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I ordered a replacement screen for my Hitachi 57" TV on Monday February 1 and paid extra for expedited shipping so I would have my TV repaired before the Super Bowl (I accidentally ordered the wrong screen a week earlier, but didn't realize it until it arrived [it actually arrived, unlike the correct one]). I figured with expedited shipping I should have the screen Tuesday or Wednesday. Wed. rolls around and I still have no screen and my order status has not been updated since Mon. so I get on their website and chat with one of their CSRs. He tells me the part was backordered even though it says on the site it is "In Stock", but would ship later that afternoon and I should have it Thursday or Friday. He said if I don't have it Friday to contact them again. Fri. comes and still no screen so I get back on there and chat with another CSR who tells me that it is still backordered and she doesn't know if it has shipped or not. She says she will request an order trace from the vendor be sent to my email address. I wait a couple of hours and I receive no email (I still have yet to get an email from anyone). I get back on the site and chat with yet another CSR who tells me that the part DID ship on Wed., but they don't have a tracking number and I should have it on Monday and she will refund me the difference in shipping. I said if it did in fact ship then there would be a tracking number and she said that's not always true (bull. It's UPS, they always give tracking numbers). I was told that if I didn't have it on Monday I should contact them again and they would reship it. I asked how can they reship it if it was shipped on Wed. She said they would reenter the order in the system, but there was nothing they could do until Monday. So basically, I'm getting the runaround from all of their customer service reps and nobody truly knows the status of my order. I'm being told to wait a couple of days everytime I talk to them. Come Monday if there still is no screen I'm calling, demanding a refund, and filing a complaint with the BBB. If they refuse a refund then I'm filing a claim with my bank. I ordered from Sears because I thought they were reputable, but I've had better luck dealing with guys on eBay.

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