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Sears - Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner / have not received an ordered part!

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I ordered a part back from Sears for their Kenmore vacuum cleaner. This was in July of 2006, since then I have not received the part. All I get on my order form is... product on back order until such and such a date. On that date another, "Product on back order until such and such a date." Well this has gone on since JULY!! I have called the parts service and gotten rude replies. I tried to talk to the manager of my local Sears and got no where. Is there ANYONE I can get a hold of to resolve this matter?

Thank you

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  • Tb
      11th of Feb, 2007
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    Sears is suffering from a comfortable ride which they forget is the result of faithful consumers.

    It doesn't surprise me that Sears would not honor their warranty on our vacuum cleaner [one of those Progressive Models with the pull behind canisters]. The vacuum is a piece of junk and won't work properly for a number of reasons.... it seems to degenerate and it's well within the warranty period..... hence the warranty should be honored. See you later Sears. Add to the list someone who won't be shopping at your store for consumer goods. I've already excluded you from my commercial sales for my construction company.

  • Ch
      17th of Apr, 2007
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    Subject: Kenmore Vacuum cleaner model C50XCRF1W017'NA
    Ser. No. Y54506528/NA
    Purchased 17 Jan 2006 Store 0001192 Muskegon, MI $329. 64

    My first dealings with Sears was when I was fourteen years old in 1939 and with the help of my Stepmother purchased through the catalog a two piece, double breasted wool suit at a cost of fourteen dollars. At the time this was an investment of one hundred forty hours of pushing an old reel type lawn mower back and forth across neighborhood yards.

    I have remained a faithful customer of Sears for nearly seven decades and at present have in my household four Kenmore major appliances, plus a microwave oven and, regrettably, the above mentioned vacuum cleaner.

    Shortly after purchasing the sweeper, power to the floor attachment was intermittently lost. When pushed ahead it worked fine, but on retrieval power was lost between the handle and the wand. To me this appeared to be a design or engineering problem and it was returned to the repair department on 29 Nov 2006, but on the way I first stopped in at sales where, with the help of a a like display model, I was able to demonstrate to the sales person what the problem was. It was agreed that my diagnostics were correct and said I would have to return only the wand, which I did. Later I was told that I would have to bring in the rest of the sweeper, which I did on 11 Dec.

    After repairs? and at home the problem remained the same and unfortunately I was not able to immediately return it to repair services due to a near catastrophic medical problem. Finally on 4 April, with the help of a neighbor kid, I got the sweeper into the trunk of my car and, against the wishes of family members and my doctor, returned it again to the repair drop-off site, only to learn that what I thought to be a six months warranty on parts and labor had shrunk to half that and I had missed the deadline by only a few days. I was so distraught I had to walk away, abandoning my sweeper. After making a couple urgently needed purchases I returned and retrieved it.

    I agree that I should have perhaps read the warranty more closely, but at the time about all the reading I could manage was doctor bills and drug dosage instructions, but please listen to the reason for my feeling that I am a victim of circumstances.

    When I first took my sweeper in for repair I explained to the fellow the reason I was returning it exactly as I have related above. Through his obvious mastery of the English language he astutely condensed this to "lose contact when moved down." I can imagine a repairman moving it down along the floor, with a frown on his face and scratching his head. After repairs the unit evidently passed the rigorous testing regimen and was returned to the owner where the true test was performed by an octogenarian housewife, and failed miserably.

    Any suggestions you can make toward resolving my dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

    Charles E. Armstrong
    17467 148th Ave.
    Spring Lake, MI 49456
    familysleuth AT

    p.s. After composing the above letter I chose to think this over for a while before clicking on send. At the first of the week, with the help of the same neighbor kid, I retrieved the sweeper from the trunk of my car where it had been cowering since I returned with it from the store. I decided to play around with it a little, which strengthened my belief that the problem is in design and/or engineering. With a little magic I was able to make some covert repairs and, although they may be only temporary, the sweeper now works fine. Perhaps your repair staff and I went to different schools.

  • Ta
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    my husband bought me a kenmore vacuum cleaner for christmas and it blows the dirt right out the back of it . I am very disappointed with it and i would not recommend any body purchasing one of these vacuum cleaners kenmore upright serial # 3608030430. please be aware of this item.

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