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I am very angry and upset with sears in Colorado Springs, colorado.
How a major corporation can allow such behavior is beyond my comprehension. First, they fired my son under false allegations that had nothing to do with his job or performance. As a matter of fact he had this store in the top 25, now they are in the negative. They have allowed employees, Kevin Aragon slander my son by stating he hopes he is dead lying in a ditch and a young lady in the auto center spreading false allegations around the company. She has made him fear for his life and cannot even walk around the city without fear. I believe i see a lawsuit coming for racial discrimination and wrongful termination.

Nov 29, 2017
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      Nov 29, 2017

    What are the false allegations? Why racial discrimination?

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      Nov 30, 2017

    @Shaun R. Employee was told he was being fired just to be fair and consistent and when asked to what, he was told my his manager she did not know what for, that is just the beginning. Due to possible legal actions, I dont think this is the place to explain all. i am just a very upset mother and customer of this place for years. Discrimination has been going on in the store for over several years and there is documentation to that!

    I am not sure who you are so I will not go any further. Just needed to voice my anger and frustration!

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      Dec 01, 2017

    @Sann4562 Appreciate the reply Sann.

    BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, I know far too well the feelings you and your son are experiencing. I've been involved in somewhat similar circumstances. The anger and frustration are perfectly understandable.

    Sears is in a 'tailspin' right now. It's very well known that they are not going to last. That's nothing to celebrate; it is just an unfortunate statement of fact. I'm sure your son knows all too well of the struggles, as even their CEO has made it public knowledge that they don't know how to 'right the ship.' And that's news that Sears hasn't kept secret from the public; I'm sure it's considerably worse behind the scenes.

    In such a terrible set of circumstances, Sears is trying to save money -- sometimes to a fault. They'll cut expenses even where the expenses lead to further losses. Their thinking is not long term; it's now shifted to a short term thought process. Your son may have been responsible for helping to make his store more profitable, but it's become bad enough for Sears that they're worried more about cutting payroll. It may not be sound and profitable thinking, but believe me when I tell you Sears isn't the first large company to go through this. It's likely become bad enough that Sears fully believes that they can cut payrolls, like your son's, and still maintain profitability in those areas. If history proves anything, they won't, but with few other options, they're desperate.

    Again, if history shows anything, it's that Sears long term future is increasingly bleak. They are going out of business, along with K-mart, the question is only when. By cutting further costs, they may have enough cash to stay afloat a little bit longer. I've seen companies survive in the red for years, but they ultimately will go out of business. Some even suggest early next year.

    In cutting these jobs, Sears has one thing in their favor, many states like Colorado are 'right to work' states. Simply stated, that means that an employer can, for the most part, fire an employee for absolutely no reason at all. There's nothing that states Sears has to provide 'just cause.'

    Here's the reality -- even if your son was to go to an attorney and gain a judgement or settlement in his favor, I don't know that he'd want Sears to forcibly take him back. In the best of circumstances, it would be like a bad marriage where Sears wouldn't want him there. But in this case, it's a marriage where you know Sears isn't going to survive, so it makes it that much the worse. On the other hand, if he got any type of financial settlement/judgement in his favor, it would likely just be a worthless piece of paper that you'd never get paid. Sears would go out of business and your son would be left paying legal expenses.

    By cutting him away now, Sears has ultimately done him a favor. With his skill set, there's no reason why he can't find another position with a different retailer and be in a much happier place. I know, he's likely been told that before and might be depressed enough that he doesn't see it that way -- but it's true.

    I always thought of the analogy, it's like a sports franchise that starts trading away their big name contracts just to stay afloat. They're taking their best players and ultimately handing them over to their competition. Now they don't have the better player's skill sets and, worse yet, have to compete against them during the season. These are the teams that aren't going for the playoffs or 'gold rings' at the end of the season, they just want to exist. The new team your son will find himself on will likely be a much better team and he'll likely be one of their key players.

    I really do wish both of you all the best.

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