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Sears Portrait Studio / prices

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I have been going to sears to get my daughter's pictures made for 15 months now. I have been pleased til April 11, 2009, when I took her to get Easter pics made. She was fussy and didn't want to get her pic taken. The girl that was taking the picture was more worried about leaving asap than trying to get pics done. She only took 4 good pics of her and asked me to reschedule for Easter Sunday. I had plans that afternoon but still took her anyway. The other lady that was working that day didn't know what she was doing. I had an appt at 1:30, she didn't get to us til after 2:00 then took her 25 min just to get the pics together on the computer. My sister at went with me. So she took my daughter to the car while I picked out the pics. When I was through she showed me the package prices. The cheapest price was $99.99. I have a small family and don't need that many pics. I usually get them for $7.99 a sheet. She said that all of them had been enhanced and that they would be $15.99 a sheet. And that the two collages that I picked out would be $30.00 each. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I told her that I only had $70.00 to spend on the pics. Normally I only spend $50 or $60 dollars anyway on pics. She didn't offer me no kind of discount or coupons. I know they have specials all the time. but she said they didn't. She asked couldn't my sister help me out on the price. I said I'll go check and I never went back in the store. After two days of two or more hours of being there and that happened...I was very unhappy with their services. I will find somewhere else to go from now on and I will definitely asked for prices up front before any pics or even taken.

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  • Ma
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    i work at sears portraits and you should have just smacked that girl silly and told her you did not want your pictures enhanced! that's ridiculous and gives all of us a bad name when co-workers act like that! ugh

  • Ta
      30th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I work at sears portrait and those prices are correct. It is $30 for portrait collages and the cheapest package offer is $99.99. The 7.99$ coupon is only good for 1 pose and any additional sheets would cost you $20 per page instead of $10. Now, if you didn't need that many photos, you could have just picked out 1 photo (10$) and tell her you didn't want any enhancements (which was an additional $10.00). You didn't need to buy 8 sheets (package offer)..It's also not the girl's job to give you discounts, what the [censor]? As a employee, you can't just randomly give out discounts. It applies everywhere, not just here. You can't just go to walmart and say, "This shampoo is too expensive, give me a discount"..the girl was just doing her job. It is YOUR job (if you didn't want to pay for the said package) to say so and tell her what YOU want. Jeez woman, you're one those stupid customers that I hate. Leave Sears photo (Better for us), no one probably wants to serve you anyway.

  • Be
      6th of Oct, 2010
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    Actually when I worked for Sears, it was mandatory for all of us to discuss sales and discounts to all of the customers, due to the high range of SENIORS that were in the facility. It's hard for some people to catch up and they come in for the mass amounts of deals Sears has to offer. I agree that you should have told her that you didn't want them enhanced and that was wrong of her to do so.

    I also know a lot of workers like that girl who only wanted to leave early so they just rushed through everything. It's a pretty common problem.

    The girls job, tan.prodigy, is to give customer service. That's what we were all hired for. Most people don't come in with photography experience, and are trained via Sears.

    I work in a pharmacy now, does that mean that I get to be [censor]y to people when they ask why they didn't pay anything for a prescription last time but now they are? No, it doesn't, because I work in a retail pharmacy, where customer service is MANDATORY. You may work in portraits, but you're still in retail, and that's why you are supposed to provide the customer with all necessary information.

    Remind me never to come to your Sears to get portraits. You must be one of those workers that give the rest of you guys a bad name.

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