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Sears Portrait Studio / rude manager

1 Greenville, NC, United States Review updated:

Well, I use the SEARS portrait studio in Greenville, NC. I have used this studio many times in the past for things such as my engagement pictures and my first child's portraits up to 2 years old. We have always had wonderful experiences and I am always referring people to this studio. (I am an OB ultrasound tech so I come into contact with a lot of new parents) Last weekend we went in for my second son's 6 month portraits and my oldest son's 3 year old portraits. The girl that took the photos I could tell was very new and not used to working with Children. It was frustrating but my youngest was giving great smiles so I figured we were getting great shots. My oldest is very shy and we were having a tough time with him. The manager came in to "help". She was aggressive and rude. She talked over me and was dead set on doing it her way. She actually told the photographer to snap a picture while my child's back was turned so she "could get her 8 pictures." That irritated me. The service was getting worse and worse. Too many things happened to list them all but what set me in a rage was when the manager was moving my baby (I wasn't doing it fast enough) she actually hit his head on the floor, yes, she hit his head on the floor! He began screaming and I picked him up to console him. She just got up and walked away. I was in shock. She even said that he wasn't cooperating while he was crying...I WONDER WHY? Well, after less than 15 minutes in the studio we were seated at the computer. We sat for 20 minutes before any pictures were ready for us to view. Oh, let me mention, we were the ONLY customers in the studio. Well, the photographer pulls up the pictures and says my oldest didn't give us many choices but that my baby gave great shots. Well, I was feeling a little better about the entire experience until I saw the pictures. Horrible. I didn't understand what was happening. Every other time I had used this studio we got tons of time in the studio itself and we had tons of pictures to choose from. This was just getting worse and worse. All the girl kept doing was enhancing about 3 different pictures. I kept saying I wasn't interested in enhancements and that I wanted to see all the pictures we got, so then the manager comes over to help. Same story, she's showing me collages and enhancements. I kept saying that he wasn't smiling in any of the pictures, which he had been doing during the shoot and for long periods of time, and she just kept adding enhancements and trying to upsell me. Finally she got up and said well Eric will come help you in a few minutes. Well he had some sense and didn't push anything and said we can just try another day. Well, after leaving and steaming for a bit I called Sears and spoke to Emily who rescheduled me for today and promised to be our photographer. Meanwhile, Sears corporate called me and consoled me over the whole incident and of course gave us free portrait sheets. Fast forward to today. Emily takes our did just as well today as he did last weekend but this photographer caught the picture. Well, while waiting for my pictures to pull the manager shows up for work. I just bottled my anger and focused on my pictures. When it was time to pay the manager forced Emily to go start another shoot and that she was going to finish my order. Emily tried to stay close as she was aware of my dislike for this woman, the lady hit my son's head on the floor! The manager said 2 times "well it looks like your baby cooperated better today." After the second time I said he was cooperating fine last weekend. Well, I didn't want to make eye contact with this manager because I didn't know if I would be able to keep my cool. She actually bent over and practically laid her head on the counter to stare in my face to explain the pick up rules for the portraits. Of course she spoke with attitude and sarcasm. I told her I was fully aware of the policy since Emily and Eric have both explained it to me. She kept trying to be very sarcastic with her so called customer service and my mom just grabbed me and started pushing the stroller and said let's go. As I was walking down the hall the manager actually yelled "we look forward to scheduling your next appointment." HA! I won't be back until she is gone! I'm sorry, she did not need to intervene and she only did so to get back at me for complaining. This woman is rude, unprofessional and just disgusting. She talks over customers and employees. She has no business working with the public. If my son wasn't cooperating, I would understand bad pictures. I blame the photographer's inexperience for the first shoot. However, that girl should be getting more time and there should be a back up photographer. I was sold on coming back to Sears until the last 5 minutes of today's visit. Reading former employees statements in other complaints, I understand that there are time limits. BUT, until last weekend, I have never had a photographer worry about time. If they were getting awesome pictures, they just kept going. They understood how important these pictures were to my husband and myself. Maybe they set the bar too high. All I know is this, Sears has a lot of competition in this area now and I will be checking out those studios until this manager is GONE!

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  • Br
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    First of all I am sorry about your little one. Sounds like this lady (manager} doesnt have kids and its a good thing. I know when your children are small you want to capture every little moment and this lmanager sounds like she is miserable with her own life... I know its more expensive do you have a picture me...the backgrounds are adorable!good luck!

  • Tm
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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    Picture Me and Sears have the same corporate office, and therefore same basic fundamentals. If you have another Sears in your area, maybe try there first, as it doesn't seem that Sears itself is the problem, just this one lady. Shame, one bad apple...

