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Sears Online / mismanagement of online service

1 TN, United States Review updated:

My feedback is on the more than poor quality customer service I received from my experience with shopping with Sears. My husband’s father died this past Sunday which had us make un unexpected trip to Atlanta. I already had the patio furniture set up to be delivered on Thursday (the day of the funeral). My first complaint is no one called to give me a delivery time. How nice it was I had to deal with this while crying at a funeral. When I FINALLY to speak with a live Sears employee I was told they would deliver between 5:45 - 7:45 pm that night. Again while at a funeral I had to scramble to get someone at my home that late to accept the delivery. Needless to say at 7:42 the furniture had not arrived. I called into the center and a Sears employee told me I would have more information in 24-48hrs. (How unacceptable as I had someone sitting at my home to accept the delivery). If you make a delivery that late you should be responsible for being able to contact your delivery staff if there is a problem. The Sears employee told me she would contact the carrier/delivery company and have them call me immediately. I am sure you can assume by now I never received a call from the carrier/delivery truck. I then called back into Sears and was told by the driver had called me already and that I hadn’t answered the phone...Funny...Pretty sure I would have remembered that as I had my phone on and watching for a call...I am appalled I was lied to by a Sears employee. The next lie from the Sears employee was the furniture was now showing delivered in there system. Go figure 5 mins after my 1st call to complain it was mysteriously delivered. (LIARS) I hate being lied to and this was the 2nd lie by a Sears employee. My mother who was kind enough to drive 45 mins to my house looked everywhere in the rain...big surprise . gigantic boxes of furniture. We then began to think it was delivered to the wrong house as no one had showed up to my home with a delivery. Again I had to call back into Sears (note again I was at my father-in-laws funeral) and tell them they are complete liars and I want an answer now as nothing has been delivered to my home. The VERY scripted Sears employee told me it would take 24-48 hours to see where it was at this time of night. Again...”I” did not schedule the late delivery and “I” want answers now. It is absurd to schedule a delivery that late and having no way to contact your delivery service. Very pissed off I got off the phone as the Sears employee was most unhelpful and clueless. The next morning I called back into Sears and had to tell this entire freakin story again. I was very unimpressed none of the 3 Sears employees I had spoken to the night before had logged anything into the Sears notes. The 4th Sears employee told me he would call the Sears warehouse and give me a status call back. The 4th Sears employee did not bother to give me a call back as to the status of my delivery. Roughly an hour later the Sears delivery guy calls to let me know he was 30 mins from my house. Seriously? Good God...I am out of town at a funeral and my delivery was for the night before. The Sears delivery guy told me his truck had broken down the day before and that is why he missed my delivery. Are you freak in kidding me?...the truck breaks down and no one could tell me this information the day before? Not to mention all the lies told to mu up until this point…none of which match up with the truck breaking down. My husband called Sears, once again, and told them we would accept the furniture if they would take a minimum of $200 off for our time and trouble. The Sears employee offered $50...”funny real funny”...It cost my mom almost that much in gas to drive to my home late at night to accept the delivery. My husband and I told the Sears employee to shove the furniture up the companies ### and we will NEVER buy from Sears again. If any of the Sears employees had logged any information into their system Sears would have known why we were pushed to such anger. You would think this would be the end of my story and no company could possibly mismanage any more than this…alas you would be wrong! Two days later I received a call from a clueless Sears employee to schedule the delivery of the above nightmare patio furniture. When I called back in I spoke to a 6th Sears employee who said Sears had no notes to the above information…NO NOTES?…what kind of jacked up business is Sears running? I had to once again tell the entire story above …which with the ###s at Sears is quickly becoming a novel. The Sears employee told me I would receive a refund in 5-10 days and he was putting the refund into the system at that time. I informed the Sears employee this was unacceptable as my refund should have been put in 7 days ago so he Sears now has no more than 3 days to refund my money. Nearly 3 weeks later I still have no refund and when we called into Sears “BIG SURPRISE” NO NOTES AND NO REFUND IN PROGRESS. I would like to mention here in a court of law my detailed log will win over Sears having logged no notes into their system.

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      15th of Oct, 2010
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    I am so disapointed with Sears once again. I have not shopped them and for years and gave it a try last week because I wanted to order a toddler bike on line and pick it up assembled. the person I talked to said EVERY BIKE comes with free assembly so I ordered on a Sunday and he also said they were available at my local kmart, I would get an email and be able to pick up that day. I called the Kmart on Monday as I had never received an email but saw that my credit card was charged. The person at kmart said indeed my order was there in a box! He told me that bikes under 20" are not assembled. Mine was 10". I talked to his supervisor for confirmation of that stating that was had been ASSURED by sears personell that our bike would be assembled. I went to Kmart and bought the same bike ASSEMBLED for $10 less and called for a refund from Sears and emailed my complaint. I havent gotten a response in 48 hrs but this morning KMART called to tell me that my refund is in cash at their office. they were unable to return the credit to my card! what a hassle and so not worth it

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      18th of Mar, 2011
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    I will never deal with their online services again. I am in Montreal Canada, and after having ordered an item, the delivery company called 3 hours earlier than the delivery was expected a grand total of 7 times in a row, waking up my 2 year old. Not to mention, it was from a strange display name, so i didn't answer it, dismissing it as either harassment or a wrong number. I called Sears about an hour later, and they told me that there shouldn't be an attempted shipment, because the order never went through. Literally 5 minutes after that call, I went outside, opened my visa statement, and saw they had billed me for the item! I called them back and they asked if i wanted to reschedule a delivery... I told them to shove it and cancel my order. They refunded me a week later the incorrect (less than the original) amount, and that same day, UPS attempted to deliver the returned item to me!!! Talk about disorganization!! I am royally pissed!

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