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When I first started at Sears back in 2009, I LOVED it. I was in sales and I was looking forward to working my way up to a supervisory position with the company. That day came in 2012. I was offered a lead position at $13.50 an hour. The first issue here is with the store manager... the head honcho. Not only is he lazy, but he lacks competence as well. How he got to be a store manager is BEYOND me. He sits in appliances all day on the computer or in his office, doesn't have nearly ANY engagement with the associates, he hardly knows how to use the register and he looks for any excuse to call out of work and I doubt he calls his manager who goes by the name Mr. Lawson to let him know he won't be showing up. He has called out a little over 20 times in the past six months for RIDICULOUS reasons. He also LOVES to give away the store. He hates confrontation with anyone and if a customer is complaining he gives them what they want so they leave him alone. The operations manager is notorious for this as well. The worst thing about that is that after us leads and ASM's tell the customer no... that goes against policy, they go and give the customer what they want to save a call from corporate. I understand this may be the case in some circumstances but not all the time. The worst thing I've seen him do is give a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL to a customer because they said that the cashier took too much money from them EVEN after revealing that the cashier DID NOT through surveillance cameras. All because they said they would call corporate. Now, I got paid 13 an hour to do a plethora of BS. I had to write a schedule, coach associates on metrics, give a monthly report on those metrics at the end of the month for about 25 cashiers, got yelled at daily by rude customers for just doing my job, hire and train new associate, ring when the lines got long which was ALL the time due to terrible hour cuts, and a bunch more BS I wont even get into. The cashiers have to sign customers up for a credit card with a 29 percent interest rate for every 500 dollars in sales, sign up as 40% of customers that werent rewards members up for the shop your way rewards program (the customer HAS TO HAVE an email to sign up which a lot of people refuse to give BC of all the junk mail we send) They have to sell protection agreements and sears purchase protect plans(extended warranties). These numbers ARE NOT easy to hit. Especially when 35 percent of our clientele speaks spanish. When the associates arent hitting those metrics... Im forced to give them as little hours as possible until they decide to quit. BTW the cashiers get paid 8 bucks an hour plus and extra two for every credit app they do. If the numbers arent there I have to write them up. This is didnt agree with especially because of the economy we are in... it is VERY hard to get someone to apply for credit... The customers complain because they are being harrased with all this extra stuff they dont want i.e.( credit cards/warranties/rewards sign ups). The store manager FREAKS out when the lines are long yet he doesnt ring to help the lines... he just pages ALL BACKUP CASHIERS TO THE FRONT. Ive seen days where managers had to ring all day because we get very little hours. AND my ops manager that is supposed to help me run the front end... sits in his chair allllll the way on the other side of the store staring at a computer doing god knows what... anytime I ask him for help he literally yells... JUST TAKE CARE OF IT ! Or IM BUSY GET SOMEONE ELSE! and my personal favorite WHATTAYA WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT? There is NO Raises whatsoever. They have been on a freeze for more than 4 years. They cut the 401K and it costs 300 bucks a MONTH for the worst benefits packet which has an 80 dollar freaking co pay. They just keep taking and taking and wanting more and more out of everyone... This company WILL NOT be around in the near future and I will not go down with it! This is my last couple of days and I have never been happier in my life.

Sep 05, 2013
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  • Su
      Sep 08, 2013

    Same boat here. Sell sell sell. My ASM was layed off so now there is 1 ASM for all of Appliances, Electronics, Tools, Lawn and garden and fitness. I never see the ASM. We run the HI dept anyway we like and there is no input from mngt. We no longer have a cashier so we have to work the sales floor as well as keep an eye on the cash wrap so we can ring out bras and shoes so people dont drop their stuff and leave. I'm trying to sell riding mowers and have to ask customers to wait while I walk away to ring out socks. Company pushes customer service but theyve cut hour to the bone. Sears is fading away

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