  • Cp
      6th of Aug, 2011
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    I literally clocked out early from work today and quit from Sears Portrait Studio which was located at the once Sears Essentials store on Florida Avenue in Lakeland Florida, which is apparently changing over to Kmart. I walked off the job due to the ridiculous treatment I have had to deal with sense working with this company. The Sears Portrait Studio is going to become the first stand alone store inside a kmart.

    Now to tell you what that means for our studio is that the store is going to be run to the ground because of a new manager being placed into the store when I have been working my butt off for almost a year and I actually have a college degree but no that doesn't matter. The current manager told me promises that she could not keep such as giving me more hours and that the manager was going to train me to become assistant manager. She told me this at the exact time she knew she was going to be leaving to be a manager for another studio. The new manager being placed into the studio is not going to help the studio because she has never been a manager before and she doesn't even have a college degree. The other major problem is that because of our studio going to a standalone studio all of our equipment is going to be from CPI and their equipment is CRAP it never works. This company doesn't provide any new equipment and does not provide people who actually know how to fix equipment to come out and fix our stuff. Us the employee has to call tech support and tell them about our problem and then stand on ladders and try not to get electricuted by faulty equipment.

    I don't know how many times I have had to sit and wait on hold too with tech support while serving customers, taking pictures that come out like crap because of messed up equipment. Now our credit card system is going to all go through them which I can assure you will go down every day. Customers complain about the fact that we are not allowed to have more then one employee working at a time and therefore I am expected to do everything and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am tired of: apologizing for things that are not even my fault, having to work for crap pay, people yelling at me, going out in the store and being the companies advertiser when they have enough money to advertise they just bought out Bella Pictures, those dang coupons they send out for tons of free pictures and they wonder why our numbers are down (Mcdonalds doesn't give out free stuff all the time like this and they are fast food), tired of their constant changing outreach and collections and they wonder why their employees don't know how to get their customers into a collection it is because the prices keep increasing even though the economy is bad, and I am tired of working off clock to do the end of the night closing CRAP that takes forever, and I am tired of working through my lunch breaks when I need to eat right so that I can breast feed and pump milk.

    I did not start off in this studio either I started in the Brandon studio which was by far the worst studio ever. The lady who hired me was the rudest lady I think I have ever met and she hired me telling me that I would get to work as a photographer. The whole time I worked for her she made me pass these tests that she setup for me such as taking photographs of a bear and it had to be in the exact order she wanted them in or she would get really angry with me. I only got to photograph maybe two times of real people once was of a family with a mother, father, and a one year old and the second time was of an infant. But, she said I did neither of them right and therefore I had to watch her everytime and let me remind you I have a college degree in photography. Most of the time she pushed me to the sales table when I was not comfortable in that position and I told her that at the time. I had no idea that I was supposed to do both photography and sales before I went into working for this company I really had no experience in sales. So, when I sold she would get real angry saying that I just lost a customer from coming back to the studio because of you. She would only let me sell to new customers and therefore she would say it every time you just lost another customer. Finally I had enough because I told her I wanted to be a photographer not just a sales associate and I did not appreciate the way she was treating me, so she pushed me off onto another studio the Lakeland Mall because she finally came out and said oh we really didn't need a photographer we just need a sales associate and also all the sales I made went under her personal number as if she just wanted to be a photographer and not a sales person so she could pretend that it was her sales. Of course at the time I did not know we had personal numbers for our sales. She did not even give me any of the information about how to recieve or where I could find my payment info, Associate tests on the cpi site, the discrimination or workers rights, or my job discription.

    Once I transfered to the Lakeland Mall I was given more hours due to the holiday season but of course that fell once the season was over. The major issue I ran into was that I found out I was pregnant. This was the talk of the other employees when I wasn't around apparently because one of the employees who had a very big mouth and acted like she was an assistant manager came out and told me that "people are wondering if you drink a lot because you have a big belly hanging over your pants". Not only did she say this comment but before that she had asked me if I drink a lot of alcoholic drinks and she would constantly talk about her sex life saying things that shouldn't be said in a work environment I was very offended by her. The work environment was very disgusting due to not only the conversations but the dirtyness of the studio and the constant smoking breaks the employees including the manager would take even when there were customers going to come for their appointment in less then 5 minutes. I was able to sell and photograph at this studio but still was not given enough hours during the off season and therefore I was pushed to the Sears Essentials Portrait studio due to that fact that they actually needed someone because the manager was the only one working there at the time, which I just quit from now.

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