consumer relations division just suck! I will never shop there again.

  • Mb
      26th of Jul, 2007
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    I purchased a fridge last year the 10 day of July and the fridge upper area dose not cool any more and because the warranty is over the one year by two weeks I have to pay for repair, meantime all the food goes bad. I have dealt with Sears for at least 40 years and if they cant at least be good enough to back date the warranty I will be cutting up my card and not shopping there any more and I think their appliances are made to break down within a certain time. I am toughly disgusted with Sears.

  • Jm
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    Sears Refrigerator - Can't get a technician for over two weeks
    Bryn Mawr
    United States

    On Saturday, September 12, 2009 my side by side refrigerator stopped functioning. I called Sears to set up an appointment for service. ( I have a "Master Protection Agreement" which began in 1983 when we purchased our home and bought ALL Sears appliances for our home.) The service rep set me up with an appointment the following week Monday, September, 21st, which was more than a week after my call. I begged for an early appointment since it was my refrigerator/ freezer. Food was being stored in neighbors' refrigerator and I had to throw out some frozen items. I have never had to wait so long for service from Sears She said that September 21st was the only available time.

    The technician came out this Monday, September 21st. He said that the appliance needed two parts, one was on his truck and one would be sent as an "emergency" repair item. He told me to call immediately after the part came in and that they were not busy and someone could probably come out that day. Meanwhile, he made an appointment for this Thursday, believing that the part should definitely be in my home by then. The part arrived on Tuesday. I called immediately and the technician did come out that afternoon. He asked for the parts (note plural). I told him that he said to me on Monday that one of the parts was in the truck and I was to get the other one in the mail. He got indignant with me and said "I never said that." I said "why would I have you come out if I knew that two parts needed to be here?" He walked out in a huff. I called Sears Home Service yesterday to make sure that my appointment for Thursday was still on. The prerecorded message confirmed my appointment. Meanwhile the second part arrived today.

    I called Sears Service this afternoon to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. This time received a prerecorded message stated that the appointment is for next Tuesday, September 29th. I immediately connected with a customer representative who said that the appointment is for next week. I explained to her that the technician made it for Thursday and that it had been confirmed over the phone. I got nowhere. I spoke to a supervisor and got nowhere. I called our local Sears store and asked to speak with the store manager. The operator said that the store manager was out. I asked to speak with the assistant manager. I was put on hold for several minutes. The operator came back on and said that he did not answer the page. I gave her my name and phone number to give to him. He never called me back.

    I am so frustrated because I will be without a refrigerator for over two weeks. Someone changed my appointment for tomorrow without my knowledge or consent. Service is unwilling to help me with this problem. I don't know what to do. I have been a good customer for over 26 years. I have never been treated so poorly. Where do I take this problem? Is it in the contract that service will be rendered in an appropriate amount of time? Any advice? So much for Sears Service.

  • Ga
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    Bought a three season cabin in Northern Wisconsin. The fridge was old so we bought a new one from a local Sears store. Had the best price. The purchase and delivery went very well . Since I am a few hours away, I have my daughter keep an eye on the cabin. Last time there she noticed the items in the freezer portion were not frozen. Fridge part was working.
    Interstingly, the people in the cabin next door also bought a fridge from Sears a couple weeks after me. After a couple weeks they had the same problem, freezer stopped working. Ended up getting a new fridge from Sears.
    I am now working on getting them out there to check mine out. Did not buy the extended warranty but am within the one year standard so hopefully OK.
    What is the problem with their refrigerators that they can't correct this?

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