Sears Kenmorehe2 front load washer

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I purchased an HE2 front load washer Qpril 06 for $799.88 and have used it three years (light use - only my wife and I at home these days). Because it was making an unusual noise we called a Sears repairman who told us the machine needed a repair costing $890.00. His only advice was - You should have purchased the extended warranty! Our old washing machine lasted 20+ years while we were raising three children and it experienced heavy use. This machine is junk after about the same amount of work the old machine did in any one of its 20+ year life (we still have it at a cabin and it is going strong). I caution anyone looking to purchase a Sears Kenmore washing machine. My experience has been very bad! And very expensive!


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      Jul 26, 2009

    I also purchased this machine for the same price in January, 06. I did purchase the extended warranty. 3 months after my warranty expired, the machine stopped going to the rinse cycle. It a piece of garbage and all Sears can say is "sorry". That's not good enough for me. I have had machines which have lasted over 15 years. I don't even overuse this machine. It is just my husband and I also. Before purchasing any front loading Kenmores, beward. They are pieces of junk.

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