Sears Kenmorekenmore elite refrigerator

About 1 month ago my Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator started emitting a terrible smell. It was first noticed in the water and ice but now the whole refrigerator smells and it's making the food taste bad. I had a Sears technician here 2 days ago who said there was really nothing that could be done and he couldn't find the source of the smell. We can't drink the water use the ice or store food in the refrigerator as everything takes on the taste of the awful smell and extended warranty but I think that is up soon. I plan on calling Sears again on Monday hopefully they can set another technician out and get this fixed. Other Kenmore Elite appliances in my kitchen and I've never had any issues them. So I'm feeling very frustrated at this point. The fridge is only not even 2 years old.

Jan 29, 2017

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